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1. Numerosity – enough plaintiffs to make class action an efficeint way to handle the claim.

2. Commonality – common issues of fact and law for each claimant

3. Adequacy of Class Rep – the person who is the class representatitve needs to have claims that are the same as the class members and that they are capable of serving as the representative.

4. Adequqcy of Counsel – that the law firm representing the class has sufficient skill and resources to represent the class.

A certified class action suit is one brought on behalf of a large group of people as plaintiffs who have suffered some similar harm from the same actions of the defendant or defendantsA certified class action suit is one brought on behalf of a large group of people as plaintiffs who have suffered some similar harm from the same actions of the defendant or defendants

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  1. I am very interested in a class action or regular lawsuit against chase home finance. I went through a modification. They said it was going to be 3 good faith payments and I ended up paying 8 good faith payments because they said they were, “Overwhelmed!” I was understanding…..Then they lost my first real payment after the mod went through.
    I got a statement the next month saying I didn’t have a payment due until May 1, 2010. I called to confirm that the statement was correct. They said, “Oh yeah, Its correct.” Well, now they are saying that it is their fault that they put the money in the wrong place. Now, they are saying if I don’t pay the last four months they will foreclose on me. And interestingly they lost the statement dated 2/1/2010!!!!!!???? So, they lost one of my payments and my mortgage statement that said I don’t have to pay until may but I have my hard copies….I have it even if they can’t keep their records straight. I can understand being overwhelmed but when you loose my records, make mistakes and are now wanting me to pay now and they are messing around with my life. I want a class action suit against them or a lawsuit. If anyone is starting one please get in touch. If no one starts one I will. Let me know if you would like to be a part of it.

    • i want to join class action against chase for modification loan fraud…they tell me to make a 3 month on a forebearece plan agreement..3 months ended up being 6 months..then they turn me down,,and forclose……something needs to be done about thse crooks…i got plenty of dirt on chase….

    • I have been getting the run around from Chase on my home that I occupy since February 2010. Four(4) times they have told me that my loan is being escalated to a representative. I had a rental property that Chase after giving me a forebearance on, and I stuck to the agreements of the forebearance, told me that my request for a modification was being reviewed and then they foreclosed on the property on June 24, 2010. They subsequently on 8/11/2010 sent me a letter stating that my request for mod could not be granted because I did not live in the property but that I possibly qualified for another one of their in house programs. That is ludicrous since they foreclosed on the property. I would definitely like to be a part of the class action law suite.

    • I want to join in any class action lawsuit against Chase Home Finance. What a bunch of crooks. Been going round and round with them since Jan. 2010 and been turned down 4 times because I didn’t make enough money. Duh…isn’t that the reason for the modification in the first place as I lost income.

      Please reply and tell me what is needed from me. Hopefully not a bundle of money. lol


  2. I have been making payments since April of 2009.I was assigned an underwriter and my modification was approved. I did not receive the permanent documents so I called chase 3x a week.I had been told by the underwriter that the new agreement would outline the new terms of my loan so I did not need to make a payment for May or June. I made my new payment on July 1st. I called chase several times and was told I was approved but that the underwriter had coded my loan incorrectly. I was also told that part of the delay was because I had been approved for an inhouse modification but they 1st had to see if I would qualify for the obama plan. Long story short, I went from a permanent mod…to 1st mod payment in July, to being blamed for not returning paperwork to going into active forclosure saying I was 13 months behind. Despite the fact that I made those payments they have not been credited. I am now having to start from the beginning. In the meantime, my home is up for Trustee Sale for September 8th. I’m desperate and looking for help.

  3. Please….just someone tell me if there is a class action lawsuit in Ohio against Chase Home Finance. I “need” to join it. Thanks in advance. Connie

  4. I would LOVE to join in a class action lawsuit against Chase Home Finance. I, too, have been through this modification farce for over a year. My home is up for foreclosure Sept. 7th. To begin with, I was put in a trial mod for 5 months, making every payment on time. At the end, it was denied because I am divorced, and my ex-hisbands name is still on the laon. Of course, at this time, I am over $2500 behind. Thanks to Chase. And the stroy goes on and on. Count me in! I would love to go to the White House steps and yell, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take this anymore”

  5. We’ve been in a modification program for over a year with Chase Home Finance. We were only making a late payment (not over 30 days) when a representative suggested we enter the modification plan. We were turned down for the program after almost a year. At that time we were told not to worry, that we’d be entered into another program. When my husband called to make a payment this morning, he was told that we don’t qualify and that we must pay all the fees/backpayments now. We get different answers with everyone we talk to. No one really seems to know what is going on. Their program seems to only be successful in getting people so far behind they will lose their homes!

  6. I like everyone else would love to take Chase home finance down. Those sob,s have done nothing but lie to us. We have benn in the modification program for 18 mon. They came back after 14 mon. and sending in the same paperwork at least 5 times, made all the payments they told us to just to be denied and told now we owe 6400 + late payments for mons. we weren’t late. During the 14 mons. we were told 4 times that we were approved and to expect the final paperwork to come any day. All 4 times we got paperwork just like we were starting over again and assigned a new person to deal with. Then they came back after the 4th time and said we were denied due to no proof of income. I am self employed and do not have pay check stubs. So I had everyone of my clients sign papers stating what I made on a regular basis and copied the checks and faxed it them. Sent My daughter and son in-laws pay check stubs , since they are living with us and paying rent. My father is a co-owner so he sent in his proof of income. We started all over and was just told we still didn’t qualify. So much for making the payments on time for 18 mons. This time they came back and said we were turned down because my husband doesn’t show an income. #1 – he is self employed in construction and hasn’t had much work since nov. 2007. Which is why we were in the modification program to begin with. # 2- He has had work here and there and our bank records which they have mons. of show this. They don’t care and have been conditioned to out and out lie to you. I am very interested in a class action suit and have tons of documentation. All said an done, My father ended up in the emergency rm. with a stroke. The day before he got into a heated argument with the guy from chase over the late payments. THANX FOR NOTHING CHASE.

  7. I want to join the class action lawsuit. However, you will have to deal with my estate, as I plan on killing myself on the last day I can legally occupy my home. My house is on the block tomorrow at 10am. Six months from tomorrow and Chase can have my house, along with my cold, dead body.

  8. I am looking to join any class action lawsuit against Chase that is in Mass. We are at our wits end with Chase and we are not going down without a fight.

  9. I have been trying to get my Chase mortgage modification for almost 2 years now. During that time I have been asked to submit a complete package four different times and, they have asked me for updated bank statements and pay stubs more times than I can count .

    I began asking for a modification in January 2009 and I have been in 3 different forbearance plans and have had at least five different account reps since that time.

    In August 2010 I was told that I was in a Catch 22 situation because I made too much money for one plan and too little money for another plan. At that time I was also told to submit another complete package and they would find a way to modify my mortgage under something called “business as usual”.

    All I was asking for was for them to put my missed payments on the end of my mortgage. I also made it clear (in writing) that I was NOT asking for any changes in my interest rate, principle or term. I just wanted them to put my missed payments at the end of my mortgage, and I would continue making my regular payments in the same amount as usual.

    Last week I found a handwritten note attached to my mailbox saying it was urgent to call my account representative at the Fullfillment Center in Glendale CO. When I called her, (by the way she has been fantastic and very sympathetic about my case) she told me that I was NOT in foreclosure and she could not understand what the note was about.

    She did say normally, when that happens. it means an appraiser had been sent out to inspect the property prior to foreclosure, but she could find no evidence of foreclosure in my file and I have received no official notification that my mortgage is in foreclosure.

    She asked me to send in an updated IRS Form 4506 and my latest bank statements, which I faxed in the next day. Next month will be my 2nd anniversary of trying to get my mortgage modified and still I have no modification.

    Funny thing how Chase got their bailout two years ago but I, and apparently thousands of others, are still waiting for ours. Meanwhile Chase is making millions as we continue to make our payments and they continue dragging their feet.

  10. What can I do to speed the process and facilitate securing more people to sue these lying bastards. Without writing for 60 minutes to tell my story, I am ready to take these crooks to answer in front of a judge. If this “class action” does not take place, I will file suit on my own. These guys must pay for the thousands of people they have screwed.


  11. Yes, we agree. If there is an attorney out there that has the brass to take this on then LET’S GO – enough talking about it. The problem is most attorneys are afraid of taking this type of monumental task on – but if we are strong in numbers they WILL listen. Any takers???

  12. NEED TO JOIN A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST CHASE! Our story is the EXACT Same as several listed above. Been in remod for almost 2 years with no change in our payments. The “making homes affordable” program is useless and does not help ANYONE regardless of your situation. They damper your credit by listing you as a foreclosure, require you to pay late fees and keep you in limo for long periods of time with no status updates. PLEASE contact me to set up a class suit against CHASE because now is the time, no more delays people. POWER IN NUMBERS! Lets save our homes from being taken from us!
    [email protected]
    ONLY serious individuals please contact me, or contact me if you currenty have a action filed and we could possibly all join together!

  13. My story is similar to most of the posters above; approved modification; placed on trial payment plan, made all payments in a timely manner and after 7 months was told that I was denied permanent modification because I did not submit paperwork. No one communication to be that I needed additional paperwork – here we are playing the game and Chase changes the rules in the middle of the game without advising us. As for those people who work for Chase (Collections) well I don’t know if all of them could be that stupid or if not, how do they sleep at night?

    I would like to join in the class action suit. May I please have the particulars because my mortgage check was refused by Chase last week and I would like to fight for my home to the very end.

  14. Same story. Received approved agreement with term at end of Dec., 2009. Send the agreement back with FedEx confirmation that someone have revcevied the package. After that, didn’t hear anything from Chase. So I called to follow up and continue to made the trial period amount in January 2010 since I didn’t get any response from Chase and was told to continue to make payment just in case. February 2010, still didn’t hear from Chase, called them and was told the loan was lock, they can’t even take payment. But I want I can still send payment by mail. So I did. March came, still didn’t hear anything, according to the term, the 1st payment of the approved modication shoudl start in March, so I called and was told the 1st payment need to be submit by mail. But I wasn’t informed. So I did submit by mail since I was told now when I made this call. April come, I still didn’t receive anything from Chase. So I called and was told continue to make payments through mail. So I did. Then in June, I got a letter said my home modication was denied. I called and try to find out what’s going. To keep the story short. I was told to re-apply. I been dealing with Chase since then until Oct. 2010. I got a letter saying my loan will be transferred to a new servicer name LBPS. Since then I been dealing with this new servicer but didn’t get anywhere. I am getting the run around. Now they process forecloser on my house. Yes, if there is a lawsuit again Chase and if I can still be part of it, even though my load got transferred to a different servicer. I want to be part of it. Please contact me if anyone have the info on how. Thanks.

  15. Chase never gave me a trial payment plan. My household was qualified for the Obama modification but was declined serveral times. I was told by Chase home center member to provide them with three months of bank statements to approve my mortgage modification. The rep from Chase told me to file for bankruptcy and open a bank account and provide them with three months of statements in order to get my loan modified. I want to be a part of any action against Chase. Please contact me with any future action against Chase. thanks

  16. Find a lawyer that specializes, I found one too late; they put me out of my home. It is not over, I am suing Chase and I am going to get my house back!!! And a pocket full of money too!!!

    Don’t let them get away with it, don’t wait on a class action, you must sue Chase yourself!!!! In a class action the lawyers are the only one who gets paid and Chase is prepared to pay. Each homeowner suing is a lot more costly and trouble for them and you get paid and insist on getting your house back.

    Even if they already took your home, it’s not too late!! Find a lawyer in your town that is willing to help you. Call every lawyer, if they cannot help you; ask for a referral from them. That is how I found mine. He has not even asked me for any money just my paperwork.

    Wish me luck in my efforts to bring them down one homeowner at a time. Chase is not going to get away with it if we don’t let them!!!!

    Jaquel Austin
    Austin, Texas
    [email protected]

  17. Hi I woul really love to get involved in this class action suit, I started a modification with Chase in the summer of 2009 which I made every payment during that time from August – January of 2010 a collections representative contacted me mid February and set up payment arrangements due to the fact that I was denied the loan mod. so I then paid about $700 and she stated that the remaining balance that was owed would be attached to my principle when i went to make the payment someone from the forebarance department put me on this plan where I had to make a huge down payment and pay $120 extra to my monthly mortgage amount until I came up with a settlement amount after getting several individuals involved (the congressman and an attorney) they reversed my chargeoff but still DID NOT put any of my payments towards my loan and it showed up on Chase’s payment history of my account that all my payments went to corp. advances. The excutive office of Chase contacted me and my attorney and told me to begin another modification process in October 2010 and from there is when the forbereance department got it again and charged my loan off again and then added an extra 10,000 I have proof to show that they sent my payment back once to where I had to send it again totaling in about $800. My attorney advised me to put my mortgage payments in escrow until we figure out what is going on due to the fact that they had sent that payment back and to my understanding the forebance department is asking for 12,000 to buy the home???

  18. Chase offered to refinance my loan and sent me paper work. My current loan is an ARM which comes due next May. I did not hear anything from them for a while so I called them. They now tell me they are no longer refinance manufactured homes even though it is on a foundation and they originally financed it. Of course, I am upside down on this loan. I have about ten months before the note comes due and they know it.

  19. Forebearance program with a promise to go to loan mod. after the 3 mths. I got the loan mod. in 2 &1/2 mths. of the forebearance period and it was not 1 but 2 of them. We chose the 1 that best suited us and mailed the signed copies in, (retaining 1 copy of the one wwe chose) where upon we received a call saying they had too many errors of the original to send them all back and they would make sure we had new ones asap. Of course they did not and after calling for 3 mths and being told the papers were with the underwriter and not to make payments they bumped us saying we had failed to make our payment in July as instructed. Went through the loan mod. program again only to be told that we didn’t qualify and the foreclosure was going to go through as planned in 2 weeks. Filled bankruptsy 12/2/01, still waiting on the outcome of that.

  20. In my opinion, a Class Action Suit makes it easier for Chase to fight! Instead of one or two separate Class Action Suits, how about hundreds or even thousands of individual suits to fight? That would really drive Chase CRAZY!

  21. I have been going through the same exact thing right now. We have been through this “modification” for 2 years and we are on our 3rd “approved” modification and somehow now they want to clear our past due amounts and late and misc. fees, which we have been paying by the way for the past year and a half. Our home is now worth $60,000 we originally paid $132,000 five years ago, and when we began having problems had a balance of $128,000 now they are trying to “modify our loan and our new balance is going to be $156,000. This is complete morgage fraud and I have the proof of the whole process. I would love to be a part of any legal action against Chase Home Finance. We are ready to leave our home and start renting so we don’t get screwed in the end, in Michigan there is NO way that our house will ever gain any equity! What happened to the American dream of buying your first home and living there for 10 years or so then selling it for a larger home that our young family can grow in. Please anyone email me if you find anything out about any legal action>>>>>[email protected]

  22. Anyone that has been screw by CHASE contact me
    I have in a legal battle with them for more than 3 years (42 months)
    I will fight until I die but will not let the banking fraud terror get my hard work home
    Please contact me I can share my story.It was in a local paper years ago when I annouced that the banks were commiting fraud
    Frank M.
    E-mail : [email protected]

  23. Just wondering if you were able to find anyone in Mass. that is taking on a class action suit against Chase? Those people ruined my life in the modification process!

  24. I have been in the loan modification since July 2010. It all started in February 2010 one year into paying for our first home. The escrow account was never set up from the beginning leaving us short about $3,000.00 to pay taxes. Therefore, when they notify us about this it brought our payment from $1840.00 to now $2130.00 with a one-month notice. I call them and they send me a letter saying we have 36 months to pay the shortage off. Every time you call them, you are routed to someone who has no idea about anything and gives you bull shit response and the biggest run around of life. I think they do that so you get frustrated and stop paying. All I want is to know my mortgage payment will be what we were told when we first bought the house. Or at least in that ball park knowing with an escrow account insurance does go up the value of the home has gone down and so has the taxes. It is a game and owning a home is not as easy as renting. However, at the end of the day Chase doesn?t care about their customers, only the money. So hopefully everyone stays positive and pay what you can because what goes around comes around. Let me know who wants to sue I am in, I want the banks to know how the people feel when we are put into hardship.

  25. I have read several of the messages and mine sounds just the same. For 2 years before getting behind I begged them to refi my loan. All they would say is we owe more then the home is worth and they wouldn’t refi. Mind you I put 80k down and had a low 30 yr fixed and made all my payments on time ans some times extra for the princapal. Fell behind in May of 2010 started all the calls and paper work for the mod. and was told that I didn;t send all the paper work. I would have to send it again. One person would take the info over the phone and say I didn’t quilifiy only to call back in a few days and talk to someone that said they didn’t know why I was told that, take all the info and say I quilified. Got scared and put the home up for a short sale and the wouldn’t work on the price with the realitor told him not to lower the price. Finallly they took the property to the courts and sold it for 87k. this was 200k less then we paid and 50k less then the last list price on the short sale. And now they are hounding me for the Equity loan. What is the point of calling it an equity loan if they chase you after they took the house??? I would love to be in the law suit.

  26. I have read several of the messages and mine sounds just the same. For 2 years before getting behind I begged them to refi my loan. All they would say is we owe more then the home is worth and they wouldn’t refi. Mind you I put 80k down and had a low 30 yr fixed and made all my payments on time ans some times extra for the princapal. Fell behind in May of 2010 started all the calls and paper work for the mod. and was told that I didn;t send all the paper work. I would have to send it again. One person would take the info over the phone and say I didn’t quilifiy only to call back in a few days and talk to someone that said they didn’t know why I was told that, take all the info and say I quilified. Got scared and put the home up for a short sale and the wouldn’t work on the price with the realitor told him not to lower the price. Finallly they took the property to the courts and sold it for 87k. this was 200k less then we paid and 50k less then the last list price on the short sale. And now they are hounding me for the Equity loan. What is the point of calling it an equity loan if they chase you after they took the house??? I would love to be in the law suit. Please help

  27. I have the same story as those above. Approved for a modification, then told denied, submitting endless duplicate paperwork because Chase says it is “lost” or “incomplete”. The paymenst they take, they apply to endless fees and the ones they don’t, they post me as a missed payment of my credit. Chase is intentionally destroying my life and the lives of my family members. This is outright fraud at the highest level….where are our attorneys general??? Why is Chase allowed to continue to victimize consumers who are just trying to make the situation right??? Help!

    • I’d love to take theese A-holes down! 4+ years I’ve been fighting this fight! back and forth paperwork, jumping through every hoop they throw at me. Ordered to mediation by the courts, Chase didn’t bother showing up! 80k down lost income,same as all you guys, tried the modification they say they can’t do it because “They don’t know who owns my loan.” Well who does, I’d like to talk to them, please! Does the left hand know that the right hand is playing pocket pool! LETS TAKE EM DOWN!!! i’m tiki, [email protected]

  28. I have been trying to get a pay history from Chase since 1996. Cant get one. I call up there they say my loan number is not a Chase loan number, then my social security number is not valid. I borrowed 32600. is 1978 and my pay off now is19555.00 have all my check numbers and dated listed. In 2005 thru 2009 they did not apply a dime to my principal all went to interest and escrow. They had over 3000. in escrow. Last year 2011 they did not pay my insurance nor the taxes. They are telling me they wrote off my loan. I contacted the Currency Association in Dallas
    TX. Then Chase started calling every 3 day. I asked for payment history, interest credit that was to been applied to my loan since the start date. He called and told me he was sending a payoff balance. I told him that was not what I asked for. He kept telling me his is investigating my question, but he can not figure out the problem. I could go on for a long time telling what all they have done to me.
    This is just a start. I am in Oklahoma

  29. I am really interestd in joining a class action just like the rest of the cows going to the slaughter house of Chase home finance. I too have been takenfor a ride for almost 2 years doind everything asked of me, submitting paperwork, paying payments only to be turned down after 2 years and my credit in shambles I can’t even buy a vehicle because of their negligence in following through with what they agreed to follow through with which wa helping home owners stay in their homes. They sent me a letter stating that they were transferring or sselling my loan to a new company. Well they charged all the finance charges and late fees to my loan and dumped me for about 20,000 more than I owed when I applied for the loan modification. After they transferred my loan they informed me that I didn’t qualify for a loan modification. well that isn’t true because the new company was able to approve me within 3 months, which is what was originally suppose to happen with chase but due to their negligence I now owe more than what I bought my house for and my payment isn’t as low as it would havce been if they would have done their job. How much bail out money did they get to make money off of me right? So instead of doing a loan mod. on 186,000 they did one for 208,000 and I bought my house 6 years ago for 205,000. The payment went from 1620.00 to 1440.00 Now I didn’t see that making my home affordable becasue those negligent greed mongers screwed my husband and I. When is somebody goin to respond to this situation with Chase, Is everybody scared fo them becasue I am NOT.

  30. Well I just wrote this big long thing and it didn’t post! I went through a 2 year bout with Chase home finance I owed 186,000 at the beginning of my journey and now owe 208,000 and bought my house 6 years ago for 205,000. My payment went from 1620.00 to 1440.00. I started my journey in march 2009 and by oct. of 2010 and being screwed around by chase they sold my loan to another company and after that they told me that I didn’t qualify but the new place executed a loan mod. within 4 months. I paid chase and turned in everything that was asked of me but they couldn’t figure it out. Now my credit is destroyed and tehy need to take some responsibility in this situation, no slaps on the wrist for their greedy negligence and abuse of their consumers. Jamie Loftis

  31. Luv to join, I used to have a 800 credit score, now 450 because I listened to their rep.
    Followed all their terms, took a 1 1/2 then finally got a letter of approval for he mod. Made my payments on time, six months later, Chase sent me a letter to say, “sorry we made a mistake and now you owes us for ALL the money that was adjusted in the past months.

  32. My parents are ready to join a class action lawsuit against Chase Home Finance. They have gone thru everything everyone has here.

    If you are interested still, you can contact me and I will forward the information to my folks.


  33. I would love to join the class action against this crooked company. I have so many issues with this company its unreal. I have been with this company since 2004 and my payments keep going up then unexplained fees and crazy late charges added to the account. So just let me know what you need from me and I will send it.

  34. I have searched around the internet and found a place out of Oregon I think, I live in Idaho and was told they do not have an open case in my state so I am goin to give this information to anyone who may benefit from it because those greedy S.O.B’s need to pay for their sins. How much were the bonuses they received more than my loan i’m sure. Here is the information 1-800-776-6044 209 SW Oak St. ste. 500 Portland Oregon 97204. I did actually speak with a paralegal named Melissa Moore here is a phone # 503-227-1600 503-227-6840 I hope this will help somebody because I have not found anybody that can help me yet but I am still looking. This place has class action lawsuits going right now.