“will not file the documents,” Jamie Dimon,

Take you hands away from your eyes Mr. Dimon.

Mortgage industry executives say homeowners simply are not complying with the program’s requirements, despite their best efforts to reach out. Homeowners “will not file the documents,” Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s CEO, said this week. “We need the documents. We are trying to simplify it.”

There are so many storys of people sending paperwork into Chase and Chase will lose it. Mr. Dimon only blames the home owner and never his company. Chase has lost my paper over 4 times in last year.

2 thoughts on ““will not file the documents,” Jamie Dimon,

  1. I just started my 4 round of Loan Modification with Chase LLC, for whom is not even the original note holder!!! They keep saying that my paperwork was late, or missing documents. Now my home is being threatened by for closure, I WILL NOT LET THIS HAPPEN!!!

    • Considering that the reason my payment ever got behind, was in the fall of 2008, our actual mortgage holder went under, and wouldnt accept payments, a couple of months later we get a letter from Chase LLC, stating that we were behind. OH, absent an account number. GO Figure.