Update to my personal story and Chase

I received a FedEx from Chase 5/11/2010. It was a modification contract. The contract is no different then the loan I already have. We called Chase they have know idea what contract they sent me. How is this company in business. I know the FDIC pays them.

One thought on “Update to my personal story and Chase

  1. That’s ok….they didn’t know I had a forebearance agreement today…gonna sell my house at public auction but they told me my foreclosure is on hold…they have no clue what is going on. I have paid them in forebearance agreements over the last 8 months @ $4,261.00 and that amount has only counted as two payments on my contract (my payments are only $738) and cannot NOT ONE OF THEM tell me what has happened to the rest of that money!!! Morons!! I am seriously thinking of contacting a lawyer and suing them for ignorance…haha..