More info about Chase then you ever wanted to know.

JP Morgan Chase offers mortgage origination and loan servicing solutions through its wholly-owned subsidiary known as Chase Home Finance, LLC. The company operates through a number of departments located at different places in the country. The addresses and phone numbers for most of these departments are accessible to its registered users only through Chase Online. However, we have tried to gather as much contact information as we could for the benefits of our users.

Chase Home Finance Insurance Department

The Atlanta based Chase Home Finance Insurance Department handles general requirements of the borrowers for homeowners, flood and wind insurance.

Chase Home Finance
P.O. Box 47020
Atlanta, GA 30366
Fax: 1-678-475-8799

The issues concerning private mortgage insurance (PMI) and mortgage insurance premium (MIP) are looked after by the Columbus OH based department.

Chase Home Finance
Attn: PMI Department
P.O. Box 24726
Columbus, OH 43224
Fax: 1-614-422-6313

Chase Manhattan Bank also has a loss draft department to process insurance claim check of the customers. To get your claim check endorsed mail it to the following address:

For regular mail:
Chase Home Finance
Loss Draft Department
P. O. Box 47607
Atlanta, GA 30362

For overnight mail:
Chase Home Finance
2405 Commerce Avenue
Building 2000, Suite 100
Duluth, GA 30096

It is generally a requirement with many lenders to have their name and address listed as loss payee under the mortgagee clause. Either of the following addresses of JP Morgan Chase bank should be there on the mortgagee clause.

Chase Home Finance LLC
PO Box 47020
Doraville, GA 30362
Phone: 877-530-8951

Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation
P.O. Box 57012
Irvine, CA 92619

Chase Home Finance Payment

A part of your monthly payment goes towards paying insurance and taxes. An escrow account is maintained by the bank for this purpose and it also carries out an annual escrow analysis to see if it can sufficiently pay all your insurance and tax liabilities in the following year. There may be a deficit in it due to disbursement clearing in trust, tax reassessment or some other reason. You will get a notification requiring you to replenish the shortage before the time comes to make the deposit. Following is the address to send your check in this regard.

Chase Home Finance
Attention: Research Department
P.O. Box 24696
Columbus, OH 43224-0696

Tax bills can be sent to the following address:

Chase Home Finance
Attention Tax Department
P. O. Box 961227
Ft. Worth, TX 76161-0227

If your tax amount is increased following a reassessment you will need to provide the bank with its verification. Use the above address of the tax department to send the documentation or the one given below to send via overnight delivery.

Chase Home Finance
Attn: Tax Department
1 First American Way
Westlake, TX 76262-5914

You can also call the toll-free number 1-877-314-6353 or use the fax number 1-817-826-1173 to fax the verification details.

After every payment, the bank sends you a billing statement, which usually takes seven to ten business days to reach you. Extra payment is not possible with the bill pay feature of Chase Online. Customers facing hardship can get benefit from loan modification, forbearance or any other home retention options.

Chase has an array of solutions to provide help for homeowners. If any of these does not work out you still have options for a short sale or a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure to pay your debt obligations and avoid bankruptcy. It is possible to modify active bankruptcy accounts subject to the approval of Chase bankruptcy department.

The contact details for the Assumptions Department are as follows:

Chase Home Finance
Attn: Assumptions
2210 Enterprise Drive, SC1-2025
Florence, SC 20501
Fax Number: 1-614-413-2062

Issues concerning subordination and its requirements are dealt by Legacy Chase Unit located at Phoenix AZ and Rochester NY.

For more on Chase Home Finance visit its website or log on to your mortgage account.


7 thoughts on “More info about Chase then you ever wanted to know.

  1. Hello, I wanted to write to you about our problems with our Home loan company CHASE. We had a house fire back on March 22,2011. I kitchen was burnt up and smoke damage was all over the home. Our insurance company came out and did an estimate it was 22,000 and some change. They gave us the check and Chace has had it for 3 months and is making every excuse not to give us the money. We have got it to the 50% mark with our own savings but can go no further on the home because we are out of money. I asked if our money was being held in an account the collects intrese and it does so they are making money on money that is not theres and letting us live in these terrible conditions. My husband is in the Marine Corps and is going to deploy again for the 6th time and this home is not near to being finished. We call CHASE every day just to get lied to and the run-a-round. I have researched this company and the horror stories that I read about them are shocking. Why does no one do anything about this company? Why will no one call me back about this situation? They have had the check in their band for 3 weeks and 1 day and they told us they would send the check in 3 days….how do they get away with this? I suffered from a rare illness last summer I was in a coma for almost 2 months I am still recovering and on medications and I am living in a home with suit all over the carpeting and no money to get it cleaned. How can you help me with this? Is there anything I can do? Why is this allowed to happen? I contacted the OCC and the Govenor well see what happens.

  2. Chase & government HAFA approved short sale March 2011. Closed short sale May 6, 2011. Never in foreclosure. No public records of foreclosure. No notice of intent sent to seller. Chase reported the transaction as a foreclosure and dated the foreclosure May 16th (12 days after closing). Efforts to remove fraudulent report from credit reporting agencies have been ignored. Disputes with credit reporting agencies returned unchanged. ANYONE KNOW ADDRESS FOR CHASE HOME FINANCE LEGAL DEPARTMENT?

  3. Are you kidding? They keep any normal form of contact secret. I have been told that cannot send me an email.

    My dealings with them have been a nightmare. I had severe damage to my house 2 and a half months ago. My insurance company included Chase on the check because they are the mortgage holder. Chase deposited the money in an escrow account they control. In 9 different phone calls looking for information on how to get money for the people rebuilding my house I have gotten 9 different answers to the same questions. I even talked to a supervisor who assured me I didn’t need some documents for one of the people who worked on my house only to receive a letter from Chase the next day saying I did need the documents. If you send them a fax the day you send it in doesn’t count. It takes them 2 working days to find your fax, 3 working days to decide what to do with it. If they think they owe you a check they can take another 3 days to get the check printed plus 2 days to get it out of their mail room. The fastest part of the process is the time it takes USPS to deliver the mail. My most recent check they added a company to the payees that I have never heard of and which has never done any work on my house. Now I will have to take another week to two weeks to get them to issue a proper check.

    Chase is either the most unprofessional organization I have ever worked with or they are trying to hold on to my money so they can make as much interest on it as possible.
    personal experience
    5 days ago

    This is another persons post but it matched my deals so well I copied it
    JPMorgan Chase is the worst company I have every dealt with

  4. On August 5th multiple tree’s one very large one fell on our storage building/well house taking out the well completely. This has been a nightmare it took the insurance company until 8/15/2011 to get us our check to my surprise it had Chase on there too. So I called to see how to get them to sign and was told they would expidite it if I got the check and forms to them right away; since we are without water. They got my check and paper work on 8/17/2011 at 11am per the post office here it is 8/24/2011 and I still have no money and no water. We have pets as we have a farm house and 4 acres of land so someone has to stay there to be sure they are taken care of so he is having to go fill up jugs and buckets with water every day from neighbors (remember 4 acres) to take care of himself and the animals and my husband is disabled this is a real strain on him. Today I got another call from them saying they needed additional information. Information that has been in their hands since 8/17/2011. Today it was they did not undrestand why the well estimate says $4200 up to 200 feet $10.00 more for each additional feet – that was after they told me they didn’t have the estimate to which I said that is funny because your person I spoke with yesterday had it; Is there anyone out there that does not understand this other than them? Seems pretty self explanitory to me. On the website it says anything over 10thou they send half the check anything under they send the whole check yet they say when they get all the paperwork straight I will be getting half the check. There has to be someone that regulates these people and can do something about them doing this to their customers. I have complained to everyone including the president of the US. Hasn’t helped so far.

  5. In May 2011 we had extensive damage to our kitchen and laundry room. The insurance company was awesome. However, getting the funds released from Chase Loss Draft Department has been a nightmare. The following is a LITTLE of what we have gone through:
    Aug 31st a draw had been requested, check would go out within two business days.
    Sept. 8th was told a check had been mailed with both names on it. It was caught in time, pulled back and a check would be reissued in our name only and go out Fed Ex today.
    Sept. 9th was told a check had been mailed regular mail that day.
    Sept 9th was told by one supervisor that the check could not be stopped because it had already been mailed.
    Sept 9th was told by another supervisor that the check was still in the approval stage and had not been mailed.
    Sept. 12th was told that the check had been approved and would be sent out by Fed Ex on the 12th.
    Sept 13th no check.
    Sept. 14th was told the check had been sent out on Sept. 13th by regular mail.
    Sept . 14th was told they would stop payment on the check issued and mailed and on Sept. 15th a check would be reissued and sent out by Fed Ex.
    Sept. 15th received a check, should be the one that had a stop payment placed.
    Sept. 16th the file shows the stop payment went through, but new check not issued or sent out by Fed Ex.
    Sept. 16th was told the check would go out today by Fed EX with a Saturday delivery. One more day to wait and see if this is yet another LIE!

  6. Chase needs to be class action suited by all the people telling the same story on the internet about their loss draft department. I had an insurance settlement because of damage from Hurricane Irene and the only way I eventually got all the money released was by

    A) getting my congressman involved.
    B) threatening an OCC complaint
    C) telling them that my neighbors were also getting the same run around as me and I was about to get the media involved.

    It’s actually very simple what they’re doing. They’ve got 500 million dollars (maybe more) in insurance settlement money that they get to use interest free for as long as they can keep it from you. So they keep telling you you need to send them this or that document, then when you send those documents they think of some other document that they need , then they inspect the house and find you 85% complete so they wont release the 90% complete funds.
    You will need an advocate to deal with these clowns because if you’re by yourself they just laugh at you.