The purpose of this site is to share what I?ve learned. My hope is that I can help other people navigate the Chase Home Financial labyrinth of red tape and the unprecedented disregard for compliance to legal and ethical practices. It?s been a tough uphill battle for the past 2 years, but I?ve learned a lot ? and I am still learning

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  1. Subject – Misuse of Making Homes Affordable plan and the Urban Justice Center Court Case in New York


    I have been viewing your site for many months and appreciate all the information that you provide for families that are currently being mistreated by Chase Home Finance. My family’s loan has been help ransom with the 3-month Making Homes Affordable plan for 12-months. My family has been treated the exact same way by Chase Home Finance as the three plantiffs’ in the Urban Justice Center Court Case filed May 4th, 2010. I contacted Anna Deknatel with the Urban Justice Center at (646) 200-5311 to get a copy of the full lawsuit. I received these documents by email today, and it gives my family hope that we can fight the big banks and I feel these documents would be of great use to other families in the same situation. You can contact Anna Deknatel at (646) 200-5311 to get copies or contact me at [email protected] and I will forward the email to you. Thank you again for this website and all your efforts to help my family and others.

    Hoping to see America as America again, where fellowman helps there fellowman . . . unlike the criminal entity Chase Home Finance LLC and other big business that believes you should take from your fellowman.

    Thank you,

    MaAron Cabe

  2. My Story with Chase is very similar and I think we’ve been down the exact same path. Congress has to do something. Every single person with a Mortgage deserves to have the name and DIRECT (not 800 phone tree hell number) of a person who represents their mortage. It should be mandatory and law. If they can’t do this they should lose their license as a mortager.

    My Story is shared at

  3. I have been in the 3-month loan modification program for 14 months; two weeks ago I received a letter from Chase saying I had been denied. I called one of the many 800 numbers to be told I had not complied with the rules.
    Me: “What rules?”
    Chase: “You have not supplied the documentation we require.” Me: “How do I know what docs you need if you don’t tell me?” Chase: “It is your responsibility to find out and to call us every two weeks to update us.”
    Me: “You’re telling me this AFTER I am denied?”
    I am sick to death of Chase – it’s like a huge army marching forward and my phone calls and letters and faxes are like little pebbles being thrown at it, making no difference whatsoever. They sent me a letter asking if I would talk with them about Loss Mitigation. I signed the agreement form and faxed it to the number on the form – THREE TIMES – to be told every time they had not received it.
    I just don’t know what to do now. I’m gathering together the info they say they need again and will send it certified mail. I have a feeling that the next communication I receive will be a foreclosure notice since I can’t afford the (6-1/2%) payment.

    • Oh my god it seems like they are reading off of a script..
      I got the same exact answers!!!
      Each time I call they have to look through notes and all they know to tell me is that it was denied because it was incomplete but the person supposed to be telling me what to do with my file is never reachable!
      They tell me this after being denied, and this is the 5th application since 2008

      • We have been going through the same thing with CHASE! Started the “process” over a year ago and was treated so bad by EVERYONE we talked to! We were offered a modification in January…for $32 less! Are they freakin serious??? If I could afford $32 less…I could just keep paying my current amount! I had surgery on my brain and spine in April 2010 and will nt be able to return to work any time soon! We still continue to FIGHT with them! You say its been 5 years for you, have you continued to make your monthly payments!!!!!