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    • Chase Loss Mitigation: 877-838-1882 ext. 52195
      Executive Team: [email protected] (p) 1-800-242-7399
      Executive Resolution Group
      1-866-926-8937, 1-843-673-3700
      Hope this helps have you filed a complaint with the O.C.C and the B.B.B. Also send in a QWR letter you can find on the site. All these things add up if you ever have to go to court. Shows that Chase Home Finance is not human or do they care.

  1. chase is the worst bank ever. No one at chase know what they are doing. they say that they provide the highest level of quality service. yea RIGHT THEY HAVE NO CLUE OF BEING A RESPONSIBLE BANK. you ask to speak to a manager and even a manger doesn’t even know what the rules are. They tell you what you wanna hear NOT THE TRUTH !!! I forward chase my taxes so they can pay it and it would come out of my escrow. well because of my irresponsible bank i almost lost my house. They made me pay the penalty when it was NOT MY FAULT. They keep on telling me that they would pay the penalty charges and then at the ends they told me that they never received any notification of the bills from the taxing authority. They are full of CRAP . I’m so disappointed with CHASE HOME FINANCE !!! I WOULD NEVER RECOMMENDED CHASE TO ANYONE…

  2. i love to to file a class action suit on chase…I have had nothing but a run around Never the same person to talk over on status of my loan.They loose my paper or they never get it or i’m missing docoments..I have be turned down for loan mods. atleast 5 times..Been set up on a forebearance loan trail period for 6th months made all the payments on time {at that time was only 3months behind] so I make the payments all to be turned down again..soo in the mean time the money I was giving them does not apply to my loan goes to the interest.. now the trail period over and I’m 6months behind now risking foreclosure again For the last 2 years has nothing been a run around.telling me I did not give the right paper work or they did’nt get it.. I only had a 15 year loan with them and 2014 I would actually own my house but since I only owe very little on it, I find thats why they won’t work with me NOTHING BUT THEIVES STEALING FROM THE LITTLE PEOPLE…I will fight to my dieing day they are not winning..Its my ” home” not a house

  3. I have had same problem as Dee…am in forbearacne agreement to repay past due put down about 4000 in Dec 2010 then started paying Feb 2011 200 more on m mortgage 1st of month never late and then in July got letters saying that they were going to forclose on our home, how can you forclose on a home already in forclosure??? I called chase, they said they did not see any agreement on account. My husband and I thought we had been scammed and almost went into cardiac arrest, we then went to our local branch with all paperwork and receipts from Western Union since that is the only way we could pay them and the Branch managager wanted to send us home, I refused he pushed us off onto a gentleman JC that was more than helpful to find out what was going on…he called and got ahold of a person and she was rude to him, I can only imagine what it would have been like for us….he faxed all paperwork and after 3 weeks of waiting, they found out that the 3700 we paid in Dec. was misplaced and all is ok now….yeah right, so we kept paying and our last payment to be caught us is suppose to be Nov. 1 2011, got statement last night and it now says we owe 1400 more I have had enough of this shit from Chase, I am going to get this straight and you have to stay on them cause they don’t know what the shit is going on in their own company…..the right hand has no idea what the left is doing and all with no brain in it’s head….I pray for anyone who is going through this same problem….I will not let the BANKs win…

  4. With some of the bank systems, I can key in a wrong account number when asked, then the automated phone system will quickly say no number is on file that matches what I entered. It will allow me to enter a number again, which I enter, but use the wrong number again. Finally, the system says it’s having a problem finding my account and it asks me to hold for a representative. Not nearly as long a wait as when I put in the correct account number. 🙂

  5. We’ve been fighting with Chase for over four years. I’ve been to two different attorney’s for help, but here’s the problem. Both of them were willing to take the case, but they each wanted a $5000 retainer fee. We’ve got plenty of claims against Chase, but I’ve not found an attorney who will take a case like this on contingency. Unless you’ve got some serious money to fight them, you’ve got nothing.

  6. I was just served with my 1st foreclosure notice. We have not been making payments since June 2010, my husband was laid off. We have tried on countless occassions to get a mod. My husband now works a part time job I’m still working full time and we have been turned down over and over. I contacted the local bar assciation and pleaded my case. They assigned an attorney to help, pro bono. My advice…anyone strapped for cash contact the Bar in your area 1st before hiring an attorney. My lawyer has been informed of the notice and will be filing an answer to the notification. I dont know if we will when, but atleast we have someone informed of the housing laws on our side. To be continued….

  7. Does anyone know why Blumberg says the home office of Chase Home Finance LLC and Chase Home Finance Inc is 343 Thornall St Edison New Jersey 08837
    Glenn Mouridy Pres