J.P. Morgan Chase & Co Lawsuits

We will be building a list of all JPMorgan and Chase lawsuits and class action here. Chase, don’t thank me.

PMorgan Chase accused of gender bias in lawsuit
NEW YORK, Sept 29 (Reuters) – JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.N) was sued on Tuesday by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which accused the bank of discriminating against women by paying them less than men and subjecting them to a “sexually hostile” work environment.

The federal lawsuit alleged that JPMorgan fired Aimee Doneyhue, who worked in a Columbus, Ohio office, after she alleged the second-largest U.S. bank made it more difficult for women than men to earn commissions and bonuses, and subjected women to verbal harassment.

It said the New York-based bank retaliated against Doneyhue by subjecting her to ridicule, including telling her that she was an “idiot,” and fired her after learning from her that she had consulted with the EEOC.

The complaint seeks to recover back pay and other losses suffered by Doneyhue and other women, punitive damages, an end to practices that discriminate on the basis of gender, and other remedies.

JPMorgan spokesman Joe Evangelisti declined to comment.

The case is EEOC v. JPMorgan Chase Bank NA, U.S. District Court, Southern District of Ohio (Columbus), No. 09-711. (Reporting by Jonathan Stempel)

Court Reinstates Lawsuit Against JP Morgan for Rise in Credit Card Rate

A couple in Oregon who attempted to sue JP Morgan for failing to properly disclose risk factors the bank used to raise its interest rates on its credit cards, has had their suit reinstated.

Earlier, a federal district court in Oregon had dismissed the couple’s claim for further proceedings. But the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has now ruled that JP Morgan had not made “clear and conspicuous disclosure” of the annual percentage rates it could impose, as required under the federal Truth in Lending Act. Instead, the bank put in writing its reasons for rate increases on apges 10 and 11 of the couple’s credit card agreement, “five dense pages after the disclosure of the APR,” Judge Diarmuid O’Scannlain, one of three judges on the review panel, wrote.

The couple were prompted to file the suit against Chase after their annual 8.99 percent interest rate shot up to 24.24 percent, apparently with no warning.

Recently, the US Senate and the House or Representatives have both approved bills to curb sudden interest rate increases on credit cards. President Barack Obama will likely sign the bill into law in late May.

Milan Police Seize UBS, JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank Funds
By Elisa Martinuzzi

April 28 (Bloomberg) — Milan?s financial police seized 476 million euros ($620 million) of assets belonging to UBS AG, Deutsche Bank AG, JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Depfa Bank Plc amid a probe into alleged fraud linked to the sale of derivatives.

The police froze the banks? stakes in Italian companies, real estate assets and accounts, the financial police said in a statement today. The assets seized yesterday also include those of an ex-municipality official and a consultant, the police said.

The City of Milan is suing the four banks after it lost money on derivatives it bought from the lenders in 2005. The securities swapped a fixed rate of interest on 1.7 billion euros of bonds for a variable rate that was losing the city 298 million euros as of June. Milan is among about 600 Italian municipalities that took out 1,000 derivatives contracts worth 35.5 billion euros in all, the Treasury said.

?Milan is an important case because it can be used as an example by others,? said Alfonso Scarano, who is heading a study into the trades by AIAF, a group representing Italian financial analysts. ?This is a unique time for borrowers to shed light on their potential losses and renegotiate contracts? to take advantage of interest rates that have fallen to record lows. AIAF will next week testify before the Italian Senate?s inquiry into the cities? use of derivatives contracts.

Officials at all four banks declined to comment. In January, JPMorgan filed a lawsuit against the city in London. The bank is seeking to have dispute heard in the U.K., according to two people familiar with the claims.

Cassa Depositi

A spokesman for Milan?s city council declined to comment. A report commissioned by the city last year into the derivatives trades didn?t identify the officials involved in the decision.

The banks reaped about 100 million euros in fees from the transactions, Milan?s financial police said today. Public officials, seeking to cut the cost of their debt and help fund their budgets, turned to the banks to refinance borrowings from the state-owned lender Cassa Depositi e Prestiti.

The 30-year bond carried annual interest of 4.019 percent. With the derivatives, the city swapped the fixed interest rate for a floating rate set at 12-month Euribor. Milan also agreed to repay the principal by annual payments instead of at maturity, according to the city?s report.

The banks and Milan later agreed on so-called interest-rate collars, under which the banks would pay the borrower if Euribor rose above a certain level, the so-called cap, while the borrower would pay the banks if Euribor fell below the so-called floor.

Credit-default Swaps

The banks misled municipal officials on the advantages of buying the derivatives, including the impact of the fees they charged on the contracts, the financial police have said. The banks made three times more money from the cap than Milan did from the floor, according to the city?s report.

Local governments often entered into derivative contracts without soliciting bids from competing buyers. In 2007, Milan also sold a credit-default swap, exposing itself to the risk that the Republic of Italy might default, the document shows.

The Milan case is among lawsuits filed by local governments from Germany to the U.S. amid allegations of mis-selling and fraud. Italy?s Senate is leading a review of the use of derivatives among local administrations.

Italian prosecutors can seize assets, subject to judicial approval, to prevent the worsening of the consequences of the crime or prevent further crimes being committed, according to Andrea Giannelli, a researcher at Milan?s Bocconi University.

?Intimidating and unprecedented?

?Its use in this case is somewhat intimidating and unprecedented,? said Giannelli. ?It?s a measure they may be using to accelerate a solution.?

Deutsche Bank, Germany?s largest bank, last year won dismissal of a lawsuit filed by Hagen, Germany, over losses on derivatives that the city purchased from the lender.

The U.S. Justice Department has been investigating for more than two years whether banks and brokers conspired to overcharge local governments on similar swap agreements.

Alabama challenged a so-called swaption deal last year as local governments across the U.S. faced rising bills after derivative trades with Wall Street banks backfired. The Alabama Public School and College Authority filed a lawsuit in October seeking to void a so-called swaption, or option on an interest- rate swap, that it sold to JPMorgan in 2002.

To contact the reporter on this story: Elisa Martinuzzi in Milan at [email protected]

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JPMorgan Chase Accidentally Breaks Into Your House And Steals Everything You Own
Bobo and Joy Dickson bought a house had been headed for foreclosure, but JPMorgan Chase apparently didn’t get the message that the former owners had moved out and the new owners were in residence. So, naturally, they hired a firm to drill the Dickson’s locks and take everything they owned, including their food. Now JPMorgan Chase is “taking it seriously.”

“We take this very seriously, and we are working with EMC [a mortgage company JPMorgan Chase owns] and the family’s attorney to make this right,” said Tom Kelly, a JPMorgan spokesman.

After the Dickson’s bought the house back in May, the foreclosure proceedings were supposed to have been stopped. They weren’t. That’s when the former owner’s mortgage company (owned by JPMorgan Chase) hired “Field Asset Services Inc.” to drill the locks and “empty the house,” according to the Austin American-Statesmen. Field Asset Services claims that the Dickson’s possessions were given to area thrift stores, but they have been unable to locate them.

Ordinarily, when personal possessions are left in a foreclosed home a court order is needed to remove the items and the owners are given the opportunity to reclaim them within 24 hours. JPMorgan Chase says its not sure if there was a court order in this case.

Elizabeth Bradburn, the Dicksons’ real estate agent, is organizing an effort to collect donations for the family. She said gift cards to furniture and household goods stores are preferred and may be sent to the Dicksons’ business address: 9800 N. Lamar Blvd.,

No. 315, Austin TX 78753.

“It’s been awesome to see people mobilize and want to help out,” Hance [Dicksons’ attorney] said. “The Dicksons are, of course, very grateful and touched by the outpouring of support from the community.”

Report: WaMu parent wants U.S. documents in failure probe

December 15, 2009 | 8:38 pm
The bankrupt parent of Washington Mutual Bank asked the judge in its reorganization case to allow for an expansion of a probe into the circumstances immediately leading up to the September 2008 failure.

From the Puget Sound Business Journal:

A filing in the Washington Mutual bankruptcy case says that new evidence supports allegations that JPMorgan Chase used access to inside information about WaMu to drive down the bank?s credit rating and share price, scare away other suitors and arrange to buy the ailing Seattle bank from regulators at a bargain price.

The 20-page motion cites hundreds of internal documents received from JPMorgan through discovery in the bankruptcy case, including emails between JPMorgan executives and other banks interested in bidding on WaMu as well as slide show presentations discussing the viability of a WaMu purchase.

The latest motion now seeks to expand the subpoena to include regulators such as the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., the Office of Thrift Supervision, the U.S. Treasury Department, the Federal Reserve, other banks that considered buying Washington Mutual, Goldman Sachs in its capacity as an adviser to WaMu, credit-rating agencies and other banks involved in lending to WaMu.

Conspiracy theories have been rampant since the S&L’s failure, and WaMu’s parent has been battling JPMorgan and the FDIC in multiple court venues over billions of dollars in assets.
As Jordan Weissmann wrote on law.com in October:

Washington Mutual is arguing in its suit brought in D.C. federal trial court that the government sold the bank for less than it would have been worth in liquidation, which it further argues violates the FDIC’s obligations under the Federal Deposit Insurance Act.

It also contends that many assets should never have been transferred to JPMorgan at all.

— Tom Petruno

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Chase Home Finance LLC and JPMorgan Chase, N.A. in the U.S. District Court, Southern District of California, alleging that defendants reneged on a promise to modify troubled mortgages. The class action is brought on behalf of the following class of persons:

All mortgagors in the the State of California whose home mortgage loans are or were serviced by Chase Home Finance LLC or JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. and who (a) have attempted to obtain permanent loan modifications from Chase Home Finance LLC or JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. through the Home Affordable Modification Program (?HAMP?) or similiar loan modification programs; and (b) have made payments pursuant to a HAMP Trial Period Plan (?TPP?) or any similiar temporary modification agreement offered by Defendants.

For more information on the Chase Home Finance & JPMorgan Chase mortgage loan modification class action lawsuit, read the Chase Home Finance & JPMorgan Chase class action lawsuit complaint.

For information about this class action, contact paralegal Nick Wallace or attorneys Gretchen Obrist or Lynn Sarko at 800.776.6044 or via email at [email protected]

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  1. I live in the northern district of Florida. I need help in dealing with chase. I have gone throught the modification process 3 times. I made my modification payments then I was told I did not qualify. I need legal Help. If you know of an attorney that will take on chase get in touch with me. my email is [email protected]. I will sue them one way or another.

    • Unfortunately I don’t have a lawyer for you in Florida, but many of us are going through the same situation with Chase. In 2008 there was a lawsuit filed by a couple in Massachusets against Chase. I have been watching this very carefully. There names are Mark and Lori Pestana and they filed suit against Washington Mutual, and won there case. They were represented by Attorneys Kevin Costello, Gary Klein, and Elizabeth Ryan and they are from Massachusetts. To bad other attorney’s would not go and fight the big boys. In our area the feds are going after all the corrupt politicians & judges. Maybe it is time that a full investigation begins to see what the banks, mortgage brokers, and title companies did to the millions of people in this country. Once again big business prevails and the little guy gets screwed.

    • I have a lawyer against chase since july 10 out of ft Lauderdale, philly and here in jersey. Shaffer and gaier. Google their success. They stopped my foreclosure and they get settlements and wiped mortgages. 215-751-0100 I can wait to kick chase in their boxes. Im a member here I forget my login. I will update ppl as I have prior. I left direct lines to execs at chase months ago. I hope they all get plague and die.


  2. I don’t know if this applies to me but when Chase bought out Washington Mutual my mortgage became my worse nightmare, have been triyng for almost 2 years for a loan modification , turned down twice & my third attempt started in Decemer 15 of last year and around Decemer 29th they filed a foreclosure on me, after telling me this would not happen, my Atty filed an answer right away, have not heard a thing other that today they called for a new application, tax returns, bank statements & pay stubs and what not, what the heck did they do with the first ones I sent them, by the way I was 3 mos, behind, they sent my last check back, but I talked to them on a weekly basis about my how hard I was trying to get things right & keep my home. I am at my wits end, I am 61 yrs old & want to retire at the end of the year, I think I will actualy make more money being retired with a part time job, I just hope & pray I am still in my hom, I just don’t understand whats taking it so long, Thank you for this post, my Atty told me he thought Chase was in some kind of trouble.


      • I am so sorry about what happened to you, as I am going through the same thing with them – 3 yrs now. $ applications, 7000 in attn fees, and 10 months of payments that they say I did not send – with receipts. It is so crazy that they are still in business. I just found out that I am in foreclosure too, and I have four kids with several animals. I live in a navy town and there are not rentals, esp the way that my credit looks now. It is so sad. Where is the president anyway?

    • Consider this: Washington Mutual Bank was well known for not keeping mortgages long after they were created. In fact, just before fed takeover, WAMU created a spin off called Washington Mutual Inc. The spinoff was configurated so as not to be subject to the FDIC. To make a long story short, my case shows that Chase Bank was knowingly fraudulently enforcing an unsecured mortgage account when collecting payments from us and pursuing foreclosure when we stopped the payments. That is because prior to fed takeover, WAMU officials ridded itself of our mortgage without informing us. When Chase took over our checking account where our mortgage payments had been automatically deducted, while it noted our account, it did not come across of note and trust deed. Never the less, Chase Bank opted to fraudulently enforce our unsecured note. Chase is now about the business of foreclosing on the notes that have been fraudulently enforcing. Therefore, they are not interested in modifications, as modifications will further expose them to their fraud. Before I’d go through the headache, make sure Chase is not just enforcing an account once secured by a deed of trust, but no longer secured from WAMU’s secret transfer of the mortgage. if you received a letter in 2008 from Chase claiming that the FDIC assigned them servicer rights, you are no doubt being defrauded by Chase Bank, who has no idea what WAMU did with your note.

    • Ms. Shelter consider this:

      Before proceeding with modification efforts with Chase, make sure of Chase’s status as the collector of your mortgage payments. Chase had and continues to defraud millions of homeowners (if our case is indicative) by fraudulently misrepresenting itself as the entity with standing to collect our payments. We tried modification with Chase during the period we thought Chase had standing to collect our mortgage payments. Because they did not, the proceeding featured Chase trying to steer us into a modification agreement where the mortgage payment amount probably could not have been met by us. When the bank seeking the modification is a thief instead of a valid collector of a mortgage payments, it really has no interest in modification, thus will just go through the motion. But the underlying motive is to get your signature on a paper (contract) wherein you acknowledge Chase Bank’s standing under circumstances where Chase has no papers (note, trust deed, assignment) showing standing. Before you go further require Chase to produce the original or certified copies of the mortgage instruments I just described in the parenthesis and make Chase tell you where the originals are being housed. One tactic Chase employs is having employees from several states dealing with you over your note. That way one Chase fraudulent tenticle can claim it does not know what the remaining tenticles have said and done as far as you mortgage is concerned. When I backed Chase to the wall concerning whether it possessed my mortgage, it was not able to produce anything. It is only due to judge reluctance to chastize a big bank that has us still competing with Chase over our mortgage.

  3. Seeking counsel in Texas to sue Chase Mortgage for modification misrepresentation. We have all documentation including the approval letter. After two years later, have been advised modification was not in place and they want restitution. We have filed a complaint with the Texas Attorney General’s office as well. Please contact me via email.

  4. We were illiegally forclosed on by Chase last year while awaiting a loan mod. they forclosed saying we missed the temp payments but all were made to them and on time. I have copies of the bank records and thank you letters from chase for the payments. Looking for an attorney to help with suit in Las Vegas NV.

  5. i would like to know how i would get in on the law suit against chase bank. My home was foreclosed on in 2006 while i was on active duty military. Does anyone know who the atteronys were that sued chase bank. Please leave me a message on my e-mail account listed above.

    Thanks Retired SSG Bennett

    • Try these guys SSG Bennett. I saw a link for the military within their website. I am so sorry about what happened to you, as I am going through the same thing with them – 3 yrs now. $ applications, 7000 in attn fees, and 10 months of payments that they say I did not send – with receipts. It is so crazy that they are still in business. The military guys were returned their homes from what I could see. Google it too. Take care, Tami

  6. I don’t want to be included in a classaction suit because I will be filing my own suit. I would like to share, that my property fell into foreclosure by accident through an old bank acct that we didn’t rec’ve statements from the bank on the loan either. Didn’t now the payment amount they could find the loan online in the system. Found out by rec’vg NOD had been trying to get info from the bank by mail so it was documented and rec’ved nothing, tried calling and requesting info they would put orders in but info wouldn’t come back me. called a total of 53 times and have gotten a huge run around I can’t even get reinstatment figures to make the loan current. I went into the bank and spoke to the manager and tried to pay at the bank and the mortgage division put a stop on receieving any payments!! I am trying to PAY and the BANK(CHASE) will not accept my money! Nice huh!

    Good Luck to all of you! This is tragic!

  7. I live in Louisiana. I have been contacted by numerous attorney’s nationwide seeking people such as myself to become a part of their litigation against Chase Home Finance. Unfortunately, these attorney’s are requesting $4,000 – $5,000 for a retainer. Seriously, if I had that kind of money or knew of any family members that did, I would have never ended up in the situation I am in with my mortgage. I know I had a valid claim against Chase Home Finance but I desperately need an attorney that is willing to place their attorney fees in the settlement. If you know of any firm that or any attorney that is willing to help me, please email me at [email protected].

  8. Sounds like all the same stuff is happening to me through Chase, including cover-up of their frauds. Justice Watch 09, dedicated to protecting the civil liberties of the disabled, elderly and poor, is currently taking stories about Chase’s frauds, and wants to submit a “package” of these frauds to the Senate Subcommittee on Finance and other committees that oversee TARP, SIGTARP, HAMP, FTC, TREASURY, etc, along with every senator, congressman and the President, to make them aware of the extensive gravamin of the mortgage frauds perpetrated since 2000 against the population, and Deutsche Bank AG’s grand designs to take over the majority of U.S. homes. Contact us with your stories at [email protected]. We do not yet have a website. We are taking volunteers to help us in this effort. Contact D. Nelson, Volunteer Executive Administrator, Justice Watch 09.

  9. We have an appointment with our attorney but this is what Chase offered in our permanent Loan Modification after 3 years! Unbelievable!

    We would be going from a P&I (only, no escrows) payment of $1,572.82 to $1,467.29. After 292 months of payments, we will have a balloon payment of $184,004.81 !!!!! Which means we will have to refinance or have a lot of $$$ in the bank at that time.

    After the 292 payments at the same interest rate, we will still have a P&I payment of $1,044.75 for another 30 years, provided we can get financing.

    With this scenario, we could be making mortgage payments for the next 54 years!!!

  10. I have a house in Texas. Lost my job, was offered a job in Mississippi, HAD to take it (single parent, could not afford to be unemployed). Had a friend who wanted to take over payments on the house. They refused to accept payments from him, said we had to do a “Loan Modification”. Went through it once, apparently ONE line was left blank (Do you pay HOA fees? Answer was no, but didn’t put a ZERO on the line). They said NO PROBLEM. We will just do ANOTHER one. After 6 MORE months, they denied it because THEY lost some paperwork. NO PROBLEMO, we will just do ANOTHER one. Faxed them over 300 sheets of paper, bank statements, pay stubs, etc etc etc. Last week it was denied. The reason? Loan is more than 12 months overdue. So THEY take a YEAR to answer (I repeatedly called them, was told “No news is okay, don’t worry about the late fees, they will be removed, its all good, just wait for us to finish it…”), then answer that it TOOK TOO LONG!?!

    I need a laywer that can sue these bastards. I will settle for legal fees plus all late fees and past due amounts erased, and go back to just paying the mortgage monthly. Email is [email protected]

  11. My story is I called Chase Home Finance back in Jan ’08 requesting a modification. My loan was current however I was diagnosed in June’07 2 months after I purchased my home in Largo, Fl., with Lung cancer. Needless to say I “thought” Chase could assist me in modifying my loan as I did not know at that time what my prognosis would be. They told me that they could not do that becuz my loan was up to date and the only was for them to consider a mod was if I was 90 days behind, basically saying, “you ruin your credit 1st then we can possibly do a mod”. So I did let the loan go into default submitted 3 complete loan mod packages, never recvd a call, letter, e mail, nada. 136 days after my 1st attempt to modify I recvd a call from “Andre” in the Loss Mitigation Dept”, telling me my mod was approved but becuz I did not send in “Payments” the approval expired, I would now have to reapply! I thought I was being “Punked”, I could not believe what I was hearing. Needless to say I have “sumbitted” 3 more complete pckgs to them,still no response, they then sold my loan to a new servicer. I was in the mortgage business for over 15 yrs, I did loan mod’s every day at my job. Never have I seen ir handled I mean mishandled with such a comedy of errors and personnel who are clueless as to how to do their job. It is a say day in this country when one of our once well respected bank become nothing but a greedy company whose salaries and bonus’s could pay all of our loans up to date.

  12. I had the same happen to a son-in-law why hasn’t a law firm taken this nation wide like the cigarette company . I payed off there loan . He payed two years on a loan modification loan it was to keep someone in the house tell they could forclose. we live in Louisiana.

  13. I entered into a loan modification with chase. I paid over 10,000 dollars to them and they one day all my banking info on my home just disappeared. I went into the branches of chase bank trying to get infor where to make payments and i was informed after the sherriffs sale that I no longer own the house but Chase owns my home, even though I put a new roof on the house and fixed all the repairs! i have lived in this house for 7 years, I bought right after my husband passed away in sleep. I am on a Heart Transplat list and I have a young child plus another diabled person living with me. I have a very secure income coming from my husbands social security plus my disablity. Well over the amount of my house payment. So why has chase robbed me for my money and is trying to take my home!!! I need some help in how to fight chase to re-mortgage wih me cuz they have my money. I did the above and beyond the agreed and signed modification and all my money was going to chase’s escrow and then “puff” it disappeared!!! I just want to keep my home and this stress has called my he. (ny heart to fail even worse since last year! I even has a seizure cuz my heart was to tired to pump blood to my head and had a seizure due to contant stress and worry doing business with Chase Home Finance! Anyone that has any advice for me will be greatly appreciated cuz the clock is ticking until I am homeless with my babies! But I get more then enough money to chase. This is my first home and I put alot of my dead husbands money into fixing it up. (new roof, new liner for the pool, restructed the Privacy Fence) So anyone know how to join the class action lawsuit or any other advice will be gratefully appreciated! Be blessed and thank you!

    • Lomar: First, be sure Chase Bank was the proper entity to be enforcing your note – including by foreclosure. This is particularly vital if Chase was not your original Lender. This is even more so if Chase assumed its stated standing from either the FDIC or Washington Mutual Bank. For you see if our case is a barometer, Chase, particularly through its Ohio office, is perpetrating fraud against homeowners by enforcing mortgage notes they neither possess or know the whereabouts.

      In the event that Chase seeks to foreclose under any of the above circumstances, challenge their standing to do so. In the event Chase succeeds and then subjects you to service of an eviction notice, continue challenging Chase’s standing in the unlawful detainer court. Unfortunately, it appears that many many judges throughout our nation, have adopted a stance of ruling on the side of banks even if the ruling is not based on law or the evidence. I believe such judges are taking it upon themselves to foreclose a class of homeowners that are erupting from the securitization trajedy: Mortgage Fee Due to Mismanagement of Mortgage. But free does not appear to be free in these cases. For I believe that the bail out in effect and reality compensated banks suffering losses from defaulted upon securities where mortgage instruments had been placed. Meaning that the subject mortgage instruments had actually been paid off. The Banks through the courts however, have devised a scheme where double payoffs of mortgages are taking place. The scheme enables banks instead of homeowners to reap the benefits of lost and not accounted for mortgages. I can be reached at [email protected]. My case is a startling example of what I just said

  14. Lori, did Chase notify you at all about the Sheriff Sale or did you receive a notice from the County? We have been fighting with Chase for over 3 years now and we even bank with them (I have not transferred to another bank because I want to make sure I can all of my records) but our mortgage information also disappeared on my Online Banking and it says to contact Chase. We have been told to “re-apply” again for the 10th or 11th time but Chase’s bank also tells me that it has been referred for “Foreclosure” and gives me the date of 10/25/11 but we have not received any notices and I check the county website everyday and nothing is posted.

    If we cannot get it settled, we will have to file Chapter 13 just to keep the house even though our attorney recommends just walking away from it because of Chase and their reputation of not offering reasonable Loan Modifications. He said they “prolong” the process in hopes that homeowners get so far behind (since you cannot make a payment unless you are in a “Trial Loan Modification” that the arrears gets to be too much to pay back even in a Chapter 13.

    I do not understand why the government allows them and other mortgage companies/banks get away with this.

  15. I have been trying to get some assistance from Chase Bank for a year now with no success. It is always back and forth with requesting information concerning income and the calls are very annoying. Thanks for making this site.

  16. I’m looking for a lawyer in Monmouth County NJ. I’ve had enough of Chase. I’ve had so many bad experiences with them. Now I’m trying to stop paying the PMI that I have been paying for 10years and they will not remove it.

  17. what is the name of your attorney in Texas.
    I had the same problem and eventually lost my home.
    But now, Chase filed the foreclosure 6 months later.
    That is going to make my foreclosure show 8 to 10 months later than when they got the house back. This is after 2.5 years of a home modification which they failed to provide. IF they had just told me they could not do it, I would be almost out of the foreclosure from my credit report stand.

  18. Chase appears to have a cadre of staffers in their middle management assigned to defrauding as many homeowners of their home and/or mortgage payments. These middle management staffers assume all of the risks for their fraudulent activity. While upper managment appears to be assuming a see no evil hear no evil approach to what their underlings are perpetrating. Attorneys do not like taking on Chase Bank on behalf of an ordinary person homeowner. This has resulted in a multitude of pro per lawsuits in courts where many of the judges not only do not respect unrepresented plaintiffs but actually show a contempt for them. We are the victim of a federal judge who compensated for Chase Bank not having our mortgage, by simply making an order stating Chase had standing to foreclose. The only saving grace is the fact that the part of the Order stating that loan documents authorized this. The saving grace aspect is that the Record shows no such loan documents. Make Chase produce the papers or provide a verifiable chain of title to your mortgage (or deed of trust) before doing anything with Chase. During my dealings with them, it actually presented me a modification contract that if signed would have literally changed the beneficiary of my note from WAMU to Chase. Had I signed the modification it would constitute the only instruments period to establish any agreement between us and Chase regarding our mortgage. Chase did this while we were actually suing them in federal court. We presented the modification contract and a copy of our mortgage. This showed that as a bank not a party to our loan, Chase Bank was without standing to modify its terms. Of course the federal judge did what judges do when they are managing the outcome of a case to favor a particular party. Presented that the allegations and evidence had not been made. Because of the prestige and trust the American public places in judges and the judiciary, pro se parties have a great deal of difficultly with claims of fraud upon courts by judges engaging in misconduct. Until scrutiny is placed on judges and pro se cases, I believe that wholesale injustice by courts with pro se cases will continue. Lawyers shy away from directly impacting this since their entire career rests on favorable opinions of them by judges. What a system we are forced to preside under. A book from me is coming

  19. I hope to be included in whatever you decide to do. I have never been so humiliated in my life. The time I have spent trying to work with Chase is very frustrating and uneventful toward my situation. All I asked for was some temporary assistance with my monthly mortgage payment and they sent me to hell and back. God only knows what they are up to and I’m sure He is going to pull back the covers in a minute to show us all what they are made of. Thanks for sharing this information I look forward to reading your book too.

  20. omg. i am reading these statements and cannot believe how many of you have had the same problems i have had with chase. i too was going through a modification with them for over a yr. have all my paperwork which i cannot even tell you how many times i resubmitted the same thing over and over again. then one nite call to check on the status of my modification only to be told i am in foreclosure. they proceed to tell me i was denied, never ever did i receive that notice, having just spoken to them a week earlier to be told i was still lacking paperwork. needless to say thousands of dollars later with help from my family i was reinstated. after gettin my state attorney general involved they proceed to tell him i was never in the modification process. seriously, do they want to see my paperwork to and from them? now once again i get a letter telling me who my direct contact is for my modification. i never resubmitted any papers for fear of the same thing happening again, if i never was in the program before how do they have my paperwork now. who is lying to who. i think they owe me all the attorney fees they charged me, mind you i entered a repayment plan before the letter from their attorney even reached, me. how do i get in on the lawsuit. fed up!

  21. I am just beginning the re-mod with Chase. Already they have requested duplicate paperwork and still wanting more information that was not mentioned initially.
    I am not behind in my payments and they assured me that you don’t have to be in order to be considered for a modification. I told them that in Sept of 2011 I was told you had to be 2 months behind to be considered. My response was ‘I’m sure Chase would like me to be, but I will not get behind so you can pull some foreclosure stunt that I can’t get caught up.
    Now after reading this from all of your experiences I am concerned about my outcome. The redundancy of paperwork is overwhelming and very time consuming. I do get the feeling that hoops they want you to jump through make it almost impossible to be approved.
    Now for a new request of documentation they are wanting your Credit Score. This was never mentioned before. I am not trying to re-fi, just modify my loan for a lower interest rate. Do they really have the legal right to do this to people.
    I am going to write my Attorney General immediately and inform her Chase and how they are already playing games.
    I would suggest all of you do the same thing.

  22. Hi Ed, I looked up your attorneys on line, pretty impressive, but am wondering what you meant by they got settlements and “wiped” mortgages – did they use RICO or Consumer Protection laws now in place from Dodd-Frank to invalidate your mortgage altogether? Thanks for any information you can share, I’ve been working on this with the OCC in Treasury and Consumer Protection against Chase since last June, finally trying to find a laywer around Philly the past 2 months to no success – talked to alot of them, they all way we have a good case but none feel confident going up against Chase we think. Too big to fail, too big to sue? I think not, gotta find lawyers who have backbone and willing to do it, found your note interesting. I also hope they all get plague and die, they definitely won’t be in heaven that’s for sure.

  23. This is not true, they sent me a letter after offering modification to our loan 5 months before – the letter states that since we were not late, they could not offer us a modification. Speaking with the executive office, I was informed we needed to be a few months late for them to consider it. We also sent multiples of paperwork to them, they sat on it for so many months they needed updated, more recent paystubs again. It’s a joke. I understand it’s more financially beneficial for them NOT to give modifications and to take back the properties simply because real estate is hard assets while notes and mortgages are simply bookeeping entries and dollars are becoming worthless, they’re only promises to pay anyway – they’re not gold or silver backed anymore. So the banks ran away with TARP and fooled the government and the Fed, gave all that TARP (our money, our debt to pay) as bonuses to their head people. They were given more stimulus money and they kept it again, they were never given restrictions on where the money was supposed to go, nothing in writing – they were simply verbally informed they SHOULD give the money as modifications and loan assistance and new affordable housing loans to the people. Like telling a child with a bar of candy to share it with the rest of the class, then walking away hoping they will share. Sure. And this isn’t simply candy, it’s money – so of course they’re more driven NOT to share, why would they? and there’s no enforcement or penalty if they don’t – good grief, how stupid it was and how arrogant these banksters are. They will rot in hell.

  24. It took me eleven months to qualify for the home loan modification.I went thru the same b.s. everyone else did.During the process i was told that i did not have to make any mortgage payments.This sounded odd,so i made sure to ask 3 or 4 chase reps about it.They all said “No , i do not make payments”Flash forward 6 months later.I’m going to refinance my car with my bank.They tell me sorry but i dont have a good credit rating.I tell them its a mistake.I always have had good credit.He pulls a credit report and shows me.Everything is good,until i look at my chase mortgage credit record.I’m mad as hell.This must of happened to thousands of other people.what do we do?Has anyone else had this problem?Do you think there is a civil lawsuit filed already?If so ,i’m jumping on board.I want my credit and my good name restored.

  25. It’s now been 3 years and 3 months since we first applied for our Loan Modification with Chase. My husband had a heart attack and we did not know if he would be able to return to work. At the time of my call, our account was current but I was looking for options in case we would be down to a one income family. The stated a Loan Modification would help us, but informed me that we needed to be 3 months late on our mortgage.

    Long story short and 3 to 4 Trial Loan Modification Plans later (we paid upfront fees to Chase for 2 of them) and made every payment early (at a slightly lower payment), we would receive a denial letter and when I would call, I was told to “re-apply”. Also keep in mind that everytime we applied, we had to send our information 5 to 6 times because I would call a couple times a week and they would repeatedly tell me that they did not have it.

    They filed foreclosure in February, 2009 and we went to court and the judge was disgusted with the attorney they hired and the lack of information he had that he continued to case since we were currently in a Trial Plan. We were denied again and had another court date. We decided to file Chapter 13 and our attorney informed us to not attend the hearing. As our attorney was preparing our documents, Chase contacted us and requested that we reapply since they “Withdrew” their complaint for Foreclosure. We did so and were granted another Trial Loan Modification. At the end of this Trial Plan, we did receive the documents for a Permanent Loan Modification. The monthly payments were acceptable, except they added a $187,000 balloon payment that would be due if we sold our home or at the end of the loan. If we agreed to this, we would have to take out another loan for $187,000 in 25 years meaning we would be paying on our mortgage for 55 years!

    I just read this and I am wondering how it will affect most of us?


  26. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau folks aint no joke. They responded to my complaint in a jiff. They made Chase Bank respond to it also. Now, in a sort of sandwich move, I have Chase between a rock and a hard place as far as the lie they are promoting about being entitled to my mortgage payments. In a desparate effort to convince the Bureau of standing, Chase’s bank Ohio office actually sent the Bureau copies of the documents I completed incidental to my loan application to Washington Mutual Bank. Since we all know that loan applications for a home loan are just that – an application for the loan, Chase’s trying to prove standing to enforce the note and trust deed securing the loan shows just how desparate and brazen they can be. On other interesting note about their response to the Consumer Bureau: For a good deal of the time Chase has been representing that it obtained the “right” to service my note from the FDIC from its takeover of WAMU. But for purposes of its response to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, it abandoned that claim. Why? I figure Chase would be hard pressed to misrepresent before one agency concerning another agency. Folks, after noting that Chase had lied to the Bureau about standing to collect my mortgage payments, I sent a response requesting criminal sanctions against Chase under 18 USC 1001. This section should be employed and invoked each and every time Chase misrepresents to any agency about its status over a note and trust deed. If the truth be known, the FBI would have to expand beyond its present capability to expand to investigate such claims. Remember, 18 USC 1001.

  27. chase bank sold our home on nov 2 , 2010 right in the middle of our loan modification , even as i was sending them more documents that they asked for we were forced out in jan, 2011

  28. I have gone through the same process as many of the stories I have read on this site. Almost four years ago, my original mortgage was with Washington Mutual. My husband at the time, died and I needed help with the loan. I was told by WaMu to pursue a loan modification. All I wanted was to have the interest rate and payment lowered so I could keep my home. I followed all the steps I was told to proceed with the loan modicfication. It took a very long time and it seems as though I got lost in the process. Then I found out that JP Morgan Chase had bought WaMu and I would have to proceed with them. I talked to numerous people and it seemed as though I was getting nowhere. Finally they were telling me that I was not approved for the loan modification. Then I was given other instructions and in the end, they ended up adding on about $10,000 to my total loan amount due. The interest rate is still too high as well as my payments and this in turn has further negated my credit score, even though I have kept all payments current.

  29. It is in all likelihood that CHASE BANK DOES NOT OWN OR HAVE ANY LEGAL INTEREST WHATSOEVER IN YOUR LOAN. It is just as likely that Washington Mutual as happened in our case, divested its portfolio of your note and trust deed without informing you. It is even more likely that the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s takeover of Washington Mutual assets DID NOT INCLUDE YOUR NOTE AND TRUST DEED. Chase has been about the business of fraudulently enforcing unsecured mortgage accounts that had been created by Washington Mutual Bank prior to being closed by the feds. If you received a letter from Chase Bank during the year 2008 announcing its being assigned by the FDIC to collect your payments the letter in all likelihood is a fraud. A RESPA letter to Chase demanding proof of standing should be your next step. We are at [email protected].

  30. Wow, I am amazed at all these stories. I have a similar one as well. In 2009 because of the economy I needed assistance with my loan. I was told that a loan modification would be the right course of action. I was given a smaller amount to pay per month on my mortgage. Approximately 200.00 less a month. Well a few months later the loan modification process was not moving forward but my monthly mortgage payments showed past due amounts showing I still owed my orginal amount plus past due amounts. I called Chase and asked why did my statement not reflect what was discussed with the representative. They told me that the statement could not be changed until the loan modification was complete but not to worry once it is complete it will be added to the end of the loan. Well after a year in the loan modification paying a reduced mortgage per Chase my monthly loan payment showed at 7,800 past due. I was given yet another chase case worker who again asked for the same information I had repeatedly sent. I was told by a representative that the loan modification was not guaranteed and if it was not approved I would have to pay the 7800 dollars or they would foreclose. She could make no guarantees so I was forced to file bankrucptcy and place the past due in arrears. I have been in bankruptcy for over year and of course six months ago they denied my loan modification. Also, I am now paying my current mortgage and also the arrears in bankruptcy. Which I feel is wrong because if I was not being told repeatedly that the loan modification was pretty much guaranteed based on my criteria I would not have allowed the past due to accumulate to such a large amount. Now because of fees and whatever else I owe them over 10,000 in bankruptcy in addition to my regualr mortage payments. And now that I have been denied the loan modification they don’t seem to have any solutions.

  31. Chase really sucks they are not capable of handling all the issues their customer have. No we get a letter telling us that our account number is going to change. I’m not sure what all that is about but I’m sure is some kind of scheme. HelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllP, I’m tire of all the deception.




  33. I am having trouble with Chase as well still unemployed now in school trying to find another career that I can hopefully land a job with. I have not paid on my mortgage for 1 year and a half waiting for Chase to approved one of the many programs that will help me stay in my primary home. I am now waiting on the Lord there is no other way to go right now. My back is against the wall with asking Chase for help. If I had emloyment I could have refinanced and been free of this bank’s messy way of doing business. I am praying for all the Chase strugglers cause they won’t understand it is all wrong. God bless and I pray that you get some relief soon.

  34. Left home because of stroke, in 7/2011 house was locked by Chase and I nor realators could get in property. If I’m locked out, why should I pay?

    • Chase will not help with modification and I have cancer, and had stroke. I’m on disability and my husband died. I just want a deed in lieu….

  35. Been at this mod for 3 years paid 2 forebearnce plans told I make too much money, but , Im still going to court once a month for 3 years. Balance owed when mod started, $44,500 now around $77,000 Chase sucks and they can have this house back. Been living free for 3 years with $750 a month rent coming in from upstairs. Save your breath, you cant beat these POS banks. Thank your government.

  36. All we can do is keep at it. It would help though if those similarly situated as defrauded homeowners would join ranks. And, focus must also be placed on judges throughout our nation – state and federal. In far too many cases judges are just as complicit in the defrauding of homeowners as the banks.

  37. This is to Robert Barker~ OR any other service member of the Armed Forces who has been wrongfully foreclosed on during active duty under the SCRA~ Please go to this llink. Hope it helps. http://www.wmclaw.com/our-practice-areas/scra.html
    My situation is different with Chase. We filed chap 7 and included our Chase home and was discharged. We are military and recieved orders to hawaii.. figuring foreclosure would come sooner or later left the property. Well, Chase stopped the foreclosure due to us being active duty. Well, it’s been 3 years and with established good credit we went to buy a home again and find out the other one never foreclosed. Chase states that it will NOT foreclose on us until my husband is no longer active duty. I told them that he has 5 more years left. They said then they will not foreclose on us until a year after my husbands ETS date!!! So I have a home that I don’t live in.. but could. I have BEGGED them to foreclose. I will not be able to get another home loan until it has been 3 years after foreclosure. Which mean..6 until they foreclose and another 3 for time frame needed to get another loan.. 9 YEARS! Screw it I thought. I will rent the damn thing out for 9 years and by then I won’t need a home loan~ but, I know on FHA loans which is what my loan is with Chase that in the deed it’s states I can’t rent out my home. BULLSHIT! Not only that… CHASE locked up my house and winterized it because I didn’t live there… ok secure it.. thats fine.. but what if I put a renter in there anyways and they do it to them… because after all we are talking about CHASE and they are notorious for claiming a home is abandoned while person are still living inside.. ~~ I don’t wanna be sued by a tenant for the home being broke into locks changed and home trashed out~ UGH