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We have used every Government Agency over the past three years that are supposed to protect the American Tax payer. One year with a case number from the O.C.C and nothing. Why would they want to help when the CEO is a bank lobbyist. We filed with the B.B.B nothing. HUD does nothing on RESPA violations. Chase Home Finance LLC will not play by the rules. We have a President and Congress that are paying banks to do loans, it?s their job to do loans, it’s there job to service the loans. But they only do temporary modifications and get paid. Every three months it?s a different person you have to talk to and start all over again. This suit will involve TILA, RESPA, HOEPA, UCC, RICO, Etc. David took down Goliath and we will take down Chase. You?re never too big to fail.

If you are a large law firm or a tough lawyer that has the guts to take on JPMorgan/Chase Home Finance LLC and looking for a great case,
please get in contact with us.[email protected]

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  1. I live in Virginia and I would like to be involved in any class action lawsuit against Chase Home Finance.If anybody knows of one please contact me.They have did us dirty involving a modification,saying we are behind on payments,surplus money in escrow disappearing,so many things that I would like to sue them for.jerrie sayers at [email protected]

    • Wow. This is happening to me right now. I was told I had 1,200 in escrow left and they would pay 2 payments. I called 4 times to make sure this was true. I was told to start making payments again in November. Now they are taking me to court to forclose and the money and phone conversations have dissappeared. Who can I contact???

  2. THe same exact thing just happened to me! I am fighting them with all I got! I entered into a loan modification and everything was approved and I noticed all my payments where in escrow and when I inquired about the escrow account “PUFF” all the bankind info vanished from the computer and no one at the branch could give me any answers. There is a lawyer her in Michigan, named Jeffery Fieger. You might have heard of him. He defended “DR. DEATH” the man that assisted suicides. He is a friend of my former boss so I plan on talking with him personally about my ordeal and there are so many of us that this has happend too and I want it to STOP! They are robbing us of our money and our homes!!!

    Feel free to contact me anytime.

  3. I have recently gone through the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA) events in two different states trying to get some assistance for a loan modification or restructure. The first event was promising. The Chase rep. at the event told me Chase had submitted my file to underwritting and that I would be getting some assistance but my loan servicer Farm Loan would have to accept their proposal. Three weeks later I recieved a letter from Chase tell my HAMP request was denied. In order to receive asistance I would have to “increase my income or decrease my expenses”. If I could increase my income then I would not need these the assistance, “ah duh”. At the second event they again submitted paper showing decrease in expenses but this time Chase flat out deined me in the underwritting process with no explanation. In the mean time I payments are not being accepted and my credit heavely impacted. I have tried to make payments but the refused to accept what I can afford to pay and insisted on the balance. I was only two payments behind and desperately tried to scrap the money. Asking for other options only increased my monthly by $400. This bank is VERY greedy and I did not know how awful this company was before I sign on the dotted line. I live in NC and would love to join any lawsuit aganist CHASE. I truely hate this company for is bad business practices and we need to get the word out so no one esle will do business them. Contact me if a lawsuit exist that I can join. [email protected]

    • Sha’Vonna, the word IS OUT! If you have any doubts, read some of the posts here on this site.
      NACA is a complete waste of time, trust me. They’re great at self-promotion, and they lead people in desperate circumstances to believe they’ll help, giving them false hope. When it comes right down to it, and you’re sitting there with one of their people at the computer terminal, they still have to get your lender (who is a criminal bankster) to agree to what they propose, and as you have found out, IT AIN’T HAPPENIN!
      The best thing you can do is read, read and read some more. Educate yourself about what the banks are pulling on us. You still have a right to Due Process and a Trial in this country, the courts can’t just sweep you off the docket and take your house, if you stand up for your rights and FIGHT THE BANKSTERS. Learn how.
      The “foreclosure crisis” is nothing but massive Financial Crime, which they are getting away with because they think they don’t have to suffer the consequences for their actions because they can buy the Department of Justice, the O.C.C., the SEC, the CFTC and all the other regulatory agencies off, and maintain control through campaign contributions and they’ve been right, so far. But the fact of the matter is, they have engineered their own demise. They are exactly like the roundworm. It dies itself after it has killed it’s host because it can’t stop sucking the life out.
      Book list: The Creature from Jekyll Island (Griffin) End The FED, (Ron Paul) How the Federal Reserve Runs The Country, (Greder) and my all time favorite, The True Story of The Bilderberg Group, by Daniel Estulin. If you don’t enlighten yourself as to what your rights are, and stand up for them, you need to look critically at your own behavior. If you say, “I don’t have time to read,” then you are part of the problem, not part of the solution. Blaming the crooks is justifiable because they’re the culprits in the theft of our homes, but remaining uninformed about the whole “Bankers Take All” agenda, is not justifiable. Go to some sites like or or any one of the dozens of good sites that will open your eyes about the true nature of this massive crime.
      The banksters didn’t lend you any money, remember that. Your loan was never in default. You were fraudulently induced to sign a securities transaction, when you believed you were actually getting a “mortgage”. Study, read and learn. Then pass this information on, like your life depends on it.

  4. I know this question is asked many times and I didn’t see a search button on this site but does anyone know of any lawyers in St. Louis, MO or class action law suits for us here?

  5. my name is Marta Gomez I look for join to class action suit against Flagstar bank the bank fraudulent forecose my property robo assigment, aslo I pay Private Mortgage Insurance in case I default wich I did and the bank collect the Insurace for 80% of the loan value, Flagstar but back my apartment for $1.00 collect from the Pivate Mortgage Insurance, and sent me a 1099 for the amount of $179,000 to make me resposable for the IRS is not seet? could please help me to suit the criminal action. my phone number is 786-251-3837
    Marta Gomez

  6. yes i would like to join a law suit against chase they wont help lie now have funds to pay mortage not the pas and wont help the amount gets bigger and bigger and the stress isnt good for me i live in mn so please help

  7. Here’s a link to one in Minnesota

    There may be others, too. Do a google search for class actions against JPMC in your state. Copy and paste the link above into your browser and hit enter.

    There may be multiple actions including Loan Modification Fraud, Servicing Fraud, Foreclosure Fraud, etc, as the cause-of-action. Most states have attorney referral services, and they may be able to help you. You’ll probably have to make a few calls and visit your state’s “” website. Fight them and win, Carol!

  8. WOW, Need some help here, Have a MERS and Chase Home Loan, I have put in for mod-loan 5 times, told not to make payments, this has gone on for 2 years, now facing foreclosure, trying to sell my home, I do not want to, house valued 2007 at 140k now 120k , I owe Chase 85k , which is 10k more than 6 months ago,I am just sick, can’t get one straight answer from Chase, have lost all savings, sold all personal items even wedding rings to make payments, been unemployed since coming down with the cancer and trying like hell to take care of my disabled husband, it’s to much

  9. Chase does really suck. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times they have done me wrong. They changed my home equity loan to a regular mortgage w/o my consent, I know you think …that is a good thing, but it isnt. With the equity loan, you pay all the interest the first 3 years, then you pay on the principal amount owed. After I got done the 3 years, they changed it to a regular mortgage, with a new amount of interest!! I told them that was against the law!! Oh but they are Chase! They said they could legally do that. I started paying $1,000. at a time to them to pay it down. and sometime more. When I would get the statements and it wasnt coming off the amount owed I called and questioned them. They told me that A machine opens the mail, so because I wrote on the statement where I needed the money to be taken off the principal, the machine cannot read that. I have to call them to tell them where to put the money, otherwise they just put it where they want it or put it in hold. I see where a couple of thousand went, but what about my $3,000 I sent? And what about the over 300 dollars I sent to redo the loan, to make the payments go down? And they tell me…Chase is not supposed to charge that, where is it then? Also, with all the confusion, and instead of taking the money I sent that was on hold, my next payment came due, instead of taking some of that money and putting it on my next payment, which i wanted them to do by that time, they didnt and I started getting charged late fees and days of interest, until I found out it was late! Then I told them they better get it straight or I will not make a payment until they do cause this was a dispute, they charged me more, and werent supposed to if you are in a dispute. Then w/o me knowing it, they charged me a few hundred dollars to come out and inspect the property!! W/o my consent!! And I didnt see anyone come out to my home at all!!!!! Yes they really do suck!!

  10. I too have been wronged by Chase, and keep getting a different person assigned to my case every time I sneeze. It all started when I was in mediation with their attorneys in court. We were offered a loan with a low percentage rate, and fixed, however, Chase is saying that it was never offered. I have proof, and intend to show it to them (I have provided copies in the past of the court filed document that indicates this offer). They have not heard the last of me yet. I have even gotten a senator’s office involved, because he used to be the Gov. in my state, and his office helped my husb and I in the past. Also with Chase. These people don’t know who they are dealing with, and think they can walk all over us. I think not!!! If there is a lawsuit in my state, I’d like to join it as well. Or submit my name in a class action suit. The title of this website- Chase Home finance sucks- says it all!!

  11. I would like to be involved with the class action suit. I have been fighting Chase for over 1 year now. While we were not even three months behind, they sent a default letter along with legal fees and wouldn’t allow us to make any partial payments. We were denied a loan modification saying our debt-to-living-ratio was too low even though we have excess of $600 a month left after expenses. I have sent in numerous documentation, which they kept losing and it kept dragging the process out to where it is over 13 mos. Everyone said we would be a good candidate for a loan modification that has been working with us, except obviously Chase does not want to work with us. I’ve been in this home for 14 years. I’m not sure what else to do.

  12. I would like to join your class action Chase mortgage went and sold my house at sheriff sale even though I had a offer on the house for more then it sold for they let the other party wait 3 months the house sold for 160,000 and the offer was 203,000 and she still wants the house Chase said that they didn’t have enough tme to consider the short sale I have been working with to with chase since 2008 trying to do modification they didn’t work with me on that so in Dec of 2010 they servied us papers I put the house up for sale in March I had 2 offers but after a month of not hearing something from chase they pulled out then I get this offer in August and they say that three months wasn’t enought time we sent documents after documents but they told me it was the PMI not them I just don’t get it !!!!now I have a forecloser on my credit instead of a short sale Chase needs to get a reality check and not do this to peoples accounts or credit score

  13. I have been dealing with Chase since 2008 first ask for a mod sent in documents after documents and I have been doing this for 3yrs now we started out as needing are mortgage decreased because of loss of income then we where never really answered they just kept calling and telling us that we are looking at it then we would get a letter stating that they needed updates on documents, we where making are payments until Oct of 2009 then they said to be concidered for a mod I would have to miss 3 or 4 months of payments so we did that they just kept asking for more documents we sent them they told me they where still working on it I was wondering what was going on then in Dec of 2010 they brought us papers to let us know we where in forcloser we put the house up for sale on a short sale in March of 2011 we had offers but again Chase messed that all up for us too!! Now my house was sold for less then what I owed the bank just don’t get it our property is in WI.

  14. I want in on any class action suit, too. It took me over two years to get a modification and I had to threaten to call the attorney general and several news agengies to get it done. They finally did a small principal reduction, but are still showing our principal as 25k above what we originally borrowed in 2004. I have had several letters from “independent reviewers,” claiming that your loan has to be reviewed and certified as creditable before turning it over to a law firm. It didn’t take long to realize they are all scams. If anyone knows a law firm handling the class action suit, please let me know. I have full documentation of everything we went through.

  15. Please email me if you are from New York State, were on the trial period and then were denied the modification and I can give you the attorneys number and you can start the process.

    Thank you

  16. Foreclosure Reviews have begun by regulatory agencies. If you were foreclosed on or were in the process of being foreclosed on by fetch banks 9n 2009, 2010 who originated “loans” for originators, you may receive a letter and a form in the mail.

    Be very careful if you do receive one…you may be signing away your rights to pursue private claims against the banks at a later time, if you fill it out and sign it.

    An important aspect is assessing actual monetary damages. You may have incurred late fees, forced place insurance, filing fees for law suits, unsubstantiated escrow “shortages”, moving and storage fees, legal fees, and more, including first and last months rent on a less stressful place to live. Fair use of your property and life experience there amount to around $3000 per year–not to be overlooked as real damages you’ve suffered from the banks fraud and deceit.

    When you complete the review if you decide to, make sure you ask for the total in money damages. Don’t overlook things in a rush to get it in on time.

  17. here is the incomplete version of how Chase has RUINED MY ENTIRE LIFE.

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    By kcamp01
    146 Stonegate Circle
    How Chase Mortgage practically ruined my life
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    By kcamp01
    146 Stonegate Circle
    After divorce, I kept the home and refinanced to my name, the loan was sold to Chase

    The story is so complex and twisted, I hardly know where to start. What should have been a simple mistake made by the mortgage company, Chase, to my payments caused a downward spiral which has lasted for years and led to much turmoil and grief as I find myself now unemployed, swimming in debt and living in a 2 bedroom apartment while my home sits abandoned with Chase completely unreachable, sending me conflicting mail, conflicting balances & completely unwilling to correct the situation?

    It all started several years ago in the beautiful Summer months. I am a single Mom of three fun and active girls, working a very demanding job in management in a Japanese Automobile company, making a fairly impressive salary. I struggled as any Mom would with affording extras; however, I made my mortgage payments and all other payments with a fair amount of ease and managed to add some enjoyment after the bills were paid. Just before the ending of my 15 year marriage, my ex-husband and I purchased this home at 146 Stongegate Circle. The home was an effort to save our marriage as we were both commuting and maintaining a much larger home and the three girls. In the divorce, I was awarded the home and would need to refinance if I could not sell. I did not necessarly plan to stay in the community due to my lack of emotional support in the community and the undesirable Lincoln School System. However, I happily made payments & poured some energy into landscaping and other improvements to the home for enjoyment and to improve the value in hopes of eventually selling. Eventually, I was forced to finance in my name by my ex-husband and all was well–or so I thought–I had a fixed-rate mortgage with my insurance included in the payment which I set up for automatic deduction from my bank account so as to never be late while managing my complex life. I never put any thought into insurance and continued to assume it was with the original insurer, Howell Hurt. I did receive a letter that the mortgage had been sold to Chase, but all would remain the same.
    Just making my payments and planting my flowers
    The nightmare begins-!st month Chase overcharges by nearly $300

    One fine day in Alabama, I am managing my job as a Quality Engineer/Manager and I receive an email that my car insurance payment-which is automatically deducted-is declined due to insufficient funds. I am puzzled as I keep enough of a balance to know my bills will clears. Immediately I log on to my bank account to see if someone has stolen my identity and what I see first is the first of a series of months of torture from Chase. My house payment had been deducted, but it wasn’t the typical $1047.00. Instead, Chase had deducted $1355.00. Not too much of a difference this time, however as a single Mom, I am managing it closely. I decided not to panick because in my life I have learned ‘everything can be worked out–usually with a nice phone call– everything until now. I am going to walk you through the steps that led to my payment escalating to nearly $1500 dollars, harassing phone calls at work from collectors, yet noone could help resolve the issue, eventually leaving the home in fear of foreclosure, hostility at work leading to unemployment, rental home burning and I am now unemployed, homeless and Chase will not provide any relief– just continued phone calls to collect a debt I did not owe. The stress this has caused me is impossible to place into words.
    Landscaping improvements
    What happens when you call Chase?

    Here’s the process. Call the number for Chase. Auto system answers and request your account number. You enter you account number. The auto system tells you the current payment information; You are eventually given the opportunity to request to speak to a representative; Wait. A representative finally gets on the phone and it is difficult to understand them as they have a very strong accent. You begin to explain there is a problem with your account and the endless chain of transfers begin-each time placing you back through the system to re-enter your account number, hear the account information, representative; transfer. At some point your lunch break is over. I began to sneak off into conference rooms to get on the phone, taking lots of breaks and doing all I could to try to straighten this out. I was transferred to every department and met with the same repeated routine.
    Getting my job done before Chase started harassing me
    Bills are getting behind, frustration is mounting & work is suffering

    Next month. Same drill. After three months of being overcharged and nobody can tell me why, I am starting to get behind on other bills. My insurance can’t be paid. My insurance on my vehicle is cancelled due to late payments. The bank financing my car receives notice and places a forced insurance on my vehicle, several hundred dollars a month. Received a ‘random’ audit from the state of Alabama on car insurance. Tried to explain and fax proof of insurance. Continue calling Chase every other day. People at work start staring at me while I’m on the phone. As a female manager, it is easy to become a target. Females in HR giving me dirty looks. I shrug it off.
    Chase admits mistake & makes attempts to correct

    FINALLY. I speak with the mortgage company who sold my loan to Chase. They were so very apologetic this was happening to me. Turns out the local insurance company had a scandal and sold all it’s business to another insurance company. The information was somehow messed up and Chase was billing the wrong insurance company. Did not find insurance so placed a more expensive insurance which drained my escrow. I had no knowledge of this. Chase apologized and reimbursed me the overcharges.

    Next month…. payment up to $1455. This was not corrected until I moved out of the house. I moved out of the house? Yes. The demise continued to a point where the only hope I had of surviving was leaving the house and renting before foreclosure and then sue.

    Ok. So months continue until I decide the only way for me was to pay the amount I owed… not what there statements said (which changed every month on a fixed rate mortgage. I must’ve have spoken to every single representative in every single department at Chase. At the same time, the loan modification rage started. This seemed to be the ONLY department that would work with me. They were holding a workshop in Atlanta, Georgia for those struggling with their mortgage. I went. I took a day from work and headed to Atlanta to meet face to face with my enemy, Chase Mortgage. By the time this meeting occurred, I had been overpaying Chase for a year, took out 2 credit cards to continue the excess charges while they were working it out, stayed behind on other bills and felt completely trapped. At some point, I declared to Chase that I would STOP paying the amount they were charging and only pay what my payment was supposed to be. Therefore when I sent my 1100 dollar payment, they would hold it over til the next month and apply to the next payment and my mortgage was falling behind.

    The representative seemed to be a very nice man. He assured me he could take care of it. His idea was to modify the loan and start over. Great. I brought him most of the information he needed to the meeting and we exchanged emails. I explained I am ultra busy at work and I am being watched carefully. (My environment had continued to worsen at work; The HR dept. seemed determined to prove I was doing something besides working) I let him know I would have a tough time making copies and getting information. Now, every time I sent him something, he’d ask for something else. The process grew more complicated and I grew more frustrated. He was requesting I prove I had hardship. My only hardship was caused by Chase’s mistake. He continued to treat me as if he was doing me a favor and I’m holding up the process by not showing hardship. I continued to remind him I did not lose my job, I did not suffer a loss of income, that my hardship was Chase had made a mistake on my mortgage. It came to a point when I realized this modification process was not going to happen. I placed my home on the market and prepared for the worse. I knew I must sell it before I lost it. Well, then, guess what? Somehow this representative contacted my realtor.My realtor called and let me know, he thought they were starting foreclosure. This caused a strain with my realtor and myself as I assured him I had done my best to keep paying while Chase was over-charging.
    Chase representative will not help and will not give me another representative

    Suddenly the Chase representative became very rude and would not return my emails. I asked him to PLEASE assign me to a new representative. I never heard another word back from him. I did not know what to do. I kept getting phone calls from Chase,repeatedly on my work phone. I tried to tell them over and over that I had a rep I was working with. I spent way too much time on the phone with them. Co-workers began to give me disdainful looks at I hid in conference rooms for privacy. The worst happened when I spent too much time prior to going into work one am and an HR Manager began to record my time. I did not know at the time how much I was being watched. They actually asked a guard to log my time as I traveled between plants. She began to question associates who worked with me about what time I arrived and if I was on the phone. I filed a complaint as this was now harassment.

    I was stressed beyond words. I still had done nothing wrong. I paid my payments just fine until Chase made this mistake. Now, my car insurance premium was high, my mortgage was behind, my home wouldn’t sell, the representative wouldn’t return my emails, I now had credit card balances, feared foreclosure and now feared losing my job. All because I did nothing but attempt to pay my mortgage to keep a home for me and my three girls.
    I felt forced to Rent before my credit was ruined…. then, the worst happened… lost my job and my rental home burned. Still no help from Chase

    Not knowing what to do, I figured if Chase would not modify and they were threatening foreclosure; it would be best to leave now and rent before they ruined my credit. I did. I left the home on the market and rented a farmhouse for me and my girls and told Chase I was tired of the struggle, just go ahead and foreclose. Now, I’m maintaining the Power Bill at the old home and the new. I continued to visit the home owned by Chase and paint and keep it up. Yet, they charged me a huge amount of money to winterize the home.

    I asked the Chase representative repeatedly to give me another representative. He would not answer my emails. I never got another representative. I eventually lost my job due to the situation caused by Chase Mortgage. Then, shortly after, I came home to find a horrible accident of unknown origin happened and my home that I rented had burned. I am now jobless and homeless. I cannot make the mortgage, I cannot modify the loan, I cannot get Chase to return my emails, I cannot sell the home and Chase is completely unreachable. The power bill for the home owned by Chase was up to 1500 dollars to maintain it while trying to sell. I never got a new representative to work with so every attempt to talk to them was still the same chain of representative transferring my calls. I can’t afford the power bill to even move back in, so I rent a nasty apartment that flooded and had

  18. We are sorry for you. Your story mirrors many other people’s who’ve been down the terrible road you travel when you deal with a criminal company like Chase.

    Whether you join a class action, sue them on an individual basis, or begin the Administrative Procedure, you should not let them steal another house without a fight.

    High unemployment in a tough economy make the situation even more difficult, as jobs that pay enough to live on are becoming harder to find. I will put you and your children in my prayers, as I’m sure many others who read your post will. What Chase has done to decent people in this country is unbelievable.

    If you have internet access, you can read articles on, or and lots of other sites where you can get an understanding of what Chase and the other Wall street banks have done to the world’s economy. At some point in time, we will make them pay for their crimes by joining forces. We are all waiting for the day when these evil men are taken away in handcuffs, that have made families homeless, stressed and scared beyond belief, in their quest for profit.

  19. Fed Gave Bank $13Billion in Secret Loans

    My wife and I filed complaints against JPMorgan Chase Bank for its
    failed loan modification process. We filed complaints with;
    NC Commissioner of Banks (2x) and the OCC. It appears that
    JPMorgan does not fear any of these agencies. So many a lawsuit
    will. I use to be a Private Investigator, and I knew this was going to
    eventually happen. Yes, I’d like to be a plaintiff, and or expert witness
    against JPMorgan Chase Bank. Experience in how their banking
    process has failed American Homeowners in the Loan Modification

    If all else fails and it looks like the courts support / pander to JPMorgan
    Chase, then I suggest we all open an account with JPMorgan Chase an
    deposit 1lb. of raw fish in a JPMorgan Chase “Safe Deposit Box”.

  20. Funny! Open the safety deposit box account with a bad check drawn on another bank. Tell them that’s how they funded your loan, why doesn’t it work for you?
    How do we keep the fish from stinking until we get it to the box?

  21. Everyone seems to have had problem with JPMorgan Chase aka / dba Chase Bank. I have a solution that will get RESULTS ! ! ! ! If you want results and a way to get this into court and have your voice heard. …. Here is my suggestion..

    Have the names of anyone and everyone you spoke to over the phone at Chase Bank or Chase Bank rep. that is “suppose” to be handling your file, mortgage, claim or case.

    Lets ALL publish their names; Example: Elizabeth “Betty” O’Rourke, suppose to be in Florida, I researched her address as living in Connecticut.

    Steven Chojnowski
    ext. 1119277

    Elizabeth “Betty” O’Rourke
    866-700-0043 Ext. 3821654

    I SAY, let’s all post up the names of whom we dealt with. Ask for their Branch
    location. Chances are they live in the same area.

    I’d be more than glad to research their ADDRESS and post it up here for all to see.

    Why should we live in fear while they laugh and enjoy life at our expense.

    TIME TO GET HARDCORE with Chase Bank and their Reps.

  22. I’d like to see a directory of class actions by state, too. How about it, Admin? Neil Garfield has a list of attorneys that covers most of the U.S., who supposedly are qualified to defend fraudulent foreclosures, which is what all of them are, FRAUDULENT!

    We do need to get hardball with Chase, bro. Darryl. I haven’t been talking to the enemy, because I turned off the phone number they had, and I refused to give them my cell phone. I don’t think there’s any law that says you have to talk to them or furnish contact information. The peace and comfort it’s given me not to have to hear the phone ringing and not having to talk to these criminals is just amazing. I highly recommend limiting your interaction with them to legal documents and law suits. Why talk to liars and thieves when all you can expect from them is a run-around, lack of respect for you, and a lack of respect for the law? Look at all the conflicting information they give you, IN WRITING! Look at all the falsehoods they’ve told, like that they’re reviewing your application for a loan mod, while they are still pursing a fraudulent foreclosure action against you. Everyone should STOP PAYING and sue them, while you can.
    If you wait until Chase and the other wall street criminal banks push through the settlement with the 48 Attorney Generals, you have missed your opportunity to get substantial monetary compensation for the criminal activity they’ve been involved in, from money laundering, bribing government officials, processing wire transfers for sellers of weapons of mass destruction, fraud, extortion, and the list goes on. It’s become apparent that the regulatory agencies are not going to bring charges, and we will have to take them down ourselves. The first step is to cut off their funding en masse. Without the profit stream, their operation will crumble. They’ve cooked the books all they can, and the day of reckoning approaches. It’s time for the people, who have all true power by the way, to take care of the business that our elected officials are neglecting.

  23. Lets get an inside look at how District Court Cases are filed;

    Nature of Suit have NUMBERS that represent type of case.

    110 Insurance
    120 Marine
    130 Miller Act
    140 Negotiable Instrument
    150 Recovery of Overpayment & Enforcement of Judgment
    151 Medicare Act
    152 Recovery of Defaulted Student Loans (Excl. Veterans)
    153 Recovery of Overpayment of Veteran?s Benefits
    160 Stockholders? Suits
    190 Other Contract
    195 Contract Product Liability
    196 Franchise
    210 Land Condemnation
    220 Foreclosure
    230 Rent Lease & Ejectment
    240 Torts to Land
    245 Tort Product Liability
    290 All Other Real Property
    Personal Injury
    310 Airplane
    315 Airplane Product Liability
    320 Assault, Libel, & Slander
    330 Federal Employers? Liability
    340 Marine
    345 Marine Product Liability
    350 Motor Vehicle
    355 Motor Vehicle Product Liability
    360 Other Personal Injury
    362 Personal Injury- Medical Malpractice
    365 Personal Injury- Product Liability
    368 Asbestos Personal Injury Product Liability
    Personal Property
    370 Other Fraud
    371 Truth in Lending
    380 Other Personal Property Damage
    385 Property Damage Product Liability

    Just wanted to share this with my new Family!

    Lets get JPMorgan Chase aka/dba Chase Bank.

  24. SORRY I did not complete the NATURE OF SUIT Listings.

    422 Appeal 28 USC 158
    423 Withdrawal 28 USC 157

    440 Other Civil Rights
    441 Voting
    442 Employment
    443 Housing/Accommodations
    444 Welfare
    445 Amer w/Disabilities-Employment
    446 Amer w/Disabilities – Other

    462 Naturalization Application
    463 Habeas Corpus – Alien Detainee
    465 Other Immigration Actions

    510 Motions to Vacate Sentence
    Habeas Corpus
    530 General
    535 Death Penalty
    540 Mandamus & Other
    550 Civil Rights
    555 Prison Condition

    610 Agriculture
    620 Other Food & Drug
    625 Drug Related Seizure of Property 21 USC 881
    630 Liquor Laws
    640 RR & Truck
    650 Airline Regulations
    660 Occupational Safety/Health
    690 Other

    710 Fair Labor Standards Act
    720 Labor/Management Relations
    730 Labor/Management Reporting & Disclosure Act
    740 Railway Labor Act
    790 Other Labor Litigation
    791 Employee Retirement Income Security Act

    820 Copyrights
    830 Patent
    840 Trademark

    861 HIA (1395ff)
    862 Black Lung (923)
    863 DIWC/DIWW (405(g))
    864 SSID Title XVI
    865 RSI (405(g))

    870 Taxes (U.S. Plaintiff or Defendant)
    871 IRS-Third Party 26 USC 7609

    400 State Reapportionment
    410 Antitrust
    430 Banks and Banking
    450 Commerce
    460 Deportation
    470 Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations
    480 Consumer Credit
    490 Cable/Sat TV
    810 Selective Service
    850 Securities/Commodities/Exchange
    875 Customer Challenge 12 USC 3410
    890 Other Statutory Actions
    891 Agricultural Acts
    892 Economic Stabilization Act
    893 Environmental Matters
    894 Energy Allocation Act
    895 Freedom of Information Act
    900 Appeal of Fee Determination Under Equal Access to Justice
    950 Constitutionality of State Statutes

    Nora, it does scare me to except that a homeowner should not
    pay their mortgage. I might have the wrong concept, but, I do
    believe the courts would not favor anyone that has a contractual
    agreement or mortgage contract and not pay their mortgage or
    attempt to make a payment (even if they pay partial payments).

    Partial payments show hardship and the callous nature of Chase Bank
    foreclosure process as fraudulent. First, one must be in the RIGHT,
    before exposing the corrupt, Chase Bank.

    Judges are also favorable to BANKS… so it will be interesting to
    see if we can get a judge that will be FAIR and Balance. Not received
    any PAC Donations during their campaign election from any banks.

    Research can be found on,, and

    Chase Bank knows they have contractual agreement on their side.
    We need to make sure Home Owners are in good standing, before
    we get favor ruling(s) from the judges ear !

    • No, that’s not correct, brother Darryl. The contract you entered into with Chase is not valid, because the party named in the contract did not offer anything of value; In order for a contract to be enforceable, both parties have to provide value. You pledged your house, and the “lender” named in your documents lent nothing. They were a fetch bank, whose sole purpose was to get borrowers to sign a Note to make investors in Mortgage Backed Securities who put up the money to fund the loan think that securitization was a legitimate thing. It wasn’t. Chase didn’t give you anything but a song and dance. You need to read the affidavit of Walker F Todd if you expect to understand how banks create money out of thin air.
      You mean well, and you are obviously a man whose word is good, but you do not truly understand. By making people think they should honor a contract that is at best a fraud, and in truth a criminal theft you are way off the mark.
      To illustrate my point, read some of the cases where people tried to pay off their loans, and were unable to get a satisfaction of their lien because they had been paying a different party than the true creditor, who could not be determined because the loan had been sold so many times. That’s where the problem first becomes clear, that even if you pay off your loan, another party can come along and lay claim to your property because of the fact that everyones Title is clouded if they had a “securitized” loan, which is pretty much every loan written since 1999.
      It’s that “free house mentality” again. The banks are the ones getting free houses, not the borrowers who have tried for years to get their loans modified.
      Also consider the Appraisal fraud involved, Darryl. Many homes were over valued by 35% or more, leaving the homeowner holding the bag for a loan amount which was way more than the house was worth. Please read Neil Garfield’s article on Securitization and Appraisal fraud, and don’t advise people to pay a fraudulent debt to a non-creditor because they signed a bogus contract. We have every right, and in fact a DUTY to stop paying these thieves and criminals who are stealing houses with impunity. If they really owned the loans, they’d be able to produce proof in court. Instead they introduce forged signatures, fraudulent assignments and old photocopies of the Notes, rather than the real Note.


  26. Christina, there are a few attorneys who do a good job of defending against unlawful foreclosure. You will need to assess your financial situation and see if you can afford one. I stopped paying Chase and instead used the money for legal consultations, filing fees, etc.

    You can do a web search for [foreclosure defense attorney] or a similar phrase, specifying the state you live in.
    You can find a list of attorneys who’ve been counseled by Neil Garfield on his site, and it’s state by state.

    I think most of us who’ve been screwed by Chase would advise you not to sign anything until you talk to a lawyer about your rights. You should not have to lose the equity in your home, because some criminals want to steal it by pretending that they have a financial interest in it.

  27. @Nora. You have opened my eyes. My mortgage was sold to Washington Mutual by a local company here in Raleigh, NC. Then it appears that JPMorgan Chase aka/dba Chase Bank is taken over WaMu. If I am correct, it sounds like these crooks don’t really have the deed to my home…anyway! I am so angry now I am really wanting to hurt someone that is associated with JPmorgan Chase aka Chase Bank. Its good there isn’t a local branch.

    I heard someone inform me of the same info you shared with me. Rod Class, has informed some of us that listen to his radio show.

    Nora, you just don’t know how angry I am at Chase Bank now. I want them to be as angry with me as I am with them. How can I put the chess pieces together so that can happen?

    We need listing of all attorneys that are AWAKE. Neil Garfield, Rod Class can and should come together and lead fight against JPMorgan Chase aka/dba Chase Bank.

    Thank you Nora for opening my eyes!

  28. chase does suck does the govement CARE BOUT PEOPLE THAT WANT TO GET AHEAD IN LIFE. well l do but cancer got the best of me but l am a firighter to the end and now i hsve to fight with Chase because thay say l am wrong. thay want more money out of me i really glad l am with this class action suite if you need any more information please let me know.

  29. You’re welcome Darryl and anyone else this information I passed along helps to prevent the theft of their home!

    We’re all angry. The best thing you can do is check out the available options and consult with an attorney. A real estate attorney might not be the best one to help you.
    A litigator, a tax attorney or someone with an accounting background will be more help than a real estate attorney–they only know what they know, and this is a whole new ballgame.

    The three most frequently used ways to stop a foreclosure are;
    1. Bankruptcy–chapter 13 is a way to shift the burden of proof to the bank. They will file a motion to lift the automatic stay granted you, and you immediately file an Adversarial Motion. Consult with as many attorneys as it takes to find one that has had some success with adversarial motions. Don’t sign and mail the letter you’ll get asking you to surrender the asset! Demand they prove “standing” to foreclose.

    2. Administrative Procedure –uses the service of a local Notary Public to record a default by the bank to supply you with documents you request in writing. You can get a summary judgement, and get Title reconveyed to you, then you are foreclosure proof. This method is much cheaper than hiring an attorney, and takes 2-3 months to get your title clear of liens.

    3. Private law suit–this method is expensive, can be lengthy, but you will get a lump sum of money, or the set-off of your mortgage. If you want to read an amazing law suit that was filed against BOA, read the one posted on today. They went after the appraisers for fraud (high time, too!) the banks and their subsidiaries for RICO, Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, Unjust Enrichment, and a whole lot more. Their damage claim is over a million dollars, and it is very likely they’ll win!

    If you’re REALLY angry at these criminals, like I am, pick one and go get ’em.
    Of course you can also join a class action suit, which will stop your foreclosure because you are in current litigation with the party trying to foreclose, but there are big drawbacks to class actions. Even if you win, which is not a sure thing, you will only see a paltry sum in settlement. The attorney gets a disproportionately large payout, in my opinion, and these class action suits take a very long time to wind their way through the district courts and then the appellate courts. The banks drag these out as long as they can get the judges to go along with it, because the large dollar losses can hit them hard, along with double attorney fees if they lose.

    Take up your arms, friends and neighbors! Defend your property against thieves.

      • Look up the Rules of Administrative Procedure for your state, at your website. Administrative Procedure is under the jurisdiction of a Magistrate, using the services of a local Notary or Prothonotary to document for the court’s benefit, a default on the part of your “pretender-lender” to furnish you with the source of funding for your “loan”. You win by default because the banks refuse to furnish information about your loan which you are entitled to under your statutes. Truth In Lending Act or TILA statutes set forth in writing what information you’re supposed to receive from your “lender” at closing including disclosures about the right to rescind or cancel your “loan”, interest rate disclosures and other notices. If these are violated you are entitled to money damages per violation or you may rescind or cancel within a three year limit, but you also have the right to cancel for NO REASON within the first three days, by notifying the bank in writing. If they fund the loan anyway, and fail to honor your cancellation, a court may dismiss their claim and force them to suffer the consequences of their actions. It just resulted in two high profile cases where the homeowner was refused their absolute right to cancel within the three day limit, and the homeowner who had taken possession of the property got the proverbial “free house” the banks work so hard to keep for themselves.

        During the Administrative process, you send a series of documents requesting information to your lender via certified mail and then wait for a certain specified period of time for them to respond. When their window to reply closes, you mail the next document in the series and wait for another specified period of time, often 20 or 30 days. Each successive failure to respond helps you win a summary judgement, and Title in the property is then re conveyed to you. It is yours free and clear, free of liens and encumbrances after that.

        There are a number of websites that offer assistance with this process, but they are pretty much a rip off. For instance, Right To Cancel charges $2500 for their services but there is little actual service. They provide you with a lot of generic document templates which you have to add your information to and tailor to your specific situation; you do all the work, track the mailings and pay for notary services. They also don’t provide any legal advice in addition to not doing the work of preparing your documents, so you’re basically paying for a bunch of documents that may be totally different in format from what your state uses. Their explanation is that they are not allowed to charge you for preparing legal documents because they are not attorneys. There are multiple phases to this document generation and you are charged a monthly fee. The money is drafted from your account electronically, which I dislike for obvious reasons, and there is no refund available, although you can refuse to sign for subsequent electronic withdrawals and stop the process.

        You can do the whole process yourself without an attorney or buying a bunch of overpriced documents, but you will need time, energy and the ability to read and understand the statutes, and follow them. You will also need to prepare written letters and demands in the proper format for your local court system. It sounds harder than it is, and it can be done if you’re half way literate. You also may find a local Notary that has the experience to assist you, a paralegal or an attorney if you want to go that route. It’s labor intensive but not impossible, and compared to the price of an attorney, it’s an economical way to save your home from the threat of foreclosure. NOTE: you may have the right to cancel your loan under the Equitable Tolling Clause based on newly discovered evidence of fraud on the part of your lender, such as the introduction of robo-signed and falsified documents to the court–a third degree felony. Under this clause you may have the right to cancel your loan five or more years from its origination. Look up Right To Rescind and the last section will have language about “equitable tolling.”

  30. I am very interested in joining a class action suit against Chase. Our loan was through WaMu, and after three years of being in our home, we had some financial difficulties and had to do a modification. We received a leter from WaMu/Chase on June 22, 2009 stating our modification was approved and outlining what our lower monthly mortgage payment would be and when it was due. Approximately one month later, we had a knock at the door, and it was a couple gentlemen asking us if we were moving out, because they had just purchased our home at auction 2 weeks prior! We were floored!

    Did somebody drop the ball somewhere along the line? Was this intentional? Well losing our home was devastating, and now we are stuck having to pay high rental payments to continue living in our town and keeping our kids in their schools.

    Please tell us what to do to get involved in this class action and have justice served!

    The Bialy Family

  31. If you moved out of your home, you will probably need an attorney to file suit and get it back. Any class action suit will not specifically address your loss of the use of the property, and I would contact a lawyer who handles contract law or a litigator and sue the party who foreclosed.

    If you go back through the posts here, you will find a lot of information on your options, and what the banks have been doing to “borrowers” who were the recipient of nothing.

    The banks didn’t lend you any money, they lied to the courts and everyone involved.
    They endorsed and sold your Promissory Note and used the money they exchanged it for to pay the person you bought your house from. No money of exchange, or check book money changed hands between YOU and the bank.

    You have been defrauded, like everyone else. It is your duty to defend your title and take your home back.

  32. I have been having the same problem only owe half what the house is appraised at and fell into really hard times. My wife became disabled after having multiple spine surgeries and has three kids. Along with her fighting for disability for over two years we have been trying to do a refinance that the united states claimed give money to bail Chase out for. Claiming it will help all the customers as well. I havent received any help but having to do paperwork over and over. I am only one working to support family of 5 and was told I would get approved and.its been two years now and about to lose house and basically marriage due to stress this has all caused and I finally was told they won’t approve me because they dont consider my wife and my 3 kids mine since we are gay so they say I make to much money. I make a little over 2400 a month when day care for 3 kids for me to work is a little over $600 month, medical for kids and wife is $290, food cost me $700 month, car payment $450 month, and credit card bills equal over $4,000 month and I am already negative before mortgage payment due. How could anyone with 3 kids under age of 10 live off of $2500 month and keep a roof over heads or afford to work. I want to join lawsuit against chase for discrimination against gays and for not helping with my mortgage. I am being charged over $180 a month each month in late fees alone. My late fees are now over mortgage payment please help .

  33. I sm very intrusted in joingthe class action suit against Chase. In the year 2010 l recieved a phone call from Chase stateing that l could not make no more payments st the bank l had to use Western Union l ask why the name was Juan Garcia l said l want to talk to him in person. So we made appointment. The office was in Melrose Park on the second floor. He was there he expland to me that l was to make the payment throught Western Union because it would help me with my escrow account the payment had to be $300.00 a month afther three month l did not fell good about the three months. l call my attorney Tom Dexture and he call me back and siad that the man name Juan Garcia was npt give him a answer WHY Chase want me to pay the month payment of three hundrea dollars. So when i talk to my attorney he said to make the payment of $1,260.00 so l did and at the bank the Chase Bk took the payment. Then in the year 2012 l start to recieved a notice from court that my property was in forcloser. l call my attorney. He has help me to save my property it cost me much more money. The second thing Chase was do with out my promise was pay out to three Insurance company from my escrow Farmers Ins,Sate Famers Ins. The insurance that was for my property was and still is ALLState. This is call intrapment. can this website help me to file a case.L am hurting like some people there is a lw that apply to me l am a Hardship l have fought for my life in beating cancer three times. Please see if this Class Action can help me. l would appricated .

  34. l am so sorry for all the miss spell words. it like l said the cancer did a job on my brain and the rest of my body l took a beating. That why l am in need of your help if this is a class action case l should be communicating with the other people that are in this class action case right. that the information l am in need of l am not that good at the internet but l do my best l do know when l am takeing advance of and that with Chase Home Finance has do to me and my family. Chase Home Finance is a rip off and thay do SUCK and some has to put a stop to this miss. PLEASE HELP ME CHRISTINA LUNA is my name that how it apreas on my loan

  35. I am trying to find out if the statute has run on my filing a lawsuit against Chase Mortgage (or joining a class action lawsuit against them) for refusing to provide me with my payoff amount on my home that was scheduled for foreclosure by Chase. Shortly after buying my 123-year-old historic home in Ft. Worth, TX (which was on the State of Texas Register of Historic Homes and also a City of Ft. Worth Landmark, both designated by bronze plaques on the front of the house), my note was sold to Chase. I had an ARM loan, the contract for which stated that Chase could only raise my mortgage payments every 2 years. However, Chase breached that contract by raising my mortgage payments every 6 months. I started out with a $635 mortgage payment, but within 2 years, Chase had raised it so many times that it reached $1,350 a month. We finally could not pay the doubled monthly mortgage payment, got behind, and were sent a foreclosure notice by Chase. However, prior to foreclosure, we found 3 DEFINITE buyers for the house who were competing with each other to buy it from us before the foreclosure date. We repeatedly requested a payoff amount on the house from Chase so that we could sell it to 1 of these 3 definite buyers, but Chase consistently and cruelly refused to give us the payoff amount. The last time I spoke with a Chase rep regarding this, she told me that Chase categorically refused to give us our payoff amount and added that she was going to see to it that we were foreclosed on by withholding our payoff amount. So, the house was foreclosed on, we lost all our equity in it (plus the home we had worked so hard on to restore and live in for the rest of our lives). Then, Chase bought the house at the foreclosure sale. The 3 definite buyers were extremely disappointed, and we were shattered. Now we have to rent an awful house in a terrible gang-ridden neighborhood in a bad section of Ft. Worth and have no way to buy another house. Chase literally ruined our lives and without question, deliberately stole our house from us by preventing us from selling it prior to foreclosure when we had 3 people who definitely planned to buy it. Chase’s actions caused me to have a nervous breakdown and lose everything I had worked so hard for all my adult life, and my husband suffered the same consequences. We are now penniless, have been laid off our jobs, and our only vehicle was vandalized beyond repair on Christmas Eve, so we now cannot conduct aggressive job searches to get back on our feet.

    Is there anything we can do at this point? The foreclosure occurred on December 7, 2006. Has the statute for filing a lawsuit or joining a class action suit (which we would prefer to do) run or is there still a chance for us to file/join a class action suit? If so, contact [email protected]

    Thank you in advance for your prompt reply/advice/comments!


    Kim and Michael Kranker

  36. I am in the same exact situation and would like to join in on this….What do I do to get in?

    I Have been denied three times already since March 09′ and was served my foreclosure in Aug. 11′.
    I asked them since your bank agreed to finance my home in 08′ I made enough money and since then with numerous raises, I have been denied. Why did you give me this loan anyway? She said she couldn’t answer me.
    I told her this is the reason why banks like the one she works for has gotten this country in the place we are in now….Of course she got mad…I hung up…

    How can I join in Folks?

  37. Chase homefinancesuck people should know by now Chase is try there best to hang all the home owner but l am glad and hopefull there this bank can only hurt them self remember with go around come around keep the faith thank you for your time just email me the application to join the class action suite or any other paper work l need to fill out .

  38. Wow, just discovered this site, and will add my story:

    Not really sure why I’m even still researching this other than possibly a string of hope. I have been in foreclosure now for what seems like forever, but actually, will be, I think, seven years this fall. Sometime in I guess it would have been 2004 or 05 my mortgage was apparently sold from one bank to another. And perhaps another, before it ended up at Chase. I remember I started getting statements from Chase, and a new place to mail my payments. As luck would have it, I had some medical problems in 2006 that caused me to get behind in payments.

    South & Associates is the attorney-in-fact for Chase, and the only way for me to save my home at the time was go the Chapter 13 route. This was in the late fall of 2006. I filed the papers Pro-Se, but it got ugly fairly quickly, and I had to secure an attorney to help me out. The attorney I hired I suppose helped my out to some degree, for I was able to keep the home, which incidentally, I bought in 1990. So, I’ve been living in my home for 23 years.

    He or someone talked to I suppose someone at Chase and got me back on payments with them. The payments were about $32 less each month than my previous mortgage payment prior to filing the Chap. 13. I made these payments, and the payments to the trustee, during the three year run of the Chap 13, and received a discharge from the court, and continued to make monthly payments to Chase, YET, never during this time did I receive a statement of account, or any notice what my payment should be. I included this in a letter with each of those payments for nearly two years, and also requested that they (Chase) provide proof they were the legal holder of my mortgage note. Never any answer.

    During 2009, Chase had me complete paperwork, not once, not twice, but at least three times for loan modification. Once they said they didn’t have the paperwork, asked if I could resend it. Second time said I didn’t qualify. Eventually, in the fall of 2010, they sent me a big packet that said basically congrats, that I had been approved for loan mod. And that I needed to sign and return these documents within like the week. Only problem was, the interest rate was quite higher that what I had on my existing fixed loan, (which again, I don’t know if Chase has the legal right to), and with all kinds of other things thrown in, including the arrearage for the Chapter 13 (which I made in payments to the trustee over the life of my case of three years!); the new total monthly payment came up to nearly $300 more a month that what I had been paying!

    I sent this whole mess back to them unsigned and said basically ‘totally unacceptable’ in a letter included. Within a matter of days, I received notice, again from South, they were going to foreclose on my home..again! This was late September, 2010. The foreclose notice from South, which of course includes their fees, shows an arrearage of nearly $14K, which is basically saying I have not made in payments since my previous Chap 13. I had no choice but to file another Chapter 13 to save my home in October 2010. Maybe I did have other options, I don’t know; I just know I need a place to live, and have lived here for 23 years, and it is my home, I didn’t know what to do really!

    I don’t know if there is anything you can do, or can help, but appreciate you reading this. I live in Columbia , Missouri , and to be honest, I’m not so sure but what my attorney is not in bed with South & Associates. It just seems he is only interested in getting his fee (which is $100 a month over the next three years), and really doesn’t seem all that concerned about all I’m involved in.

    I had nearly given up on all this, have considered suicide even, but I know I have to fight this. What is happening to me is not right, but it is like a David vs Goliath situation, and I’m so depressed. I asked via a qualified written request and the legal rights granted to me under RESPA a copy of any and all documents related to my mortgage. Bottom line, no where in that mess of paper is there a document that says Chase has the legal right to my loan. Furthermore, and what lead me to your blog, is the name Steven L. Crouch from South & Associates appears on a lot of the documents I have.

    I just believe South is a dirty organization, not to mention Chase themselves. And I have proof. When I filed the second Chapter 13 in Oct of 2010, South and Chase immediately objected and filed with the court a proceeding to deny it, on the grounds that I owned more than what my original payment was, and their grounds were, now get this, that I had signed a loan modification agreement with Chase. I NEVER SIGNED IT! I went to Jefferson City on January 20th (in a huge snowstorm by the way), and stood before the Chap 13 judge and some nobody that South had sent down from KC and stated under oath I never signed those loan mod documents.

    The judge ruled that South was to produce them for the March docket. Well, March 2011 came and went, and not a thing happened. I called my attorney about it, and all he said, was ‘ oh they (South) were wrong, they didn’t have the documents but they will be paying the attorney fees on it….so don’t worry about it.” Excuse me? South accused me of signing documents that I never in fact signed, and yet have been begging, pleading for over three years to see legal documents they have title to my property, and South & Chase can’t provide it. It just isn’t right.

    And now nearly a year later, here in March, 2012 after continueing to make payments to the Chapter 13 Trustee, each month for nearly two years on this second Chapter 13, I get a notice from them (Trustee & Court) they are dismissing my case. From what paper work I have received, it appears that South & Associates (the forclosure mill attorneys) for Chase have found some loophole and have proceeded with the foreclosure again; have convinced the court they are correct.

    Meanwhile, I am disappointed with my attorney…..he says we have to file and adversary proceeding against them to save my home. I am just exhausted, not to mention broke. The payments to the Trustee have been nearly $400 a month more than my original mortgage payment. My attorney wants $1200 now to start a new adversary proceeding. I just can’t do it anymore! Can anyone tell me what I can do to keep my home I bought in 1989? Please?

  39. Please send us the information that we need to get on board this class action against Chase. We have seven years of documentation. Chase holds our second and has forced flood on us despite the fact we already had it through another agency. We have miraculously been able to continue to pay our 1st and 2nd mortgage even though we are self employed and had to file bankruptcy in 2008. We could no longer afford to pay for the expensive “hazard” insurance in 2009. What we were already covered for but Chase forced upon their coverage from 2005 to 2009 was around $300.00. Somehow when they learned we were requesting a payoff amount, we suddently had $2,250. premiums added to our account. We currently owe less than $19,000 according to our receipts on the original $49,500 with Bank One. However, they claim we owe $27,000.00. What the difference? Forced flood insurance policies.

    Please help. Thanks.

  40. I am contacting you from Maryland regarding a loan modification I received through Chase bank that my credit took a serious hit for. I was instructed to not make payments on this loan during the modification process and I found out several months later that unbeknownst to me, they reported the non-payment on my credit report as deficiencies. This was never disclosed to me on any documentation and I wonder how many other people have had the same experience. Now I’m being told by other lenders that I will have to wait up to 3 years before I can buy again. My credit prior to this, was decent. I don’t think this is fair and I feel that if this is a normal practice with Chase, that they are being very deceiving to their already hurting customers. This only ensures that the customer stays with Chase because they won’t even be able to refinance to get out from under the Chase “umbrella”. What can I do?

  41. I live in Minnesota, where can I find out information on how to get my home back from chase or get involved with the class action lawuit against chase? After 2 yr’s of going back and forth with them on modifications they just now(Mar. 25th, 2012) told me they forclosed on my house on Jan. 25, 2012. but I have not receved any info nor will they explain anything to me. I need help. thanks Ryan