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We have used every Government Agency over the past three years that are supposed to protect the American Tax payer. One year with a case number from the O.C.C and nothing. Why would they want to help when the CEO is a bank lobbyist. We filed with the B.B.B nothing. HUD does nothing on RESPA violations. Chase Home Finance LLC will not play by the rules. We have a President and Congress that are paying banks to do loans, it?s their job to do loans, it’s there job to service the loans. But they only do temporary modifications and get paid. Every three months it?s a different person you have to talk to and start all over again. This suit will involve TILA, RESPA, HOEPA, UCC, RICO, Etc. David took down Goliath and we will take down Chase. You?re never too big to fail.

If you are a large law firm or a tough lawyer that has the guts to take on JPMorgan/Chase Home Finance LLC and looking for a great case,
please get in contact with us.[email protected]

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  1. My loan modification is like many of the stories in this blog. Before my ARM was ending in June 2009, I started the loan modification process 4 months early thinking they would be able to complete the mod before my ARM terms expired. Almost three years later working with NACA and Chase, the process being very stressful, blood pressure spiking towards stroke levels and depression, I have had to routinely send in the same paperwork Chase requested every month, sometimes twice in a month while my income fluctuated from 0 plus government assistance, to part-time income to full-time contract income — no decision. I was instructed by Chase to make no payments towards the monthly payment. At one point, I was pre-qualified for HAMP and was denied by Chase because I didn’t provide yet another updated 4506-T tax document request during the three times they sent letters within the same month requesting different information from me. Then I was told that I had to choose their CHAMP program, all the while never receiving mortgage statements from Chase until December 2011. Now I am 41k in arrears and facing a TPP (trial payment period) $550 more per month than I would have paid back in 2009. Fear of losing my home to foreclosure, I accept the terms knowing that I may lose the full-time employment contract any day. I acted on faith and paid the TPP til March. The last week of March, I receive a Fed Ex with the final loan modification that is only $25 less than the TPP, a balloon payment plus higher PITI and arrearages. Oh … and they kept my interest rate the same and told me they were doing me a favor, even though the market is much lower than the interest rate provided. Chase gives me one week to make a decision on their proposal which is in favor of them at the price they want and not in favor of me at all. My family is a family of 4, no health insurance with my husband and I with serious pre-existing conditions. We are making the grave choice of staying in the home but foregoing health insurance for the family, so we won’t be homeless for the moment. If I lose this contract and my husband and I cannot find employmenet right away, we lose the house. I am now debating on how I can file bankruptcy or rent out my home and seek a less comfortable life for my family by Friday, which is tomorrow as this is the day I have to give Chase an answer on my decision. No one should have to suffer so much just to have shelter for their families. I am soooo tired and sooo hurt by this whole process. What made me believe they were going to be fair? The Chase Loan Mod rep kept telling me they wanted me to stay in my home and working out a solution… but at what cost???

    I am so distracted at work and feel that my day will end soon because of all the time I’m spending on whether I will stay in my home or not. God has to step in and make our politicians vote on a law that helps us believe in the American Dream. It is fastly becoming the American Devil in Disguise that many Americans got sucker punched in. Greed is a powerful weapon, but I say NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER!! GOD, HELP US ALL! We are calling on you because it is hard to trust man right now. Everyone is after their own agenda. What happened to faith and ethics?? If I accept the terms, I feel like I sold myself short and am for sale for the Devil. How do I explain to my kids that they should own a home, a business and do hard work and be loyal to your employer when it is such a lie if GREED is lingering over the culture of America. What do I tell my kids? How do I live with myself knowing this is all a lie?? God, help us all. Forgive us for the sin of debt, overindulgence, and bowing down to the devil. We are blogging about having no power and wanting to fight. Only a few lawsuits are winning, but many are being sacrificed in the process. When willl it end??

  2. Where do I begin?
    1. Before I signed any paperwork or agreed to a loan Chase locked me in at an 5.875 rate. A few weeks later when I called to lock in they said they had already locked me in at 5.875 and could not change it until the lock expired. The going rate at the time I tried to lock in was 5.5%. Not a big deal to some, but over the life of the loan that comes out to $30,000.

    2. As a soldier deployed to Iraq they offered to lower my interest rate (as part of their settlement for screwing military members) below the 6% required amount. This year I get a 1099-Misc showing this as INCOME. WTF? I would have been better off financially just keeping the rate the same. This pushes me into a hight tax bracket.

  3. They did the same thing to me Kris, payment ended up being almost the same, after a bitter divorce and jumping through hoops for months, what do you do? My SEV is much lower now, so I am screwed!

  4. i am paying pmi for the past 5 years because i did not pay down payment of 20.% when i purchased my house,i did remodle my house and it cost me $ 75000.00,chase bank later appraised my house for $335000.00 ,the purchased price was $270000.00,i asked chase bank to remove the pmi,chase refused, a year ago i paid chase bank lum sum of $30000.00
    to reduse my loan to value lower than 80 %,actuly my loan to value became 69 %,i worte to chase bank ,i called chase bank, i did every thing i can but chase bank still denied my right of removing the PMI from my loan.
    is any one there can take my case to class action,any attorny or law firm,specailly i never misany payment nor been late on my monthly payment,and my credit score is 800.
    please contact me.

  5. I entered into a loan modification in 2009. It was approved and I was too make three trial payments of 1650.00 for three months. I paid over a year of those payments to get my interest rate down and for the two months of past due payments where to be added to back of the loan. Chase never did that. The put all the money in their escrow and canceled my insurance from State Farm Ins. to what they wanted on my home and charged me for it. It goes on and on with them, that I took them to court in my city of STERLING HEIGHTS MICHIGAN. The Judge ordered the attorney for Chase to have to work with on Negotiating on a fair market price for my home but Chase would not at all return my attorney’s call’s nor my calls. So at this point, I have to look for another place to live for the security of having a roof over my child”s Head. But I have met Jeffery Fieger at my company christmas party so I think I am going to try to reach him and see if he can help. He is the type of lawyer that don’t get intimidated at nothing. NOT EVEN CHASE! This is such a shame that people that just needed a little help, now needs more help because even my attorney can’t get threw to them.! THis is just so dispicable!!!

    Lori Kolar
    35806 Impala
    Sterling Heights MI 48312

  6. Hello Lori,

    I am looking to join a class action lawsuit VS. Flagstar. I read you comment about Jeffery Fieger could you please relpy at my email address and let me know if he can help us?

    • I will keep you posted right now. I know Jeffery Fieger’s firm is working on that little girl Jones that was accidently killed by the Detroit Police when filming the show 48 hrs. SO I am waiting for a response and I will pursue my follow up calls and I will keep you posted. I promise. What they banks are doing has to stop! I am about to have open heart surgery and I got to wonder if me and my kids are being evicted and I am a widow too! NO WAY! What saved me from being put out of my house is put money in your city’s hands for escrow and they will not evict you! THEY CAN”T BY LAW! I hope that helps and I will definetly keep you posted.

  7. Chase was the second on my home. They had a full price offer for FOUR months. They said they wanted $3000; we told them they were only entitled to 6% under HAFA, which would be $2508. The negotiator said “I don’t know anything about HAFA. We want $3000.”. They also letter from the first that included how much they were allowing for the second. We told them this was not required of the first and was only required to be on the HUD1 form at closing. This went on for months until I was blindsided by a collection agency stating they now had the account from Chase. I called Chase and their negotiator stated “Chase no longer owns this account. We have nothing else to do with it. I can’t even access it on my computer.”. Well, I go through and negotiate with this collection agency who take not only the $2508 Chase would have gotten but they also took my $3000 for relocation expenses plus I had to bring $1000 to closing. That was just to release the house to be sold. Since they didn’t participate in HAFA, they didn’t release me from the deficiency. After the house was sold and everything was signed, I get contacted by the collection agency to work out a settlement agreement for the deficiency balance. The collection agency rep stated “Any settlement offer you make to us needs to be approved by Chase.”. I said “Why would Chase need to approve this? They no longer own this account.”. The rep literally laughed at me and said “Chase still owns this account. This is just how they get more money.”. I was floored!!!!!

    Since then, I’ve spent the better part of a year arguing with Chase that they were asking for an amount they weren’t entitled to and a letter they were never going to receive. They claim it wasn’t a HAFA short sale. I told them that EVERY form I filled out with both them and the first was for a HAFA short sale. I also told them the first went through as a HAFA short sale and they released me from the deficiency…over $80,000. Chase knows they’ve screwed up and they’re about to get a whole lot more uncomfortable. I have filed complaints with the Consumer Finance Bureau and I have also received correspondence from Senator Carl Levin that he is very interested in this case and the outcome from CFB. He’s even sent a letter to the Director of Legislative Affairs of the CFB. Those are getting faxed to Chase on Tuesday. Just figured they’d like to know what lies ahead.

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