Loan Modification Kit and Is the author of a new free do it yourself loan modification book and weekly newsletter for homeowners called Saving the Dream.

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  1. Hmmm the executives that title suggest that their smart. Could it be somebody at chase with common sense that does’nt tell lies ! I’m picturing a new college grad who does’nt know his ass from a hole in the ground who’s been indoctrinated with the party line. I’m going to call them tomorrow to see if I can send them my 97 documents 150,000 more times and then when their lobbyist get done passing some more bs legislation lets say next month they can throw out my mod and 150,000 other mods. I have a better plan lets file a class action suit nation wide I guarantee my case would win

  2. I know people that have completed a modification WITH BANKS OTHER THAN CHASE your ass!!!! We should call this the CHASE your ass loan modification program. The title says it all. This sounds like marketing genius I’m going to pass this on to the 12 year old executives tomorrow.

  3. I was told I ‘qualified’ for the modification program in July, 2010. They set a foreclosure sale, which was cancelled and renewed THREE times before they finally quit answering my telephone calls. Of course, each time there were attorney fees, etc. so the balance kept escalating. I have been forced to file bankrupcy without one other bill owing. My court date is next week and someone from Chase called me today to offer to ‘reconsider’ if I would fill out their hundred pages and resubmit the modification papers and fax them directly to him. they claim they have completed hundreds of modifications throughout the nation. My question is, how can the government that gave them money for the ‘bail out’ condone this behavior. And I would like to hear from one person who actually qualified for the modification.

  4. Let me tell you something…. I dont know what is going on with this modification junk. I bought my home as a single mom 15 years ago. It has been a struggle from the start. I have refinanced 2 times . Put in my modification last year and was turned down because I make too much money??? Called Chase and they said They were sorry they couldn’t do anything for me unless I want to re apply for a modification. I submitted another one about a month ago and have not heard a thing. Well except getting letters from them saying I am 2 months behind in my mortgage.. You Think ??? I heard Chase really wanted you to be able to keep your home??? NOT

    • Chase turned me down for a modification because they said I did not make enough money…..Well, isnt that what the modification is all about?…..Helping families who cant make their payments? Id like to know I qualified for the mortgage in the first place if I dont make enough money!!!

  5. I dont believe it !!! I was just turned down for the second time for a modification. I asked someone there in the finance dept if I would be able to refinance my house to lower the monthly payments. The girl I talked to actually told me they are not refinancing houses with a fixed interest rate. But maybe in a couple of months they might start !!! What is that all about? By then my house will be in forclosure . I can’t believe after 15 years there is nothing I can do to keep my house.

  6. I have applied twice for the modification and it has been denied. First because they said that the loan was up to date. Even though I explained that my husband got laid off and that we would not be able to keep up with the payments. Later, after I resubmitted they said that he was not making enough money to pay for the mortgage. This is because he had to get another job where he makes less money than before. Now I am told that I can only apply again if he makes more money. It makes no sense what in the world is necessary to be able to qualify for a modification?. Every time I call I get confilicting information and it’s crazy to have to deal with Chase. I explained to them that we want to keep our home and that we have never had any problems paying on time but that doesn’t count for anything I guess.

  7. I was denied the modification. On May 02, I received an acceleration/ intent to foreclose letter. I am (as of May 16) 4 mos behind. I sent a payment on May 11 and they did not deposit it.
    Should I reapply for the HAMP modification? Will that stall things and will they accept payment? What about sending in the HAFA application they just fedexed me? will that buy time?
    If I had 14 more days, I could be current, but they are not accepting payments other that ALL DUE.
    I have until June 03, (the end of my 32 days to get current, then expect the Notice of Default.
    I can’t sleep or eat…. on the verge of a nervous breakdown .
    Please give me some idea of what I might do….

    • I think you should call them and pay over the phone it is a $20.00 fee, or go into one of their branches. I was behind about four months too. I hope it all works out for you. Oh now I’m one month + late fees

    • Wish I could find one in PA for a class action suit, Chase has been my worse nighmare, been trying to get a loan modification since 2009, got 3 months behind & they foreclosed on me in December which the said would never happen while I was attempting to get a modification, called me yesterday & said they need a whole new application & a whole bunch of other crap, which I have already done about 3 times, what the heck do they do with this stuff already, I don’t want to lose my home like alot of people out there, so why don’t they work with us, give us the damn modification, we can start making payments & everyone is happy

  8. I have been in a loan mod process for over two years. Last week I called to get the status and they apologized for me wasting my time. I was put in for a “HARD DENIAL” code which means I do not qualify for a mod!!! So why the hell have I been applying? They are not sure!!!! I have been misinformed for the past two years BY EVERYONE! help! I want to keep my home!!

  9. Some helpful info to you all, Im in the same boat, IF MERS is LISTED IN YOURE LOAN DOCS Chase may not own youre home but be acting as a servicer to the lender, and a servicer cant legally foreclose on youre home, GOGGLE MERS LOAN AND GO TO THE REGISTRY AND SEARCH IF YOU HAVE ONE…Also chase has been trying to pay me for a short sale of my home, thats really fishy to me???? ALSO NOTE A LENDER CAN NOT CAN NOT FORECLOSE UNTILL AFTER YOU HAVE A MEDIATION WITH THEM, AND CHASE HAS NEVER OFFERED ME A MEDIATION, IM ABOUT TO CALL AND DEMAND A MEDIATION, so i will post the results, hope this helps at least one person…