My Story: Update Victory!

AUGUST 2010 UPDATE: It took over 2 years, hundreds of hours of research and dogged persistence (and for sure divine intervention!) but WE DID IT! WE GOT A LOAN MODIFICATION FROM JP MORGAN CHASE!

It is our sincere hope that others can benefit from the information we?ve compiled on our journey ? please read on!

After several months of attempting to receive assistance from Chase, I am beginning this log. This log is by no means exhaustive.
10/16/08 Mr. Middleton (866) 395-4760 ext 2006 From Chase called me today. I explained that I needed assistance from Chase to modify my loan; I would like to put my property taxes and a mortgage payment to the end of my loan so that I could catch up. The taxes add an additional 500 per month to my loan payment. Mr. Middleton just laughed and told me to call HUD. He told me I needed to make a payment over the phone right now.

Because this is the 10th person handling my account I am starting this log. Chase is still contacting my wife even though I have told them that she no longer lives here, as we have very recently separated and is no longer making the payments on this loan. I have been making the payments for the last six months. I have repeatedly asked Chase to only contact me ? each time I am assured that they have updated the system accordingly, however my wife still receives calls. I have repeatedly updated my contact information with Chase and asked them to contact and work with me.

Next Steps: Contact HUD

I contacted my local, HUD approved housing counseling agency at they told me to contact HOPE NOW Alliance at (888) 995-HOPE.

I worked with HOPE to complete their package and HOPE forwarded my request to Chase.

At the same time I contacted FHA at (800) CALL-FHA to see if they could help me get a new loan.

10/17/08 I found information about Catholic Charities in the HUD website and contacted Catholic Charities.

Chase representative, Shauna. Shauna left a message for my wife that she was my case coordinator and had received my package and that she would be handling my case.

Shauna ? Case Coordinator at Chase
Homeowners Preservation Office
1-800-848-9117 ext 3303

I called Chase back at 10:30 and left a message for Shauna. No return call received.

Called Hope to let them know that Shauna at Chase had received the package, but that she would not call me back.

Phone number 888-995-4673
10/25/09 4:25pm

Called Shauna again and left another message
Shauna ? Case Coordinator at Chase
Homeowners Preservation Office
1-800-848-9117 ext 3303

11/24/08 Worked with Catholic Charities to send a ?Qualified Written Request? under section 6 of Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA). Along with all of the documentation required to Chase at PO Box 78116 Phoenix AZ 85062-8116

12/26/08 Called Chase 877-838-1882 ex52195
866-665-7629 ext. 37838
And spoke with Andréa
Andrea told me to call Chase at 866-665-7629

12/29/08 Called Chase and was on hold for 30 minutes. Miranda told me to fax the following to 866-958-0140
? Hardship letter
? Tax 2007
? Last 12 months both personal
? Deposits
? Expenses monthly
? Home owners
? and cover sheet including my loan number :8002930219
1/8/2009 Faxed Chase 866-958-0140 1:22p re-faxed my hardship letter. I could not fax the whole package again because it is too big. I was hoping this would help them to find the package that I previously sent December 29th.

2/4/08 Chase called 866-665-7629 and Elainey confirmed that they had received my hardship letter in December.

2/12/08 Called Chase 10:30a because I had not heard back from Elainey. The voice mail box is full so I could not leave a message.

2/17/08 Called Chase 866-665-7629 voice mail box is full
Faxed my hardship letter again 5:18p
Contacted the Better Business Bureau

2/18/09 Since I can?t get in touch with anyone at Chase because the voicemail box is full, at 11:15a faxed hardship letter and my loan modification request to Chase at 678-475-8792. I need an address to re-send my package to because it is too big to fax.

2/25/09 Contacted the Department of Real Estate

2/26/08 Received a response back from the Department of Real Estate. They advised me that they were not the agency to assist me with this matter and suggested that I contact the Office of the Comptroller of Currency (OCC) and provided me with the appropriate contact information.

2/26/09 Andrew T. North Executive Resolution Group at Chase called me today regarding my correspondence to the Better Business Bureau. Mr. North asked for all of the same information that has been provided to Chase on at least five separate occasions, as listed below:

? Received 10/23/2008: Hope sent certified / per Shauna received at Chase

? Received 11/28/2008 Catholic Charities Chase at PO Box 78116 Phoenix AZ 85062-8116

? Received 12/29/2008: Per Miranda I faxed full package (again) to 866-958-0140

? Received 01/08/2009: via fax 866-958-0140 1:22p (hardship letter only ? Package too big to fax)

? Received 02/18/2009: via fax sent to 678-475-8792 (hardship letter only ? Package too big to fax

In his letter Mr. North says that Chase may be able to consider me for a modification but does not address any of the other concerns outlined in my letter. His response completely ignores the fact that Chase has repeatedly violated Cranston v. Gonzales by completely ignoring all of my written correspondence as well as all of my attempts to work with Chase.

2/27/09 Contacted Mr. North at 888-310-7995 ext. 6233 ? Left a message ? No Return Call

Contacted Mr. North at 888-310-7995 ext. 6233 ? Left a message ? No Return Call

Contacted Mr. North at 888-310-7995 ext. 6233 ? Left a message ? No Return Call

3/1/09 Sent online Complaint to Federal Reserve Consumer Help. Received confirmation of receipt.

3/1/09 Registered online complaint with the Department of Consumer Affairs

3/3/09 Sent complaint to Department of Corporations

03/31/09 Received a letter from OCC advising they had contacted Chase for resolution

4/12/09 Received a letter from Chase Home Finance LLC / American Security Insurance Co confirming cancellation of the erroneous forced placed hazard insurance ? effective date of 12/20/2008.

4/12/09 Received a letter from Chase advising that they purchased a limited hazard insurance policy at my expense.

4/16/09 Received a letter from Andrew North responding to the letter that I sent to the BBB on February 17. 2009. The letter advised that Chase had received the necessary documentation from me (again) on March 31, but that my request for modification is still under review.

5/6/09 Received an email from Andrew North providing the potential terms of the loan modification agreement

5/11/09 My wife received a form letter from Chase thanking me for my recent modification request, and advising me that they are ?actively reviewing my request and will be following up within 30 days of this letter?.

5/26/09 My wife received a form letter from JM Adjustment services asking her to contact Chase. No other information is provided in this letter.

5/27/09 Sent online complaint to Dept. of Justice – received email response

5/28/09 In response to my inquiry, Mr. North advised me that he escalated this issue to the manager of the underwriting department. Mr. North will notify me as more information becomes available.

6/8/09 Mr. North Confirmed that the modification work sheet is in line to be composed into a contract, but, ?Because of the overwhelming amounts of contracts going out, this process can actually take some time?

6/9/09 Received a call from Riana (Chase) 1-866-447-1836 ext 15012 at 8:27a regarding my modification. However she was not calling regarding the modification promised by Mr. North, this was to be a ?trial? modification lasting 3 months. The payment would be $1595.00. According to Riana, there will be no paperwork provided to me, there would be no terms or agreements provided to me for review. When I asked to speak with a Manager, the Manager told me to disregard the call.

6/24/09 Received a letter from OTS advising me that they are transferring my case to the OCC

7/15/09 Received acknowledgement of receipt of complaint from Department of the Treasury (TIGTA) – They referred me to the IRS

8/5/09 JP Morgan Chase Fulfillment Center sent a Statement of Eligibility for Loan Modification advising that we do not qualify for the following reasons:
My income is insufficient
Property equity exceeds our program guidelines

8/6/09 Received a letter from the OCC responding to my letter to the OTS – closed case 928067. they will be using case no 880530

8/18/09 Received a letter from Mr. North in response to my letter dated 2/7/09 to the BBB advising that Chase was offering me a 90 day trial forbearance and upon completion detailed the terms of my loan modification.

8/22/09 Received a Corrected Statement of Eligibility for Loan Modification form letter advising me that I do not qualify for a loan modification for the following reasons:
My income is insufficient for the amount of credit required.

10/3/09 Received a Form Letter ? Fast Pay Offer. Offering me the opportunity to make my loan payment using fast pay for a fee of $15.00

10/30/09 Received an urgent form letter stating, ?YOUR MODIFICATION IS AT RISK ? URGENT RESPONSE NEEDED!? The letter requests all of the same information previously provided and received by chase.

11/3/09 Received an Acceleration Warning (Notice of Intent to Foreclose)

11/3/09 Received another Acceleration Warning (Notice of Intent to Foreclose)

11/3/09 Received another, another Acceleration Warning (Notice of Intent to Foreclose)

11/3/09 Received a letter advising me that I may be eligible for a loan modification ? unbelievable.

11/3/09 Received another letter advising me that I may be eligible for a loan modification.

11/3/09 Received another, another letter advising me that I may be eligible for a loan modification.

11/10/09 Sent letter to Chase in response to the notices received on November 3.

11/19/09 Sent a letter to Andrew North advising that effective November 1, 2009 that I had successfully completed my trial forbearance plan and was awaiting my loan modification. I also addressed other serious concerns.

11/25/09 Received an urgent form letter stating, ?YOUR MODIFICATION IS AT RISK ? URGENT RESPONSE NEEDED!? The letter requests all of the same information previously provided and received by chase.

1/31/10 Received an urgent form letter stating, ?YOUR MODIFICATION IS AT RISK ? URGENT RESPONSE NEEDED!? The letter requests all of the same information previously provided and received by chase.

3/8/10 Received letter advising that my correspondence of November 25, 2009 regarding my loan modification was still being reviewed.

4/3/10 Received a letter advising that Chase had received an ?Insufficient Partial Payment? which was my loan payment as agreed ? the letter requests a payment of $29,422.43 to bring my account current.

4/6/10 Per the request of Teresa Scholz in the Executive Resolution Group I faxed her all of the correspondence between myself and Andrew North.

5/1/10 Sent another ?Qualified Written Request? attached to my May payment.

5/5/10 Teresa called and left a voice mail message ? the number + extension actually logs me into her voice mail.

5/11/10 Received a Loan Modification Package via Federal Express (tracking 7986-4849-5401) The letter advised that if I had questions I should contact Chase at 877-838-1882. I had questions so I called. The number is for the Loss Mitigation Department who had no record of sending me a modification ? I was transferred to Sharon in Customer who also had no record ? she transferred me to Tanika in Loss Mitigation/Underwriting who also had no record and suggested that I fax everything to Corrina Perez for review.

5/11/10 Received a MHA Modification Request Confirmation letter dated 5/7/10
The letter requests all of the same information previously provided and received by chase.

5/11/10 Received a letter from the BBB referring me to the Delaware location

5/12/10 Received a call from the Executive Resolution Group advising me that they would be sending me out a loan modification package very shortly.

5/13/10 Received a customer survey call from Intellisinc regarding my telephone conversation with Sharon in Customer Care as well as my experience with Chase in general.

5/13/10 Received a call from Chase congratulating me on the completion of the trial and my new loan modification. I explained at length the current situation.

5/14/10 Sent email to [email protected]

5/14/10 Sent a letter via fax (as requested) to Underwriter Corinna Perez

5/14/10 Sent a copy via fed-ex to CHF, LLC Document Preparation Department – Document was delivered to Chase on May 18th and signed for by I. Logan.

6:16 Received a call from Chase congratulating me on the completion of the trial and my new loan modification. I explained at length the current situation. I asked that their system be updated to reflect that I had several questions regarding my modification and that I had faxed a copy to the underwriter today.

7:11 Received a call from Chase congratulating me on the completion of the trial and my new loan modification. I explained at length the current situation. I asked that their system be updated to reflect that I had several questions regarding my modification and that I had faxed a copy to the underwriter today.

7:56 Received a call from Chase congratulating me on the completion of the trial and my new loan modification. I explained at length the current situation. I asked that their system be updated to reflect that I had several questions regarding my modification and that I had faxed a copy to the underwriter today.

5/14/10 I received a letter dated May 10, 2010 from the Executive Resolution Group advising me that this letter was in response to my QWR dated 11/24/2008, which was only recently forwarded to them on May 7, 2010.

5/15/10 Sent Response Letter to Chase Executive Resolution Group Re: QWR Dated 11/24/08.

5/15/10 Received a letter advising that Chase had received an ?Insufficient Partial Payment? which was my loan payment as agreed ? I always attach a copy of the letter from Mr. North with each payment to insure that they are properly applied. The letter requests a payment of $30,575.91 to bring my account current.

5/15/10 Received a letter from the BBB regarding the QWR advising me that my correspondence was forwarded to the BBB of Delaware. I am to follow up within 5 weeks if I have not received a response.

5/17/10 Received a call from Chase congratulating me on the completion of the trial and my new loan modification. I explained at length (again) the current situation. I asked that their system be updated to reflect that I had several questions regarding my modification and that I had faxed a letter detailing my questions along with an unsigned copy of my modification to the underwriter, Corrina Perez on Friday, May 14th, 2010. In addition I sent a duplicate package via fed-ex to the Document Dept.
The caller said that she will note my account accordingly and then proceeded to tell me that if I had questions about the modification I needed to put them in writing, along with a copy of the blank modification and send them to Corrina Perez with 30 days. I reiterated as simply as I could how I just explained to her in detail that I had completed those steps on Friday May 14th.
5/24/10 Received a letter dated 5/19/10 from Larry Thode, Vice President of Customer Care advising that the purpose of this letter was in response to a recent inquiry about my loan. The letter provided telephone 800-548-7912 to call should I have any questions.

1:12p called Chase to find out to which correspondence this letter refers.
Customer Care Representative Rod – advised he was wrapping up another call and politely asked me to hold. I politely held for over 5 minutes then was cut off.

1:29p Explained that I had received a letter from Customer Care Vice President Larry Thode and I had some questions – and that the letter advised me to call 800-548-7912. Coby Loss Mitigation advised that my call was automatically rerouted from the number I dialed (above) to Loss Mitigation. And asked me to hold. I received a autovoice message, “we’re sorry but we can not continue processing your call, please hang up”.

1:36 Dialed 800-548-7912 Advised that I had received a letter from Customer Care Vice President Larry Thode and that I wanted to know to which correspondence his letter refers. Placed on hold – Transferred to Customer Care Department and received auto-voice message “we’re sorry but we can not continue processing your call, please hang up”.

1:42 Mario Loss Mitigation – explained my situation and that this was my 4th call in half an hour – and asked if he could hold on the line while I was transferred – he said he would, “warm transfer” me and asked me to hold. Transferred to Customer Service. Explained my question was told that he (the rep) didn’t know. He offered to escalate the call to a supervisor – spoke with Supervisor Edwina. She can not locate the letter in the system and advised me that our account is not serviced by Customer Service, but by Loss Mitigation. I explained again that is signed by the Vice President of Customer Care Larry Thode (Toady) and she explained that this form letter is generated whenever a request of any type is received at Chase, so she can not say for sure which correspondence this letter is in response to – she researched the account notes further and believes that it is in response to my letter of May 10th. But since I didn’t send anything on May 10, I am still unsure.
6/4/10 Received a request for loan modification package from Chase via Fed Ex (tracking 798-2279-6660) – Along with a letter thanking me for my recent request for a mortgage modification through the Making Home Affordable (MHA) Program.

Are you kidding me?

Interestingly, this is from a completely different state – I’m going to use the prepaid federal express envelope they provided to reach out to my new Chase friends at:

Chase Fulfillment Services
4500 Cherry Creek Drive, South
Suite 100
Mail Stop – Initial App – 09
Glendale, CO 80246
6/7/10 Received a response from the Federal Trade Commission
FTC Reference No. 22531066
Advising me that my complaint will be recorded in their complaint retention system.

6/9/10 Received a form letter from the Vice President of vagueness and also Customer Care, Larry Thode, “in response to my recent inquiry regarding your Chase loan”.

I would call to confirm to which correspondence he is referring, but been there – done that. (May 24th, 2010)


6/9/10 Received a letter from the Department of Corporations indicating that our complaint was forwarded to Charisse L. Calloway, Legal Department for Chase Home Finance LLC for response. (re Department of Corporations File No. 10037072)

6/10/10 Letter dated 6/10/10 from BBB serving Central Ohio advising that they could not address my complaint against Chase as the original letter was addressed to Chase, and only cc to BBB.

6/16/10 Sent a letter to the Homeowner’s Assistance Department / Chase Fulfillment Center
In response to the “response to your Request for a Loan Modification”

My letter included the following items:
? Original unsigned package received June 4th
? Complete copy of the letter dated May 12, 2010 sent to Underwriter Corinna Perez
? Documentation from Mr. Andrew North – Executive Resolution Department

Letter was sent via fed-ex tracking 7987-2279-6291. Package was delivered to Chase on June 16th, 2010 and signed for by N. Coral.

6/16/10 Sent A response letter directly to the BBB servicing central Ohio – Attn.: Katherine Giere, Dispute Resolution / Senior Consultant outlining my complaint and providing documentation to substantiate my claim.

6/24/10 Received a call from Darrin in Loss Mitigation Department (AZ) at Chase Home Finance LLC 800-848-9380 x19228. He called to advise that we needed to sign and return the modification package in order to avoid further collection action. I explained our situation in detail and he asked that I forward the information to him via fax to: 866-282-5682. I advised that I would have access to a fax machine tomorrow and would be sure to send him my information.

6/24/10 Received letter from BBB Columbus Ohio in response to my letter to them dated June 9th (and resent per BBB instruction on June 16th to Katherine Giere) advising:

? New Case No. 70077024
? Web Site to Check Progress
? Along with a password

? The BBB sent a request to Chase asking them to respond by July 4th, 2010.
6/25/10 Attempted to send fax to Darrin – fax would not go thru. Called Chase 800-848-9380 spoke with Michelle. Per Michelle the fax number is correct, however they are having “issues with it right now”. Michelle suggested that I wait an hour or so and try again. I advised that this is a really large fax and that I only have access to a fax machine for a limited time and requested that she also give me an address to mail to. Michelle provided me with:

Chase Fulfillment Services
4500 Cherry Creek Drive, South – Suite 100
Glendale, CO 80246

I told her I would mail a copy and try to fax again later. Michelle will update my account notes so that Darrin will see them when he comes in this afternoon.

6/25/10 Called Loss Mitigation to get a status on the credit reporting being done on my loan. I spoke with Diana Gonzales who was extremely passionate (read: yelling at me) about getting me to understand that if I didn?t sign the modification packet that I had and somehow get it back to them before June 30th, 2010 I would, ?get nothing from Chase? At first she accused me of trying to get something for nothing ? but later settled down and was very helpful when I explained my ongoing situation. Although she did not have access to how chase has reported on my loan, she did say that my loan shows a due date of September 2009. She suggested that I go to

Diana Gonzales gave me the direct numbers for:
Cindy Parsley, Underwriting Supervisor: 858-605-2487
Holly Bartleson, Vice President Underwriting: 858-605-5177

In addition she gave me (another) contact number for HUD: 800-569-4287 as well as confirmed that the fax number for Darrin is just a general fax for the department, so anyone could be working on it.

From our conversation it became obvious that the Executive Resolution Department works outside of the normal servicing scope ? I decided to re-focus my efforts back to the Executive Resolution Department.

6/25/10 Called Andrew T. North 614-422-6233 and left a detailed message ? His voice mail indicates that he is in the Home Lending Executive Department.

I called back and this time pressed ?0? ? spoke with Ryan (extremely polite and knowledgeable) he listened and offered to transfer me to Theresa Scholz (sp?) but advised me that she is located in South Carolina and may not be available to speak with today. Additionally, he read the account notes and informed me that Theresa is in receipt of our correspondence and is working to get a conference call together with herself, Ken Smith (legal / compliance), Loss Mitigation Department and us.

I left a detailed message for Theresa ? according to her phone message she will be back in the office on Tuesday ? Theresa?s assistant?s contact information is provided:

Diane Carlson
866-605-9253 ext3745

1:10 Received a message from Theresa Scholz advising same as Ryan ? She also made a point to say that we (the borrowers) deserve to have our questions answered – the questions outlined in our letter to Corrina Perez, Underwriter.

Returned Theresa?s call 843-673-3700 x4463 and thanked her for calling back so quickly, and added that we are only looking for a modification that matched the terms promised by Chase in Mr. North?s letter of August 18, 2009 ? and that we have been honoring that agreement. Hopefully that will clear up some of the confusion.

3:01 Sent an email to Patrick Carroll of the Consumer Services Office of California Department of Financial Institutions asking for assistance with my situation with Chase. Perhaps they can recommend another agency that can assist me. 800-322-0622

7/1/10 Received a call from Theresa Scholz this morning. We have set up a conference call for Tuesday July 6th 9:00 a.m. PST to discuss the questions outlined in my letter of May 12, 2010.

7/1/10 Finally received my loan history which was requested on May 11, 2010 from Sharon L. Tillman, Customer Care Professional. The loan history is dated May 11, 2010 but the envelope is postmarked June 28, 2010 ? a month and a half after it was requested.

3:30 Contacted Customer Care Department (800) 548 7912 regarding my homeowners insurance status. In 2008 hazard insurance was forced placed in error, then corrected on April 12, 2009 (effective as of 12/20/2008); however on the same day we received a letter from Chase confirming that they would be force placing insurance ? per the Customer Care Representative I spoke with today, Chase is paying our homeowners insurance directly to our personal insurance company. Previously our escrow account was only for taxes, however now it has been changed (without notification to me) to include our homeowners insurance as well. This means that currently both Chase and I are paying the premiums.

The Customer Care Rep confirmed that there was a forced placed premium paid out on April 2, 2009 in the amount of $239.00 ? But wanted to transfer me to the Insurance Department to be sure. He provided me with the Insurance Department Number (877) 530-8951 then transferred me. When I reached the Insurance Center Insurance Line I received the following automated message:

?We?re sorry we cannot continue processing your call, please hang up.?

Called back and was connected to an Insurance representative, he was unable to see the disbursement of 239.00 made 4/2/10 but agreed to conference in a Customer Care Representative between them they discovered that a lender placed premium of $239.00 was paid on April 2, 2009 for the time periods of December 20, 2008 through January 25th, 2009. I have contacted my insurance company to obtain proof of coverage.

The ?interesting? part is that previously our impound account was only set up for taxes, not insurance. Last year our insurance policy was mortgagor paid and this year it was set up by Chase to be mortgagee paid. According to the Customer Care Department, our impound account was changed effective June 10th, 2009, just 2 days after Mr. North Confirmed that the modification work sheet is in line to be composed into a contract ? no written notification was sent to me advising me that my impound account had been changed to include homeowners insurance.

7/1/10 Received an email from the OCC advising of a new case number: 01217658
7/5/10 Received a response letter dated July 5, 2010 from the BBB serving Central Ohio providing a status:

Case ID No. 70077024
? 6/23/10 Reopened the complaint
? 6/23/10 Complaint validated by BBB Operator
? 6/23/10 Sent acknowledgment letter to consumer
? 6/23/10 Sent email to Chase
? 7/05/10 No response from Chase
? 7/05/10 Second Notice to Chase
7/6/10 Harriet Camron facilitated the scheduled conference call between Rich Naylor, Chase Escalation Department and us. The call lasted about 30 minutes and after circling around several of the key issues we landed here:

? The loan modification that was sent to us on May 10th is the only modification Chase is going to offer. If we don?t accept the terms of the modification, then we are not eligible for any other assistance, and our loan will still be due for September 2009 even though we have been making monthly payments as agreed according to Chase letter dated August 18, 2009.

? The modification dated May 10th is Chase?s best attempt to honor the terms promised in Andrew North?s letter of August 18, 2009. I pointed out that one of the terms was an effective date of December 1, 2009.

? Because it took Chase nearly a year to process / acknowledge the loan modification terms offered by Mr. North, my loan payments have been posted incorrectly (even though I have included a copy of Mr. North?s letter with each payment) and my credit has been negatively impacted to almost epic proportion.

? Mr. Naylor eventually agreed to research the credit / due date issues and scheduled a conference call with us for Friday 7/9/10 9:00am PST. I advised him that given Chase?s track record of not responding to correspondence, I wanted something in writing to confirm that these issues would be fixed.

He agreed to speak with Theresa Scholz regarding drafting the appropriate correspondence addressing the resolution of the credit issues.

? Mr. Naylor again stressed that time was of the essence as this modification is effective July 1, 2010 ? I agreed and reminded him that it?s why I notified Chase in writing both by fax and overnight mail waaay back on May 12, 2010.

? Rich Naylor direct line: 904-462-3248
7/6/10 Received an response email from Patrick Carroll of the Consumer Services Office of California Department of Financial Institutions
Advising me that unfortunately they could not assist me as the OCC is the regulator for Chase Home Finance. (whatever) Mr. Carroll suggested that I contact the Attorney General?s Office.

Been there. Done That.

7/9/10 Scheduled Conference Call July 9, 2010 9:00am PST

9:15am PST: Chase did not initiate conference call Contacted Rich Naylor. According to his voicemail message of Thursday July 8th, 2010 Mr. Naylor will be out of the office today and will not return until Monday July 12th. I left a message reminding him that he had scheduled a conference call with me today and reviewed the agenda items below:

Call Agenda:
? Outstanding QWR dated 11/24/2008. Letter dated May 10, 2010 from the Executive Resolution Group advised that they began working on it on May 7, 2010. Still no response.
? Payment Due Date Correction from 9/1/09 to 7/1/10
? Reversal of Late Charges from 8/1/2009 to present (total amount charged $1450.68 ? almost a mortgage payment!)
? Reversal of Negative Credit Reporting
? Confirm Terms of Modification including total payment amount ? Chase should honor original Agreement from Mr. North ? Chase changed escrow account to pay homeowners insurance (with no written notification to me) due to Mr. North?s pending modification. ? There was no other modification pending at that time.

Pressed ?0? on Mr. Naylor?s VM as instructed on VM message and received the following message:

?Due to a temporary service interruption your call cannot be completed at this time. Please try your call again later. We apologize for any inconvenience.?

Called Teresa Scholz @ 843-673-3700 X4463: Per VM message Teresa has been out of the office since July 6th and will not return until Monday July 12th. Left detailed message including the agenda items listed above.

Per Teresa Scholz VM called Diane Carlson @ 866-605-9253 ext3745 Tucson Finance Executive Office: Per receptionist Diane is in the office today bit away from her desk. I left a detailed message as above and also advised that I will be sending in my loan payment of $1640.93 as I have been paying for the past year. I had held on it to this month as I expected to have the modification completed with a payment due date of July 1, 2010 and had not yet received the new payment amount from Mr. Naylor.

10:15pst Received message from Harriet Cameron 843-673-3700 apologizing for missing the conference call. She was in meetings all morning and did not received notification that Mr. Naylor was out of the office until today. She promised to reschedule the conference call for a time that works for both Mr. Naylor and us. She advised that at that time we would have our questions answered and our issues resolved.

9:30 am PST Called Louisa A. Broudy 213-576-7609 at the Department of Corporations to follow up on their letter June 9th 2010 to Charisse L. Calloway, Chase Legal Department.

Louisa A. Broudy Department of Corporations will contact Chase and call me back with a status update.
7/9/20 Letter from OCC dated July 9th, 2010 indicating that in order to streamline complaints case no01217658 will be closed and merged with existing case 880530.
8:50am PST Received a call from Harriet Cameron asking if we could do the conference call with Rich Naylor now ? she asked me to hold while she located him and conferenced him in ? she advised that Mr. Naylor sent her an email last Friday pm indicating that he would be available this morning at 9:00. Per Harriet, she cannot locate Mr. Naylor at this time.


She will continue to try to locate him this morning and call me back. I advised that I would reschedule my morning to accommodate Mr. Naylor in an effort to bring these issues to resolution as quickly as possible.
7/12/11:50am PST Left message for Harriet Cameron advising that I could not wait any longer as I had to work.

Asked her to contact me as soon as she had spoken with Mr. Naylor regarding his schedule. I will do my best to accommodate whatever time is convenient for him.
7/13/10 2:00pm PST Returned message from Chase (Collections Department ? 866-371-3754 x19660) explained in detail my chase saga and provided him with all of the names and direct telephone numbers of the people in the Executive Resolution Group with whom I have been working. He has never heard of them, and has no idea what I am talking about. It took several minutes for him to let go of the idea that they were a third party company ? and that they were in fact JP Morgan Chase.

Then I was on hold for several jazzy songs?

Herrell returned and told me that when we sent in our Modification Agreement with a letter detailing our questions Chase updated the system to show that we had ?rejected? the offer. He went on to explain that if we had questions we should have called Loss Mitigation to have them explain them to us. I explained that I did contact the Loss Mitigation Department on May 11th, 2010 and that they could not locate any information on the loan modification, and that I forwarded the letter and modification to Corrina Perez at the instruction of the Loss Mitigation Department

He said that he would look into it and that I should call him tomorrow between 7 am ? 4pm PST. I promised that I would.

This sucked 30 minutes of my life.
2:28 PST Left a message for Teresa Scholz and updated her on my call with Herrell in Collections ? I told her that I don?t know who I should be working with ? Harriett Cameron, Andrew North or Rich Naylor. I let her know that the conference call has not happened and asked for her help. She seems to be the one who gets things moving.

2:45 PST Left a detailed message for Harriet Cameron ? also told her that if she had to call me early in order to resolve this issue it was OK.
Received a call from Carla Brantley 866-605-9253 ext. 3682 on behalf of Harriet Cameron asking if we could reschedule the call with Rich Naylor at 12:00 PST today. I confirmed that I would make myself available and looked forward to the call. According to Google her email address is [email protected]

12:00pm PST Conference Call with Rich Naylor (Supervisor of the Escalation Department)

? Apologized for missing our scheduled conference calls
? Updating Servicing System with notes advising that we are working with his department (According to Rich, his department is ?above their (the Servicing Division) protocol?. But he cannot stop the collection calls / foreclosure notices etc. He did say that I could provide them with his direct line as needed ? which is good since I did that yesterday ?
? Because the due date of July 1 has past, the modification has to be re-drafted to change the first payment due date. It does not need to be re-approved. Rich expects to have the terms on Monday. He will contact me when he receives them.
? Next Step: Loan Modification Package goes to ?High Level? management underwriter
? Next Step: Fulfillment Department
? Next Step: Rich has already ?reached out? to the Credit Department and once the modification has been completed they will go back and remove the late charges and negative credit reporting from the date of Mr. North?s original letter.
? Mr. Andrew North is still part of the Department, he is at the front end and then funnels files to Rich?s group.

I thanked both Rich and Carla for their time and effort in resolving this issue.
12:30pm PST Contact Collection Call Center 866-371-3754 ext. 19660 and asked for Herrell. He is in the office today but working with another mortgagor. I provided the rep with a detailed update of my call yesterday with Herrell and my call this morning with Rich Naylor. I asked that she update the system and tell Herrell that I kept my word and called him today.
7/15/10 Received response to my letter (as directed by the Federal Reserve Consumer Help Center) advising me that the OCC has opened a case (01224040) and that they will be contacting Chase. I should expect a response in 60 days.
7/16/10 Received letter from Chase in response to my QWR dated 11/24/2008! 2008!
Although it?s from the Home Lending Executive Office, the only department at Chase that is worth dealing with, the letter is long on inaccurate information ? and short on requested documentation. The bulletpoint, ?Some of the information requested under this section is either proprietary or unavailable and will not be provided? shows up in 3 of the 8 items addressed. And some of the information is just flat out wrong. The letter is signed KE ?

I would have thought a RESPA violation of this magnitude would have been taken more seriously, and that the written response provided almost 2 years later would have reflected that.

7/20/10 Received a letter dated 7/20/10 From the State of California Department of Justice ? Edmond G. Brown Jr., Attorney General regarding my recent letter.
The letter advises me to direct my complaint to the OCC as they are the institution responsible for regulating financial institutions.

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
Customer Assistance Group
1301 McKinney Street, Suite 3450
Houston, TX 77010-9050
Email: [email protected]

10:32 PST
Wednesday Called Harriet Cameron to check on status of modification terms. Left a message on Harriet?s VM advising that Rich Naylor was supposed to contact me on Monday. I have not heard from Rich or any other representative of his office, so I was calling for a status update. Because today is already the 21st, I will be making my August payment as usual.
7/21/10 Received letter from BBB Serving Central Ohio Case #70077024
Advising that even after several requests from them, Chase has not responded.
The letter advises me to contact the Ohio Attorney General?s Office if I want to pursue this matter further.

Ohio Attorney General?s Office
Consumer Protection Section
30 E. Broad Street., 25th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-3428
Phone: 877-244-6446
Fax: 614-466-8898

7/21/10 Received response letter from OCC Re: Case No 01224040 ? advising that they are filing my most recent correspondence with my existing case no. 880530
1:05 PST
Received a message from Teresa Scholz advising that she was calling to give me an update on our loan modification status.
12:31 PST
Friday Returned Theresa Scholz Left message @ 843-673-3700 X4463
8:24 am PST Received a VM from Teresa Scholz asking me to call at my earliest convenience
8:45am PST Returned Teresa?s call and she indicated that there was a modification packet en route via federal express. She said that the underwriter had to make a few changes (Due date 9/1/10) and raise the PB (one month) and provided a lower rate step that was ?beneficial to the borrower?. She told me to review it and that there was a phone number in the packet in case we had any questions. She said because it was already so late in the month we would have to ?hoof it? to get this back before month end. I told her I would work from Home today to be sure that I was here to receive fed-ex and that if the terms were as she described I would sent it back today.
She also confirmed that Rich Naylor had in fact reached out to high level management to address the credit issue, but that it may take 30 days. I will calendar the credit issue for 45 days.
7/26/10 RECEIVED MODIFICATION PACKET TODAY via federal express 7937 5386 3955!
Contacted Customer Care to verify that BOTH copies are to be signed, dated and returned. And that we are not to make an August payment as our modification will be effective with the September 1, 2010 payment.

Returned completed modification package via federal express 7937 5386 3819

7/27/10 Verified receipt of package at Chase (Fed-Ex website)
11:00 PST Called Chase 888-353-1842 to verify receipt of my loan modification package.
Disconnected ? redialed.
Verified with Cheryl that my the loan servicing system does indicate that my loan modification package has been received, however, according to Cheryl my loan still needs to be ?maintenanced? to reflect the correct payment amount of $1,684.33.
8/2/10 Received a letter from Chase Homeowner Assistant Department advising that my ?Chase mortgage modification is almost complete???Thank you for making payments during your trial mortgage modification period ? we would very much like to make your modification permanent ? but we are still missing your final signed Modification Agreement. Luckily, you have a chance to drop off the Agreement in person, because we?re holding a homeowner assistance event right in your area.? (in my area ? sort of?)

They offer to pay for parking and even provide a $10.00 gas card .
It?s a nice gesture, kind of – except I already have a modification, and proof that it was received on July 27th, 2010.

8/10/10 Received a letter dated August 10, 10 from the Chase Home Lending Executive Office in response to:
? My letter dated March 1, 2009 addressed to the Federal Reserve Consumer Help and forwarded to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
? My letter to Mr. Jamie Dimon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Dated April 1, 2010
? My letter to the BBB Serving Central Ohio dated June 9, 2010

The letter was copied to the OCC Re: Case No. 880530, Ms. Katherine Giere BBB Case No. 70077024 and reiterates that we have in fact received a loan modification and includes verification of the terms, the direct line for Teresa Scholz and line or two of apology for poor customer service.

8/10/10 Received letter dated August 10. 2010 advising that Chase has notified the OCC of our modification and that, as a result, the OCC is closing this case.
8/19/10 I received my new statement in the mail this afternoon – The modification has been fully processed!

Due Date = Correct
Payment amount = Correct
Escrow Account = Correct.
Principal Balance = Correct

What are the odds? I?m buying my first lotto ticket today.

142 thoughts on “My Story: Update Victory!

  1. I am an attorney filing a lawsuit next week in New York County, because Chase is charging for a Flood policy after sending me a letter that I had complied with flood requirements. Anyone else experience this.

    • how bout a class action lawsuit against the asses for all the modification issues and problems they are causing us homeowners. Anyone have anything on that? Noone has the balls to take this bank on? Anyone know of such a suit, I want to sue. My story is just as messed up as the site owners. Since jan 2009.

  2. One thing I would do. Is purchase you own flood insurance even if you do not need it month to month. Then fax it over to Chase Executive Branch. Then remove insurance when they take it off. They will keep charging you if you don’t. We all know it is wrong that chase has done this to most of us. Me they put insurance on my house when I already had insurance. Did you know that Chase/JPMorgan is also there own insurance company. The wonderful Government granted them a license. That is why they can charge $2400.00 on a $600.00 policy.

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  4. I am going through the same EXACT thing…. I think that some sort of lawsuit is in order here, with so many homeowners out there going through this very same thing we should be able to find a lawyer to take this on at no cost to us…. Are there any attorneys reading this that want to persue this?

  5. WOW! This is unbelieveable! I have been going through the EXACT same brouhaha for the last 2 years. What can we do? There has to be something we can do!!

  6. I currently work in the Collection Department for Chase in Ohio. Chase is a mess and I’m being polite in just saying they are a mess. There are customers who have been working through the process for more than two years. Others have been on trial modifications for more than six months, while in the meantime, their accounts get further and further behind, making them ineligible for loan modifications. I’ve seen loan mods be canceled because documents weren’t received, but there are notes on the account showing they’ve been received. I’ve spoken with customers who haven’t heard anything about their mod requests for more than six months. And, yes it is true, the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

    There are more people requesting mods than there are people to process the paperwork. People are falling through the cracks. There are customer who are on their third mod applications being processed.

    It is a mess and I feel for the families who have to deal with Chase to save their homes.

    • Really, Denise?? So what is Chase doing about it? I spoke with a Denise Strother back in Dec. who told me “we don’t follow gov. guidelines because we have our own in-house programs that allow us to set the payment and terms. Sorry…” I’ve had it and Chaes will pay for this nightmare dearly as will ALL of the reps. with whom I’ve spoken who havce told me, “sorry ma’am – I’m not required to give you my last name” as will those (whose names I have recorded) who’ve advised me incorrectly. I understand employment is hard to find but HOW can anyone work for Dimon & Co.? Guess what? The bigger they are, the harder they fall. That’s a promise.

    • Denise (Admin- repost anywhere you wish),

      Do you still work at Chase? We are seeking insiders willing to go anonymous and ex employees; willing to provide emails, recorded audio of meetings, hidden cameras, minutes, photos of corrupt documentation with your cell phones, etc., you name it. Just think; national media coverage will land you the title of a hero. Now is the time to step out and provide for your family like never before. Partner up with a couple of pals and plan on collecting these documents. Set yourself free. Get out of the hell hole before it kills you. Be a hero.


  7. I’m sick of Chase! I have a mortgage & a equity loan . Won’t even give me the time of day . And the people who answer your questions play stupid or put u on hold to “figure” it out for u . then get back and say ” well we can’t do that, we don’t have anything for your situation”. I ‘ve had it with this . Paperwork it is ridiculous . We pay for our homes . All most of us need is to combined two loans or lower the payment or get a deferral to get back on track .Nope, can’t do nothing . We bailed them out .THE TAX PAYERS !!!!!!These so called modifications are just a cover up to make more money .If they would just help people would be loyal and be happy with the company .

  8. Over a year trying to modify our home loan to something reasonable. However, the “experts” at Chase have no clue on what going on. Anytime you try to get them to talk specifics, they become clueless and give you cookie cutter responses that I’ve heard since day one. Since this is our residence, we decided to go ahead and short sale the house than having to deal with incompetent people at Chase. We will stay in the house as long as possible and save the money. The great thing about Chase is that their lawyers are just as incompetent and they did not even show up for the motion to dismiss hearing, so the judge dismissed the case. Now chase lawyers have to ask for a reinstatement which we will appeal and ask for additional time. This buys us valuable time to save our money up. I don’t like to take advantage of situations, but after submitting the brutal paperwork three times and not getting anything rational from Chase, we’ll take as much of their time by appealing everything as they have taken from us.

    Truly dealing with Chase has turned our home into just another house. It’s no longer worth the headaches. Rents for houses the same size and even larger are so cheap here in SW Florida, that we can rent for a while and save up even more money and hopefully be able to by something CASH!

    Best wishes to everyone having to still deal with Chase, “but as for me and my house, we will” not serve Chase.

  9. Wow, a place to vent about J. P. Morgan! Awesome! My complaint is not about a mortgage loan, but their arrogance in the administration of my 401-k. I needed a hardship withdrawal. It qualified. I sent everything they asked for. I jumped through all sorts of hoops, only to find out that I am not “allowed” to talk to anyone but the phone reps, and all they do is pass on info from some a$$ that is apparently in a little cell in their basement and doesn’t have a phone or the ability to communicate with customers. I got so frustrated after a month, that I finally cancelled the hardship withdrawal, got a loan from a local “payday” loan shark, paid off a current 401-k loan–in order to take out another one. They are not supposed to hold sway over our loans. We are allowed. I paid $19 to overnight the pay-off. They have still not posted it after 5 days, even though they show they received it. I can’t take the new loan out until they post this one. Meanwhile my house is caving in from the damages from floods a month ago (the reason for the hardship), and I had to get twice as much to pay off the loan shark interest and fees. I am sick of them. At least with a mortgage, you have a chance to get away from J.P. But with a 401-k, they get to lord it over your money unless you quit your job. That’s not (can’t) gonna happen.

  10. I just got off the phone with Sara/Loss Mitigation Department. She told me my house is up for Sheriffs Sale on August 20, 2010. I have been dealing with Chase about this loan for 5 years now. In and out of foreclosure, modification plan was in default because I sent a personal check for my last payment, but it was okay for them to accept electronic payments from my bank for the first two payments. I asked Sara what the total of my loan was and she informed me that it would cost me to get that information through the legal department??? I have written everything down and have e-mails back from October/2005. The loan officer messed this loan up from the beginning with an ARM, not including my taxes in my payments, lying about the cash we would get for refinancing and I could go on & on & on! Sara told me that I should be out of the house before the sheriffs sale or I can pay $35,950 now. She also asked why I was 24 months behind in my payments. I asked her to check the records, because Chase was no longer accepting my payments and I have the returned checks to prove it. I would love to sue these SOB’s but of course, I cannot affor a lawyer. Now I have to figure out if I can file for bankruptcy! So glad I found this site! Now, I do not feel alone. But I will not go down without a fight and I have gotten a lot of helpful information from this site and will continue to fight for my home! Thank You.

  11. We have been dealing with issues with Chase since July 2009. Our Statement we recieved in July stated that we owed 0.00 past due ( of course we knew this). When we recieved our August statement it read that we owed $3,900.00 past due, we called asking how on earth we became 3 months behind in 1 month, and that we would appreciate it if they fixed it. Shauna (works for Chase) informed us that we were wrong and that would be recieving an accelaration warning. We got all cancelled checks written to Chase for our mortgage payments and our bank statements that showed payments over the phone together and faxed them to Chase’s research dept., along with a letter on Sept. 9, 2009. We made our Sept. payment and our October statement showed 0.00 past due, same with Novembers statement. Decembers payment shows that we are past due by $4,899.00. My husband call and spoke to Martin at Chase and he gets Michael at Chase on the line also. After going through everything together over the phone, Michael tells my husband that he should learn to add and hangs up on him. January 2010, we couldn’t handle the stress anymore and sent them a check for the $4,899.00 at our Attorneys’s suggestion, thinking that this will get them off our backs while this is still being investigated. ( Now we are 3 paymnets ahead of the game, we have all the bank information to prove this, BTW, we have yet to hear from the research dept. at Chase) In February of 2010 we get March 2010 statement fro Chase saying we owe, $5,989.00. So know here it is June 2010, we are 3 payments ahead, yet they say we are 3 behind, they call our house 15 x a day, send threatening notices, have a messenger hanging notices on our doorknob that says call the ” Hope Hotline) yet the number on the tag goes to Chase. We pay our payment every month, yet according to Chase we are still 3 payments behind. Our savings have been draines, and we have no where else to turn. What a shame it will be to lose our home, when we’re no in default. Still haven’t heard from Chase’s research department, it’s been 7 months . A couple more things:

    1) After requesting an account readout from Chase for 4 months, Keisha @ Chase finally sent us one. It showed that 4 of our payments we put into miscellaneous funds. Even though our payment coupons told them where to put it.

    2) Chase raised our escrow amount dur to a foreseen shortage. Our property taxes are $2,900.00 a year and Chase sent us a statement showing that they paid $8,100.00 out for our taxes in 2009. We asked for a readout on our escrow account, they have our names correct, but have 2 different parcel numbers.

    We can’t get anywhere, our Attorney can’t get anywhere. How do you stop this company ??????

    • I swear they did the same to me! Either a crazy number would come up or the payment would come out of the bank at the first of the month but they woulfd say it was three weeks later. My bank and Chase’s online numbers never matched up. However, when the next payment would come out, it went to late fees. It never went to monthly bill. I paid late fees for 5 mos. I tried to catch up and paid 2-3 payments per month, but the amount kept going up. My bills would have misc. fees on it and no one can tell me what this is even though I am paying it. So, here I sit 6 mos behind, trying to get a loan modification even though I can afford my payments. I tried to get them to just take the late fees off to no avail. There were even months that they tried to debit my account several times AFTER they recieved their payment, thus overdrawing my account. I don’t want to lose my house, but I’m not so attached that I am going to stress me or my kids to death over it.

  12. Im in the midst of this need more docs game. I am 15 payments behind and just plain lost! Should I just start making the darn payments again at the original rate and not feed my kids or just not put money in for nothing since they might be able to forclose since I owe so much from those many months of non payment?Seems like “admin” knows alot..any suggestions? I am putting my 3rd maybe even 4th set of papers together and I am so overwhelmed. Even tried using a “lawyer” bEven went to a modification fairut after a year of not getting anywhere but denied..he gave me a partial refund and wished me luck!Even went to a modification fair, resubmitted and yet again they want all the same stuff! Also..if they do make me a trial offer…does that mean I cant get a modification? Isnt the trial to see if I can make payments? Then what do they do..put it right back up again and then why would they take you out of the mod? HELP ME Someone..PLEASE!!!

    • Have you sent in a QWR if so that is when Chase has to stop making dings to your credit and no late payments tell the fix the problem. I am working on having Chase remove every late payment since 2008 when they received my first QWR. They have 20 days to get back to you and 60 days to fix the problem. Did I say fix coming from Chase.LOL You do have a few laws that our on your side. RESPA, TILA and a few more. I just wish one of the Government agency’s would do there job that they get paid for.

  13. Unfortunately I have done alot of research for my sister over the last few days with this Chase Bunch, and they are being sued, all over the country, but their attorneys are quite savey in court, and the cases I have read through, they are winning.

    Fight, fight, fight, as much as you can, as long as you can, file in pro per(individual, representing themselves) petitions, file for injuctions to cease and desist, and restraining orders, for for jury trials, and extensions, fight, fight, fight.

    And remember Chase is incorporated in Delaware, and you should be filing cease and desist orders there too, and reporting them to the BBB in Delaware, and the corporations comissioner, and the Govenors Office in the State of Delaware, fight, fight, fight.

    The person that said that they work for Chase, and they are in a mess, is absolutely correct, except when it comes time to auction your house for a loan, that they can’t substanciate.

    I work for Bank of America, and the same mess is here, no one knows what the other is doing, and there are so many departments, spread all over the WORLD, that no one knows how to get anything done, and I think this is done on purpose. So if anyone is interested BofA is incorporated in South Carolina, so fight, fight, fight.

    Don’t give up and leave your home, until the Sherrif comes with an eviction notice, fo to court and argue your situation to the judge, against the eviction, there are some judges out there in the same boat as all the rest of us!!

  14. This is identical to the situation that we have been involved in with Chase for 18 months. I have also contacted the Department of Justice and have also been trying to deal with them and getting nowhere. Along with sending in what seems to be tons of documents over and over, Chase also says we owe them $10,000.00 in back fees which I can’t get an answer at to what they are for. This whole process practically killed me last summer. The stress has been huge. I really don’t ever seeing it being resolved and seeing how you have been going through the process longer than we have, I can see I am right. I have been desperately trying to find information on any class action suits in New Jersey against Chase, but seeing how they are a Federal Bank, I don’t know why we couldn’t join one from another state.

    The best part of this whole thing is, now my “modified amount” during this trial, which is the third trial we have been in is now higher then our original amount and they still aren’t applying the monies directly to the mortgage payment and when I ask where the money is being applied I get either they can’t divulge that information or get transferred to the call to nowhere, which seems you have had your share of. The financial damage that this has caused to our credit ratings will take forever to fix and they will never give me back the years of my life I have lost with the stress. All I wanted to do was keep this house until my children got out of high school. I have two years to go. I have never paid a payment late. EVER. I fear eventually they will get my house, but I didn’t go down without a fight. Even the Attorney General’s office doesn’t seem to know what to do about this considering all they do is pass you off to the Chase Executive Office. HELLO????? It’s the same company!!!!! Why would they try to help?

    I have spoken to no less than 100 different people at Chase over the last 18 months. You can’t find the same person twice, no one has an extension.

    Oh I could go on and on and on but it really is fruitless.

    I wish all that read this blog much luck. I dont believe Chase will ever make good on any of these modifications and what they have done is ruin lives.

    Keep your heads up and keep fighting the fight.

  15. As of today Chase is now saying they are giving us another modified amount. This one will be for six months and then after that we have to do the whole mod package again for the fifth time. That means six more months of late fees and six more months of hidden fees. I have to say that until I found this website I had felt that there was a small bit of hope. That if I kept pressing on and talking to people and trying to get it resolved that it would be. I don’t believe that anymore. This is just going to be a nightmare that you never wake up from.

  16. Thank you for starting this blog!! I am glad I’m not alone! Chase are a bunch of crooks and something needs to be done. I have been going through this nightmare for almost 2 years now. I am in Iraq and have to call all the time for crap I sent them over and over! It is aweful. “excuse me mr. insurgent, can we take a time out so I can call CHASE so they don’t kick my family out on the street that I am trying to protect!” THIS IS PURE CRAP!!! WE NEED A GOOD LAWYER TO SCREW CHASE, THEY WAY THEY ARE SCREWING US!! any ideas would be helpful!

    Thx for listening.

    • Thank you for fighting for our country. We will pray that your family does not get kicked out of your home. There are laws to protect you called the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (formerly known as The Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Civil Relief Act of 1940). The provisions of the Act apply to active duty military personnel who had a mortgage obligation prior to enlistment or prior to being ordered to active duty. There is never any reason when a man or women that are fighting for this countryt should have to go threw this.

      Mortgage lenders must, at your request, reduce the interest rate to no more than six percent (I would think this rate has changed.) per year during the period of active military service and recalculate your payments to reflect the lower rate. This provision applies to both conventional and government-insured mortgages.

  17. Call this lawyer. they will tell you either yes or no you dont have a case. I met with them and I do. So I am starting litigation 6-29-10 i will keep all posted. Best part is they charge low monthly payments and you dont pay mortgage while in litigation. 877-828-9577 Shaffer and Gaier This is no Bullshit.

    • I have found some information… I was advised by a reputable foreclosure attorney that CHASE has insurance on these mortgages that is no longer in effect on any type of remodification after CHASE gives a certain percentage (ie 5%) of remods.
      So if CHASE has not already chosen your mortgage for a remod, they can possibly be pushing you into a foreclosure (under the guise of trying to get you qualified for a remod to satisfy the government requirements) and the insurance will cover all of their loss on the resale. This would explain why CHASE appears to be crazy in forcing you into, say $200,000 certain debt when the house is resold after the foreclosure for half the mortage amount. They don’t care because they get reimbursed by the insurance policy.
      Take this for what it’s worth but it does seem to make sense. To bad the government knowingly empowers CHASE by complete regulatory inaction to prevent what can weasily turn into a complete economic collapse of the nations economy.

  18. I cannot believe this…I AM GOING THROUGH THE EXACT SAME THING! I’m in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio and every single time I call one of the Chase 800 or 866 numbers, I am connected to the Phillipines. I was told all Customer Care calls are routed there. No one can help me! I am at my wits end. Been waiting for the to continue “processing my loan modification request” but is is always “still under review. What a crock! What can we all do? Let’s band together and get these cold hearted non caring people to listen!!!!!!

  19. The banks have run roughshod over the American public, often illegally, for far too long and that is why I am sharing the following information since it may be helpful to some of you facing the foreclosure monster. In Arizona, there’s something called the Statute of Frauds, codified in Arizona at A.R.S. Section 44-101(6). Statute of Frauds A.R.S. Section 44-101(6) requires that contracts for the sale of real property be written and signed to be enforceable. Last year, a guy I worked with, “Bob,” filed a 9 figure pro se suit against Chase based upon the Statute of Frauds, as well as some other legal issues, including theft of real property (which happens to be a Class 2 Felony in Arizona), after they illegally foreclosed on his home last year. The judge has been deliberating over “Bob’s” case for more than 6 months. “Bob” is still living in his home more than a year after the foreclosure sale.

    Chase supposedly ‘bought’ “Bob’s” mortgage from the original lender but in order for Chase to have a legally enforceable contract, their name as well as Bob’s, would have to be on the mortgage contract. It’s not, therefore Chase has no legally enforceable contract with “Bob” and Chase failed to prove that they did have one in superior court. Chase never bothered to draw up a new mortgage contract with “Bob” when they allegedly ‘purchased’ his loan. So in Arizona, if your original loan was with another lender besides Chase and that lender sold your loan to Chase, then Chase cannot foreclose on your home as long as you did not refinance with Chase or sign any other loan/mortgage agreement with Chase. The Statute of Frauds would also apply to any other banks who ‘bought’ your mortgage from another lender.

    In Arizona, according to the Statute of Frauds, a mortgage is a contract that must be written and signed by all parties in order to be legally enforceable. If you live in Arizona and did not actually sign a mortgage contract with Chase, you can sue them using the Statute of Frauds if they try to foreclose on your home because they do not have a legally enforceable contract with you which means they have no legal right to foreclose on you.

    “Bob” said the reason he sued for 9 figures was to get their attention and to make an example out of them that they’re not likey to forget. If you’re going to sue, you might want to consider doing it for an attention getting amount because you’re more likely to get their attention and make an example out of them a lot better than if you just sued for what you ‘owe’ on the mortgage or for the amount of your mortgage. I saw the paperwork from “Bob’s” case and Chase and their attorneys tried to pull some real dirty tricks on “Bob” but all it did was get them into even more hot water with the court. Chase never denied doing any of these dirty tricks either.

    The Statute of Frauds won’t apply to everyone. Check the state where you live to see if it has a Statute of Frauds and if it does, pay very close attention to the wording regarding contracts and the sale of real estate/real property. If you have a lawyer, have him or her look into this. If you don’t have one, keep in mind that you may have trouble finding a lawyer that’s not afraid to stand up to Chase (this is why “Bob” took them on pro se). Those who have a mortgage contract with their original lender would not be able to use the Statute of Frauds nor can anyone who refinanced their home by signing a new mortgage contract with their current lender after the original lender sold their loan to the current lender because both of the aforementioned situations involve legally binding contracts since the homeowner actually signed a mortgage contract with the current lender.

  20. this is crazy i do not need to list my issues. they are all the same! 2 years getting the modification run around . I am going to mail them the keys to my home the stress and aggravation this has caused my family is not worth it!!!

  21. Part of me is so happy to have found this website and that I am not alone in my aggravation with Chase. But the other part of me is disheartened, I thought I was actually getting some where. Sounds like I am destined to get stuck in the same crap as all of you. My saga started in 2/09 when I called for a refinancing of my Chase loan and was told I would be better off with a modification since I had a Fannie Mae backed loan. WTF? right? Wish I knew then what I know now. My once perfect credit has been devastated. I call them everyday now since my “approval” has been denied twice due to someone at Chase dropping the ball – BPO not being updated then for documents not being returned since they were never sent – this would be comical if it wasn’t my life. Now I can’t get approved for a car loan to buy out my lease, so I will probably be with out a car and a home! Good luck everyone!

  22. We were in the Loan Mod Hell for 14 months… oops we never got your pkg, oops, it went to the wrong department, oops, we found it but now it’s not current so please re-do it (beginning of the queue)…
    Hey everyone… just stop paying the mortgage. They have no intention of modifying anyone’s loan. Repeat: NO INTENTION. You will spend hours on the auto phone tree, then talk to minimum wage people who know NOTHING about banking and can’t even tell you if they have received your app by fax by the folks in THE ROOM ACROSS THE HALL; they seem not to have their computers networked with their officers in other cities and states… get a clue folks. You will not get your mod. Not gonna happen. They hope you are so afraid of foreclosure that you’ll keep scraping up the $$$. STOP PAYING! It will probably take them 2 years to get around to hassling you. This loan mod shit only puts you on their radar. IGNORE THEM. Stay in your house for another 2 years, bank the money, then let them have it. You’re going to lose it by then anyhow. If they try to sue you for the $$, go Chapter 7. Believe me, you have already been through worse things than that. You’ll have some $$ saved up, you can put down 6 months on a nice rental somewhere.

    A couple of years ago I would have felt insane with this idea, but everything we know is upside down. Owning a house is not the most important thing in the world anymore. Let it go.

    Wishing you all health and happiness.

  23. Chase untold horror story.Mine is the same except I never defaulted but funny charges,Since august,2008 until I was fighting and complaint to many entities,finally Harriet Cameron sold my house. The fight is going on.Did I mention forged docs?

  24. Same story here since January, 2009. I sooooo want a class action against them. Even e-mailed an attorney in CA to see if they would consider it. Maybe we should stop contacting the government agencies and start bombarding the media/news agencies. If they all reported on it on an ongoing basis…then maybe someone looking for election votes would be forced to address it. Just a thought. I am going to start with the Washington Post and the local DC 6 O’Clock news channels. Maybe “7 On Your Side”.

  25. Would anyone like to join a class action against Chase? My attorney is ready to file. Hope that this request is placed in the proper forum for this site. after 6mos of research since my wrongful denial of HAMP, we have the elements to proceed. I was inspired this year by the author’s story. very many of us have had the same or similar circumstances of abuse by the lender and something is to be done. we must not allow the banks to abuse the federal process established to help save our home ownership. fast track liquidation of America’s assets only contributes to the dilemma we face as a nation. I hope that someone can direct me how to make available this offer to join our pursuit to punish.

  26. I have received my 5th , 6th, 7th,8th,9th and now my 10th CERTIFIED LETTER Acceleration Warning (Notice of Intent to Foreclose) I have made every payment they requested early before due date Western Union Quick Collect . Since April 08, 2009
    Yet the letter stated I owe Chase $16,826.47 past due!!!!! Where has all my money gone?
    I am ready for any kind of help. I written the White House, My Senators/ Reps. , and filed a claim with the OCC. I even contacted our Attorney General. And last but not least I wrote a letter to Oprah!!! I also have hired an Attorney (at $180 per hr ) and the Attorney said I should file Chapter 11.

    BBB Rating for Chase Home Finance

    Based on BBB files, Chase Home Finance has a BBB Rating of F on a scale from A+ to F.

    Reasons for this rating include:
    1594 complaints filed against business
    Failure to respond to 471 complaints filed against business.
    84 complaints filed against business that were not resolved.
    Overall complaint history with BBB.
    Length of time business has taken to resolve complaint(s).
    Click here for an explanation of BBB Ratings

    Back to top
    Business Contact and Profile for Chase Home Finance

    Name: Chase Home Finance
    Phone: (800) 848-9117
    Fax: (614) 422-4084
    Address: 3415 Vision Dr
    Columbus, OH 43219-6009
    Original Business Start Date: March 1981
    Principal: Mr. Joe Carson, SVP Home Lending Executive Office
    Customer Contact: Ms. Mary Ann Callahan, SVP Home Lending Executive Officer – (888) 310-7995
    Type of Business: Mortgage Brokers, Bill Paying Service
    BBB Accreditation: Chase Home Finance is not a BBB Accredited business.
    Additional DBA Names: Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation
    Chase Home Mortgage Corp.
    Chase Manhattan Mortgage
    Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp
    Chase Manhattan Bank Home Finance
    Chase Home Finance LLC

    Back to top
    Products and Services of Chase Home Finance

    The scope of this report concerns Chase Home Finance mortgage products and services nationwide.
    The company’s corporate response center for mortgage products and services is located at 3415 Vision Dr., Columbus, OH, and the company maintains additional offices and mailing/drop box addresses nationwide.

    Back to top
    Business Management

    Additional company management personnel include:

    Ms. Cynthia A. Walters – Manager, Principal Services
    Ms. Kelly Wogan – Assistant Vice President
    Mr. Nelson Cupello
    Ms. Angela Simmons – Executive Resolution Group
    Ms. Jotrell Henry – Executive Resolution Group
    Ms. Nicole Long – Agent
    Mr. Jeff Plank – Executive Resolution Group
    Ms. Vera D Perry – Executive Analyst
    Mr. John Stinnett – Executive Office Manager
    Ms. Shawn R. Moore – Agent

  27. I talked to Bob the other day, and he had done some more looking into the Statute of Fraudes. This is what he has come up with:
    In order to legally be able to foreclose on a homeowner, the bank/lender must have the proper documentation that proves they have the legal right to foreclose (It doesn’t matter what state you’re in, this goes far beyond produce the note). However, most of the banks/lenders don’t have the proper documentation due to the mortgage being chopped up and sold but they try to forclose anyway. As soon as the mortgage dropped into the pool to be chopped up and sold, the Statute of Frauds kicked in, making the document completely null and void. That means any entity trying to lay a claim on the property after the Statute of Frauds has taken effect is basically using a fraudulent document to try to illegally foreclose on the homeowner.
    Sounds to me like that as soon as the original mortgage/lender sells off the mortgage, if the home owner does not sign any kind of new agreement, the mortage becomes null & void.

  28. I would like to thank the originater of this blog,and everyone else who has commented.I find comfort in knowing I am not alone,Chase has worn me down,but after reading the long list of people who are going through the same thing,I feel energized.

  29. I would like to congratulate you on your Victory! This gives us HOPE that something good finally came out of this entire MESS! God me with the rest of us!!!


    Does someone know if the statute has run on mortgage lawsuits/class action suits where now ex-homeowner was forced to foreclosure by Chase Mortgage/Home Finance in December 2006? We owned a beautiful 125-year-old Queen Anne historic home (listed on both State of Texas & City of Fort Worth Historic Register/Landmark Designation w/bronze plaques by door so indicating) in Ft. Worth which we worked on extensively to restore. Our original note was with First Franklin Mortgage in July 2003, but 2 months later note was sold to Chase. Loan was an ARM that provided our mortgage payment could ONLY be raised every 2 years. Chase began raising our mortgage 2 months after they acquired the note and continued raising it randomly but no less than every 2-6 months. Mortgage payment started out in August 2003 at $635, the note was sold to Chase in September 2003, and by late 2005, Chase had raised our mortgage payments so many times – in breach of contract – that it reached $1,350 by mid-late 2005.

    When we lost our jobs; both got very sick a couple of times each; our only vehicle (a Nissan Frontier pickup) was stolen, stripped, and burned (we only carried basic liability w/uninsured motorist on it b/c it was fairly old & paid for). We couldn’t make such high mortgage payments (twice what the original payment was in just 2 years? time). We filed both Ch. 13 then Ch. 7 bankruptcies and tried to work with Chase to help get our monthly payments lowered. However, Chase?s help in this was minimal at best and really didn?t do anything to help us. In November 2007, Chase filed for foreclosure. At that point, we naively/stupidly/desperately paid $1,200 for foreclosure negotiation assistance through a woman in Arlington named Joanne Partida, and, of course, eventually learned she was scamming us ? we never got our $1,200 back from her. However, we had 3 different people who definitely wanted and were ready, willing, & very financially able to buy the house from us before foreclosure. At least this way, we would avoid foreclosure & get our equity back, even if we could no longer remain in the historic home we?d worked so hard on & loved so much. We contacted Chase every day to get a payoff amount on the house in order to sell it to 1 of these 3 anxious potential buyers. However, whenever my husband Michael or I called or wrote Chase to obtain a payoff amount on the house so that we could just sell it and get some of our equity back and move on before losing all to foreclosure, we never received anything from Chase in response to our written requests, and all the Chase reps that both I and Michael (my husband) spoke with stated clearly to us that Chase refused to provide us with a true and correct final payoff amount on the house. Of course, we had to have this figure to be able to sell the house. The last person I spoke to at Chase (a woman named Barbara ______________ in California) just before foreclosure told me in these EXACT words and in a very vicious/deliberately cruel manner/tone: “[WE] (I.E., CHASE) ARE REFUSING AND WILL CONTINUE REFUSING TO PROVIDE YOU WITH YOUR FINAL PAYOFF AMOUNT. [WE] (I.E., CHASE) ARE GOING TO SEE TO IT FOR SURE THAT YOU ARE FORECLOSED ON.” I explained to her and other Chase reps that I absolutely had to have a payoff amount because I had 3 definite buyers wanting ? and competing with one another – to buy the house at a good price before Chase foreclosed on us. Ms. Partida contacted Chase for a payoff amount as well, but Chase kept sending her different figures that kept increasing each time they sent one to her, so none of those amounts were final or reliable. Chase continued until the last moment and throughout the foreclosure sale to refuse to provide us with a final payoff amount.

    So, despite having 3 definite, guaranteed buyers who wanted to step up and buy the house immediately and were standing in line ready and completely prepared to bid on/buy the house right then and there for a very decent price, Chase made sure it went to foreclosure by refusing to provide us with our final payoff amount. Then, at the foreclosure sale, Chase bought the house back for itself. (We have investigated further into this and have reason to believe/suspect that a Chase employee ended up buying the house). This is also strange, as the house was slated to go onto the National Register of Historic Places ? its unique history, one-of-a-kind architecture, and other provenance on the house made it a very desirable property.

    Whoever lives in it now has torn it all up — it hardly looks like the same house we bought and worked on so hard ourselves to restore. It has lost its historic plaques/designations because whoever lives there now is not following the strict historic guidelines that an owner of an historic home must follow to keep the house officially designated as a state and city historic landmark, and as an upcoming listing on the National Historic Register. The formal English gardens that were out in front of the house surrounded by a wrought iron fence are now overgrown with weeds and dead, and the beautiful antique wrought iron fence that surrounded the front English gardens has been torn down as well. Aluminum foil and stained flowered sheets now hang in the windows. When we owned the house, it had a small but decent-sized greenhouse on the back next to the kitchen which was also beautiful with many unusual, heirloom plants and flowers. The new owners tore the historic greenhouse down altogether. They painted the house a pale ?vomit-colored? yellowish-green and the trim/door, etc. a battleship gray. It’s ruined after all the labor of love we put into it ourselves when we owned it. If Chase had not breached our contract by raising the mortgage payment every 2-6 months so that it shot from $635 to $1,350 in 2 years’ time, we would still be living there and continuing to restore it. It was one of a kind and was built by a famous Fort Worth sheriff, who then became a prominent judge, and then moved on to become a state congressman. Or, alternatively, if Chase had just given us the final payoff amount on the house (which Chase was required to do by law but instead just thumbed their nose at the law), we could have sold immediately, before foreclosure, to one of 3 anxious, aggressive, definite, and financially sound buyers.

    When I bought the house in 2003, I paid $95,000 for it and put down $25,000 on the purchase. The house appraised at $137,000, and the 3 buyers were gladly willing to pay us that and perhaps more, as they were competing against each other to get the house. That house was an IMPORTANT house. Because Chase wouldn’t give us the payoff amount so that we could just sell it and start over elsewhere, we lost every penny of equity we had in the house — approximately $60,000-$65,000 ($25,000 down payment plus $42,000 in sales proceeds had we been ?allowed? to sell it).

    Now we have nothing. We are middle-aged and are having to start all over like kids in their early twenties. We rent a house in a very bad and dangerous section of town (basically, the ??hood.?) One of our cars was repossessed, and the other very old one finally bit the dust, so for 5 months we had no vehicle or mode of transportation, which ruined our job-hunting abilities. We just bought a used ?fixer-upper? cash car last month for $800, so we now have 1 set of wheels, anyway, although we really need another car for us to each realistically pursue our separate, respective job searches. We live in dire poverty, and now our unemployment benefits have just run out. Since we are middle-aged, we are too ?experienced? or ?over-qualified? for many jobs now, as the poor economy has resulted in companies hiring less experienced, younger applicants who will accept a very low, entry level salary. Even when we have stated to employers that we are willing to take a very large pay cut in order to just be employed, employers are not comfortable with that b/c they know we are worth much more than what they are ? these days ? willing to pay. They would rather hire a less capable, less experienced youngster at a low salary than feel guilty about paying highly qualified, very experienced people like us at an equally low salary b/c they?re embarrassed about their low-balling salaries. However, as middle-aged people, we still have quite a long time to live (barring any serious medical conditions that may arise, but we?re both very healthy and have longevity in our family histories). So, we?re way too young to just ?quit? trying to get back on our feet again, but with the unemployment rate like it is right now, we?re too old to land decent jobs to be able to start over again from scratch. People tell us, ?Just go work at McDonald?s or somewhere like that for now until you find a job in your real career field.? Well, places like McDonald?s look at us like we?re crazy when we apply for low-level positions b/c we both are degreed & experienced in our chosen fields. (My husband is a graphics artist and customer service rep with a B.A. in Fine Arts; I am a paralegal/legal-executive assistant/secretary with 2 bachelor?s degrees in English Literature and in Philosophy plus 18 hours in post grad course toward my master?s degree ? we both have over 18 years? experience in those careers). Employers are uncomfortable hiring us for ?no experience needed? jobs, or they tell us we don?t have any experience working retail or working in totally different jobs than what we?ve always done.

    The trickle-down effect of losing our historic home due to Chase?s constant breach of contract in raising our mortgage payment every 2-6 months, then their consistent refusal to give us a final payoff amount so we could go ahead and sell the house, get our equity back, and avoid foreclosure has turned us into paupers who have nothing now except physical and emotional stress non-stop, 24-7. We have both been so mentally wasted and in shock and SEVERE depression that we have been unable to come to grips with this and seek out help. We did try to get help from a few of the attorneys I worked for, but they made it clear to me that since I was not a paying client, they didn?t want to be bothered by my problems. AS FAR AS I AND MICHAEL ARE CONCERNED, CHASE IS IN LEAGUE WITH SATAN HIMSELF. CHASE MORTGAGE/HOME FINANCE WITHOUT QUESTION STOLE OUR HOUSE FROM US BY CONSISTENTLY, REPEATEDLY, AND ILLEGALLY REFUSING TO GIVE US A FINAL PAYOFF AMOUNT SO WE COULD SELL THE HOUSE TO 1 OF 3 DEFINITE BUYERS WE HAD LINED UP PRIOR TO FORECLOSURE! I HATE CHASE MORE THAN I?VE EVER HATED ANYTHING ELSE IN MY LIFE!

    Does someone you have any suggestions or know of a GOOD attorney, anywhere in the U.S. but preferably in the Dallas/Fort Worth area who is handling such cases? We would be EXTREMELY grateful for any attorney referrals or referrals to any other entities through which we can seek remuneration and damages from Chase Mortgage/Home Finance if we aren?t too late in bringing suit or, preferably, in joining an existing class action.


    [email protected]
    [email protected]

  31. Is the author of this story at liberty to state how much savings per month they will experience as a result of their hard work and loan modification? Does the author think that owning this blog played a factor in being approved?

  32. I think that the blog help me get a modification just learning how to fight. It have cut my interest from 6.5 to 3.5 and extended it to a 40 year. My payments went down from 2700 to 1648 a month. Chase makes more over the entire loan and I get to keep my home. I think one of the biggest problems is people get so scared of the problem, that they don?t do anything. I started out that way.

    • Just spent the last hour reading all of your comments. It is a private club that often involves chuckles of dispair.

      People do not believe that a transfer by a Chase rep ultimately leads to a disconnect. Amazing.

      OK Admin – I want exactly what you got – a 40 year 2-3% loan – how did you do it??? I have equity in my home and have not missed a payment. I would appreciate your hard earned knowledge – and if I get it I will send you a check for your time.

      Thanks for your help… DJ

  33. Dear admin,
    Keep up the great work! I hope you will continue providing this ….life line of help!

    A Praying for Chase Customer

    Here is a comment from Also worth a look at!!!

    From ….

    Dominick Mastroserio
    Oct. 18, 6:13 p.m.
    Its obvious that this administration doesn?t want to do its job.

    The financial elite who Obama kow-towed to saying that the American people were ?grudgingly admiring? of them after they were handed over trillions of dollars of our money now laugh in everybody?s face and rob us as they please?

    They don?t acknowledge our largesse, Obama.

    We know they couldn?t care less, do you? – Obama.

    We begged you to come over to our side – the people?s side, Obama?

    But you must?ve sworn your fealty to them, the money elite, Obama – Long, long ago?

    Your silence on these things is telling, Obama.

    We didn?t know it then but we elected you so you could turn your back on us to kneel with our money in hand when you gave it all to them with no strings attached, Obama – not a stinking skinny string attached, Obama.

    Flushed with confidence from that criminal victory you?re letting them take our homes instead of jailing them for fraud, Obama.

    They rob us with eager indifference confident with the expectation of privileged impunity, Obama.

    When and how will this all end, can you tell us, Obama?

  34. After 7years of fighting with Chase in and out of the courts, we finally won the case and the appeal. We proved they foreclosed on property they did not hold a mortgage on and remooved and discarded over 1 million dollars of our personal property. The Judges decision is inserted below for all to see.
    The Appellate Court of Illinois, Third District reversed the judgment of the Circuit Court of Peoria County, Illinois dismissing the second amended complaint for conversion with prejudice. Bank One filed a petition for leave to appeal with the Supreme Court of Illinois. We answered. The opinion, petition for leave to appeal, and answer to petition for leave to appeal are attached.

    Like the Supreme Court of the United States, the Illinois Supreme Court decides which cases it will hear. A party has one appeal as of right to the Appellate Court of Illinois. The Supreme Court of Illinois takes cases only that involve a significant question of law where a statute often encountered requires interpretation or there is a conflict among the divisions of the Appellate Court.

    The Appellate Court?s decision in this case was not published because they did not deem the legal issues significant enough to warrant publication. The law is longstanding that a lender which takes possession of real estate by foreclosure has a duty to preserve the owner?s personal property to give them the opportunity to obtain it.

    The chances of the Illinois Supreme Court granting leave to appeal are slim. We likely know before the end of the year when the court issues its rulings on pending petitions for leave to appeal. In September,2010, it granted about 40 petitions and denied 450 petitions for leave to appeal.

    You have the income statements for the years that were missing completed and sent to me. I expect the case will be back in the Circuit Court of Peoria County the beginning of 2011. The facts in the case are not in any real dispute. The defendants will evaluate the damages and likely want to talk settlement. If they do not, I will prepare the case for trial.

    The order of the circuit court of Peoria County is reversed
    and the cause is remanded for further proceedings consistent with
    this order.
    Reversed and remanded.
    LYTTON, J., with CARTER concurring.
    O’BRIEN, J., concurs in part and dissents in part

  35. our son is going threw the same thing.he is a great kid wonderful provider and a loving father.because of this he is devastated.your stories are all hard to hear,but what is the next step?he is in massiour and the last person he went to for help took his money and didn’t make payment and is gone.what kind of attorney do we send him to so he can get chase to stop adding charges on top of charges.or dose he just walk away?chase has already trashed his credit.14,thousand for just charges,fees in the last year?dose anyone know an attorney who has a SET in st Louis?

  36. I was reading a web site regarding the RESPA QWR. It stated that the QWR is not valid unless it sites a particular case ?? vs??. Is this true. My last loan did have false income – not from our applications – which I have copies of. My W2 read 22K – they listed 5K income for me.?

    Do I need to rewrite my QWR ?

    Thanks for your time. It is appreciated. dj

  37. When you send a QWR you should send a complaint letter with it. The QWR will also give you the information of who your lender is. Remember Chase is only servicing your loan in most cases. They have 21 days to respond and 60 days to fix the issue to your complaint.

    • Sorry to sound confused – Why would my QWR give me the info as to who the lender is? I have not heard from anyone regarding my QWR. I sent the QWR on August 19, 2010. What is my next step??? Do I need to rewrite a QWR even though the last one was ignored.

      Also do you have any info on Loan Mod Attorney Bruce D Stuart, 3104709358 – he has a Sat. morning radio program? He charges 2900 $ for a loan mod – according to Mr. Stuart the GOV will not let any one collect money upfront for a loan mod- including attornies … so consumers be ware !!!!

      A complaint paragraph was included with the QWR ?

  38. I am having a problem also with Chase Home financing, they adjusted my mortgage, when I call to find out why each person I talk to tell me something different. Now they are threating a foreclosure on my home. I want to hire an attorney but I can’t afford one I am a single mother working on my B.S and have a full time job. I will not give up so easily because I have never miss a mortgage payment even when this is going on I am still sending my payment in each month, certified now. I am going to write a letter to the governor and the people in the chase firm until I reach the right one. You have given me more will to fight for my home.

    • who has 5 grand to hire a lawyer everyone has been robbed there 401’K are shot etc.. contact me to start the fight [email protected] in AZ if anyone is interested.
      I am done playing tag with these people they sent me foreclosure intent notice 1 year to the day after we signed our 2 permanent modification10/06/2009 and 353 days after my wife died.

  39. DJ you are building a case. Now you can show that Chase has not been working with you. This is a RESPA violation at a cost of 1000 to Chase. Now if we could get HUD off there butts and work with us then we would have something. I sent a QWR ever month three years later they answered one from 2008. One month after that I had a mod.

    • per your advice I sent a letter to OCC and BBB – have a confirmation number? Should I always send the QWR certified. Can I email it to CC’ s ??? Thanks, DJ

    • I know you will not believe this but the QWR that took three years for a response was wrong.
      Chase did send a response from the QWR after they took us seriously and filing with every Government agency that did nothing. But when you say the word FRAUD on the phone with there Attorneys, that really helps.

    • Dj one thing with hiring an Attorney and starting any litigation. Any Government agency will not help you. You only use a law suits after you have been foreclosed on. Now that the Judges are on the side of the mortgage holder it is looking better everyday.

      I do recommend calling an Attorney for legal advice.

  40. 1.
    The foreclosure mediation programs should require servicers to produce all related documentation, including pooling and servicing agreements, appraisals, and loan payment histories that would facilitate options other than foreclosure.
    Require servicers to meet these foreclosure mediation obligations in good faith or otherwise be subject to sanctions. Walsh said that loan servicers have received substantial benefits from the federal government and cash incentives to do loan modifications rather than foreclosures and so should operate in good faith, as a defined legal standard.
    Servicers should prove they have the standing to close on loan modifications and have the authority to negotiate loan modifications.
    Loan servicers should document that they?ve looked at alternatives to foreclosure, including loan modifications, other state or federal workouts, and short sales.

  41. Geoffry Walsh, a staff attorney with NCLC and author of the study, says these foreclosure mediation programs are surprisingly ineffective.

    ?There are barriers that preclude homeowners from participating? in foreclosure mediations, Walsh said in a press conference earlier today.

    ?Under most of the foreclosure mediation programs, servicers have all the discretion and homeowners have no power. If the programs demand little or no accountability from servicers, it?s likely foreclosure mediation programs will go the way of the federal foreclosure prevention program? and fail, he predicted.

    Walsh said that foreclosure mediation programs could really help homeowners who have been confused by loan modification options or rebuffed by their lenders. The Treasury Dept. could choose to enforce the contracts it has signed with the loan servicers but has chosen not to.