My Story: Update Victory!

AUGUST 2010 UPDATE: It took over 2 years, hundreds of hours of research and dogged persistence (and for sure divine intervention!) but WE DID IT! WE GOT A LOAN MODIFICATION FROM JP MORGAN CHASE!

It is our sincere hope that others can benefit from the information we?ve compiled on our journey ? please read on!

After several months of attempting to receive assistance from Chase, I am beginning this log. This log is by no means exhaustive.
10/16/08 Mr. Middleton (866) 395-4760 ext 2006 From Chase called me today. I explained that I needed assistance from Chase to modify my loan; I would like to put my property taxes and a mortgage payment to the end of my loan so that I could catch up. The taxes add an additional 500 per month to my loan payment. Mr. Middleton just laughed and told me to call HUD. He told me I needed to make a payment over the phone right now.

Because this is the 10th person handling my account I am starting this log. Chase is still contacting my wife even though I have told them that she no longer lives here, as we have very recently separated and is no longer making the payments on this loan. I have been making the payments for the last six months. I have repeatedly asked Chase to only contact me ? each time I am assured that they have updated the system accordingly, however my wife still receives calls. I have repeatedly updated my contact information with Chase and asked them to contact and work with me.

Next Steps: Contact HUD

I contacted my local, HUD approved housing counseling agency at they told me to contact HOPE NOW Alliance at (888) 995-HOPE.

I worked with HOPE to complete their package and HOPE forwarded my request to Chase.

At the same time I contacted FHA at (800) CALL-FHA to see if they could help me get a new loan.

10/17/08 I found information about Catholic Charities in the HUD website and contacted Catholic Charities.

Chase representative, Shauna. Shauna left a message for my wife that she was my case coordinator and had received my package and that she would be handling my case.

Shauna ? Case Coordinator at Chase
Homeowners Preservation Office
1-800-848-9117 ext 3303

I called Chase back at 10:30 and left a message for Shauna. No return call received.

Called Hope to let them know that Shauna at Chase had received the package, but that she would not call me back.

Phone number 888-995-4673
10/25/09 4:25pm

Called Shauna again and left another message
Shauna ? Case Coordinator at Chase
Homeowners Preservation Office
1-800-848-9117 ext 3303

11/24/08 Worked with Catholic Charities to send a ?Qualified Written Request? under section 6 of Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA). Along with all of the documentation required to Chase at PO Box 78116 Phoenix AZ 85062-8116

12/26/08 Called Chase 877-838-1882 ex52195
866-665-7629 ext. 37838
And spoke with Andréa
Andrea told me to call Chase at 866-665-7629

12/29/08 Called Chase and was on hold for 30 minutes. Miranda told me to fax the following to 866-958-0140
? Hardship letter
? Tax 2007
? Last 12 months both personal
? Deposits
? Expenses monthly
? Home owners
? and cover sheet including my loan number :8002930219
1/8/2009 Faxed Chase 866-958-0140 1:22p re-faxed my hardship letter. I could not fax the whole package again because it is too big. I was hoping this would help them to find the package that I previously sent December 29th.

2/4/08 Chase called 866-665-7629 and Elainey confirmed that they had received my hardship letter in December.

2/12/08 Called Chase 10:30a because I had not heard back from Elainey. The voice mail box is full so I could not leave a message.

2/17/08 Called Chase 866-665-7629 voice mail box is full
Faxed my hardship letter again 5:18p
Contacted the Better Business Bureau

2/18/09 Since I can?t get in touch with anyone at Chase because the voicemail box is full, at 11:15a faxed hardship letter and my loan modification request to Chase at 678-475-8792. I need an address to re-send my package to because it is too big to fax.

2/25/09 Contacted the Department of Real Estate

2/26/08 Received a response back from the Department of Real Estate. They advised me that they were not the agency to assist me with this matter and suggested that I contact the Office of the Comptroller of Currency (OCC) and provided me with the appropriate contact information.

2/26/09 Andrew T. North Executive Resolution Group at Chase called me today regarding my correspondence to the Better Business Bureau. Mr. North asked for all of the same information that has been provided to Chase on at least five separate occasions, as listed below:

? Received 10/23/2008: Hope sent certified / per Shauna received at Chase

? Received 11/28/2008 Catholic Charities Chase at PO Box 78116 Phoenix AZ 85062-8116

? Received 12/29/2008: Per Miranda I faxed full package (again) to 866-958-0140

? Received 01/08/2009: via fax 866-958-0140 1:22p (hardship letter only ? Package too big to fax)

? Received 02/18/2009: via fax sent to 678-475-8792 (hardship letter only ? Package too big to fax

In his letter Mr. North says that Chase may be able to consider me for a modification but does not address any of the other concerns outlined in my letter. His response completely ignores the fact that Chase has repeatedly violated Cranston v. Gonzales by completely ignoring all of my written correspondence as well as all of my attempts to work with Chase.

2/27/09 Contacted Mr. North at 888-310-7995 ext. 6233 ? Left a message ? No Return Call

Contacted Mr. North at 888-310-7995 ext. 6233 ? Left a message ? No Return Call

Contacted Mr. North at 888-310-7995 ext. 6233 ? Left a message ? No Return Call

3/1/09 Sent online Complaint to Federal Reserve Consumer Help. Received confirmation of receipt.

3/1/09 Registered online complaint with the Department of Consumer Affairs

3/3/09 Sent complaint to Department of Corporations

03/31/09 Received a letter from OCC advising they had contacted Chase for resolution

4/12/09 Received a letter from Chase Home Finance LLC / American Security Insurance Co confirming cancellation of the erroneous forced placed hazard insurance ? effective date of 12/20/2008.

4/12/09 Received a letter from Chase advising that they purchased a limited hazard insurance policy at my expense.

4/16/09 Received a letter from Andrew North responding to the letter that I sent to the BBB on February 17. 2009. The letter advised that Chase had received the necessary documentation from me (again) on March 31, but that my request for modification is still under review.

5/6/09 Received an email from Andrew North providing the potential terms of the loan modification agreement

5/11/09 My wife received a form letter from Chase thanking me for my recent modification request, and advising me that they are ?actively reviewing my request and will be following up within 30 days of this letter?.

5/26/09 My wife received a form letter from JM Adjustment services asking her to contact Chase. No other information is provided in this letter.

5/27/09 Sent online complaint to Dept. of Justice – received email response

5/28/09 In response to my inquiry, Mr. North advised me that he escalated this issue to the manager of the underwriting department. Mr. North will notify me as more information becomes available.

6/8/09 Mr. North Confirmed that the modification work sheet is in line to be composed into a contract, but, ?Because of the overwhelming amounts of contracts going out, this process can actually take some time?

6/9/09 Received a call from Riana (Chase) 1-866-447-1836 ext 15012 at 8:27a regarding my modification. However she was not calling regarding the modification promised by Mr. North, this was to be a ?trial? modification lasting 3 months. The payment would be $1595.00. According to Riana, there will be no paperwork provided to me, there would be no terms or agreements provided to me for review. When I asked to speak with a Manager, the Manager told me to disregard the call.

6/24/09 Received a letter from OTS advising me that they are transferring my case to the OCC

7/15/09 Received acknowledgement of receipt of complaint from Department of the Treasury (TIGTA) – They referred me to the IRS

8/5/09 JP Morgan Chase Fulfillment Center sent a Statement of Eligibility for Loan Modification advising that we do not qualify for the following reasons:
My income is insufficient
Property equity exceeds our program guidelines

8/6/09 Received a letter from the OCC responding to my letter to the OTS – closed case 928067. they will be using case no 880530

8/18/09 Received a letter from Mr. North in response to my letter dated 2/7/09 to the BBB advising that Chase was offering me a 90 day trial forbearance and upon completion detailed the terms of my loan modification.

8/22/09 Received a Corrected Statement of Eligibility for Loan Modification form letter advising me that I do not qualify for a loan modification for the following reasons:
My income is insufficient for the amount of credit required.

10/3/09 Received a Form Letter ? Fast Pay Offer. Offering me the opportunity to make my loan payment using fast pay for a fee of $15.00

10/30/09 Received an urgent form letter stating, ?YOUR MODIFICATION IS AT RISK ? URGENT RESPONSE NEEDED!? The letter requests all of the same information previously provided and received by chase.

11/3/09 Received an Acceleration Warning (Notice of Intent to Foreclose)

11/3/09 Received another Acceleration Warning (Notice of Intent to Foreclose)

11/3/09 Received another, another Acceleration Warning (Notice of Intent to Foreclose)

11/3/09 Received a letter advising me that I may be eligible for a loan modification ? unbelievable.

11/3/09 Received another letter advising me that I may be eligible for a loan modification.

11/3/09 Received another, another letter advising me that I may be eligible for a loan modification.

11/10/09 Sent letter to Chase in response to the notices received on November 3.

11/19/09 Sent a letter to Andrew North advising that effective November 1, 2009 that I had successfully completed my trial forbearance plan and was awaiting my loan modification. I also addressed other serious concerns.

11/25/09 Received an urgent form letter stating, ?YOUR MODIFICATION IS AT RISK ? URGENT RESPONSE NEEDED!? The letter requests all of the same information previously provided and received by chase.

1/31/10 Received an urgent form letter stating, ?YOUR MODIFICATION IS AT RISK ? URGENT RESPONSE NEEDED!? The letter requests all of the same information previously provided and received by chase.

3/8/10 Received letter advising that my correspondence of November 25, 2009 regarding my loan modification was still being reviewed.

4/3/10 Received a letter advising that Chase had received an ?Insufficient Partial Payment? which was my loan payment as agreed ? the letter requests a payment of $29,422.43 to bring my account current.

4/6/10 Per the request of Teresa Scholz in the Executive Resolution Group I faxed her all of the correspondence between myself and Andrew North.

5/1/10 Sent another ?Qualified Written Request? attached to my May payment.

5/5/10 Teresa called and left a voice mail message ? the number + extension actually logs me into her voice mail.

5/11/10 Received a Loan Modification Package via Federal Express (tracking 7986-4849-5401) The letter advised that if I had questions I should contact Chase at 877-838-1882. I had questions so I called. The number is for the Loss Mitigation Department who had no record of sending me a modification ? I was transferred to Sharon in Customer who also had no record ? she transferred me to Tanika in Loss Mitigation/Underwriting who also had no record and suggested that I fax everything to Corrina Perez for review.

5/11/10 Received a MHA Modification Request Confirmation letter dated 5/7/10
The letter requests all of the same information previously provided and received by chase.

5/11/10 Received a letter from the BBB referring me to the Delaware location

5/12/10 Received a call from the Executive Resolution Group advising me that they would be sending me out a loan modification package very shortly.

5/13/10 Received a customer survey call from Intellisinc regarding my telephone conversation with Sharon in Customer Care as well as my experience with Chase in general.

5/13/10 Received a call from Chase congratulating me on the completion of the trial and my new loan modification. I explained at length the current situation.

5/14/10 Sent email to [email protected]

5/14/10 Sent a letter via fax (as requested) to Underwriter Corinna Perez

5/14/10 Sent a copy via fed-ex to CHF, LLC Document Preparation Department – Document was delivered to Chase on May 18th and signed for by I. Logan.

6:16 Received a call from Chase congratulating me on the completion of the trial and my new loan modification. I explained at length the current situation. I asked that their system be updated to reflect that I had several questions regarding my modification and that I had faxed a copy to the underwriter today.

7:11 Received a call from Chase congratulating me on the completion of the trial and my new loan modification. I explained at length the current situation. I asked that their system be updated to reflect that I had several questions regarding my modification and that I had faxed a copy to the underwriter today.

7:56 Received a call from Chase congratulating me on the completion of the trial and my new loan modification. I explained at length the current situation. I asked that their system be updated to reflect that I had several questions regarding my modification and that I had faxed a copy to the underwriter today.

5/14/10 I received a letter dated May 10, 2010 from the Executive Resolution Group advising me that this letter was in response to my QWR dated 11/24/2008, which was only recently forwarded to them on May 7, 2010.

5/15/10 Sent Response Letter to Chase Executive Resolution Group Re: QWR Dated 11/24/08.

5/15/10 Received a letter advising that Chase had received an ?Insufficient Partial Payment? which was my loan payment as agreed ? I always attach a copy of the letter from Mr. North with each payment to insure that they are properly applied. The letter requests a payment of $30,575.91 to bring my account current.

5/15/10 Received a letter from the BBB regarding the QWR advising me that my correspondence was forwarded to the BBB of Delaware. I am to follow up within 5 weeks if I have not received a response.

5/17/10 Received a call from Chase congratulating me on the completion of the trial and my new loan modification. I explained at length (again) the current situation. I asked that their system be updated to reflect that I had several questions regarding my modification and that I had faxed a letter detailing my questions along with an unsigned copy of my modification to the underwriter, Corrina Perez on Friday, May 14th, 2010. In addition I sent a duplicate package via fed-ex to the Document Dept.
The caller said that she will note my account accordingly and then proceeded to tell me that if I had questions about the modification I needed to put them in writing, along with a copy of the blank modification and send them to Corrina Perez with 30 days. I reiterated as simply as I could how I just explained to her in detail that I had completed those steps on Friday May 14th.
5/24/10 Received a letter dated 5/19/10 from Larry Thode, Vice President of Customer Care advising that the purpose of this letter was in response to a recent inquiry about my loan. The letter provided telephone 800-548-7912 to call should I have any questions.

1:12p called Chase to find out to which correspondence this letter refers.
Customer Care Representative Rod – advised he was wrapping up another call and politely asked me to hold. I politely held for over 5 minutes then was cut off.

1:29p Explained that I had received a letter from Customer Care Vice President Larry Thode and I had some questions – and that the letter advised me to call 800-548-7912. Coby Loss Mitigation advised that my call was automatically rerouted from the number I dialed (above) to Loss Mitigation. And asked me to hold. I received a autovoice message, “we’re sorry but we can not continue processing your call, please hang up”.

1:36 Dialed 800-548-7912 Advised that I had received a letter from Customer Care Vice President Larry Thode and that I wanted to know to which correspondence his letter refers. Placed on hold – Transferred to Customer Care Department and received auto-voice message “we’re sorry but we can not continue processing your call, please hang up”.

1:42 Mario Loss Mitigation – explained my situation and that this was my 4th call in half an hour – and asked if he could hold on the line while I was transferred – he said he would, “warm transfer” me and asked me to hold. Transferred to Customer Service. Explained my question was told that he (the rep) didn’t know. He offered to escalate the call to a supervisor – spoke with Supervisor Edwina. She can not locate the letter in the system and advised me that our account is not serviced by Customer Service, but by Loss Mitigation. I explained again that is signed by the Vice President of Customer Care Larry Thode (Toady) and she explained that this form letter is generated whenever a request of any type is received at Chase, so she can not say for sure which correspondence this letter is in response to – she researched the account notes further and believes that it is in response to my letter of May 10th. But since I didn’t send anything on May 10, I am still unsure.
6/4/10 Received a request for loan modification package from Chase via Fed Ex (tracking 798-2279-6660) – Along with a letter thanking me for my recent request for a mortgage modification through the Making Home Affordable (MHA) Program.

Are you kidding me?

Interestingly, this is from a completely different state – I’m going to use the prepaid federal express envelope they provided to reach out to my new Chase friends at:

Chase Fulfillment Services
4500 Cherry Creek Drive, South
Suite 100
Mail Stop – Initial App – 09
Glendale, CO 80246
6/7/10 Received a response from the Federal Trade Commission
FTC Reference No. 22531066
Advising me that my complaint will be recorded in their complaint retention system.

6/9/10 Received a form letter from the Vice President of vagueness and also Customer Care, Larry Thode, “in response to my recent inquiry regarding your Chase loan”.

I would call to confirm to which correspondence he is referring, but been there – done that. (May 24th, 2010)


6/9/10 Received a letter from the Department of Corporations indicating that our complaint was forwarded to Charisse L. Calloway, Legal Department for Chase Home Finance LLC for response. (re Department of Corporations File No. 10037072)

6/10/10 Letter dated 6/10/10 from BBB serving Central Ohio advising that they could not address my complaint against Chase as the original letter was addressed to Chase, and only cc to BBB.

6/16/10 Sent a letter to the Homeowner’s Assistance Department / Chase Fulfillment Center
In response to the “response to your Request for a Loan Modification”

My letter included the following items:
? Original unsigned package received June 4th
? Complete copy of the letter dated May 12, 2010 sent to Underwriter Corinna Perez
? Documentation from Mr. Andrew North – Executive Resolution Department

Letter was sent via fed-ex tracking 7987-2279-6291. Package was delivered to Chase on June 16th, 2010 and signed for by N. Coral.

6/16/10 Sent A response letter directly to the BBB servicing central Ohio – Attn.: Katherine Giere, Dispute Resolution / Senior Consultant outlining my complaint and providing documentation to substantiate my claim.

6/24/10 Received a call from Darrin in Loss Mitigation Department (AZ) at Chase Home Finance LLC 800-848-9380 x19228. He called to advise that we needed to sign and return the modification package in order to avoid further collection action. I explained our situation in detail and he asked that I forward the information to him via fax to: 866-282-5682. I advised that I would have access to a fax machine tomorrow and would be sure to send him my information.

6/24/10 Received letter from BBB Columbus Ohio in response to my letter to them dated June 9th (and resent per BBB instruction on June 16th to Katherine Giere) advising:

? New Case No. 70077024
? Web Site to Check Progress
? Along with a password

? The BBB sent a request to Chase asking them to respond by July 4th, 2010.
6/25/10 Attempted to send fax to Darrin – fax would not go thru. Called Chase 800-848-9380 spoke with Michelle. Per Michelle the fax number is correct, however they are having “issues with it right now”. Michelle suggested that I wait an hour or so and try again. I advised that this is a really large fax and that I only have access to a fax machine for a limited time and requested that she also give me an address to mail to. Michelle provided me with:

Chase Fulfillment Services
4500 Cherry Creek Drive, South – Suite 100
Glendale, CO 80246

I told her I would mail a copy and try to fax again later. Michelle will update my account notes so that Darrin will see them when he comes in this afternoon.

6/25/10 Called Loss Mitigation to get a status on the credit reporting being done on my loan. I spoke with Diana Gonzales who was extremely passionate (read: yelling at me) about getting me to understand that if I didn?t sign the modification packet that I had and somehow get it back to them before June 30th, 2010 I would, ?get nothing from Chase? At first she accused me of trying to get something for nothing ? but later settled down and was very helpful when I explained my ongoing situation. Although she did not have access to how chase has reported on my loan, she did say that my loan shows a due date of September 2009. She suggested that I go to

Diana Gonzales gave me the direct numbers for:
Cindy Parsley, Underwriting Supervisor: 858-605-2487
Holly Bartleson, Vice President Underwriting: 858-605-5177

In addition she gave me (another) contact number for HUD: 800-569-4287 as well as confirmed that the fax number for Darrin is just a general fax for the department, so anyone could be working on it.

From our conversation it became obvious that the Executive Resolution Department works outside of the normal servicing scope ? I decided to re-focus my efforts back to the Executive Resolution Department.

6/25/10 Called Andrew T. North 614-422-6233 and left a detailed message ? His voice mail indicates that he is in the Home Lending Executive Department.

I called back and this time pressed ?0? ? spoke with Ryan (extremely polite and knowledgeable) he listened and offered to transfer me to Theresa Scholz (sp?) but advised me that she is located in South Carolina and may not be available to speak with today. Additionally, he read the account notes and informed me that Theresa is in receipt of our correspondence and is working to get a conference call together with herself, Ken Smith (legal / compliance), Loss Mitigation Department and us.

I left a detailed message for Theresa ? according to her phone message she will be back in the office on Tuesday ? Theresa?s assistant?s contact information is provided:

Diane Carlson
866-605-9253 ext3745

1:10 Received a message from Theresa Scholz advising same as Ryan ? She also made a point to say that we (the borrowers) deserve to have our questions answered – the questions outlined in our letter to Corrina Perez, Underwriter.

Returned Theresa?s call 843-673-3700 x4463 and thanked her for calling back so quickly, and added that we are only looking for a modification that matched the terms promised by Chase in Mr. North?s letter of August 18, 2009 ? and that we have been honoring that agreement. Hopefully that will clear up some of the confusion.

3:01 Sent an email to Patrick Carroll of the Consumer Services Office of California Department of Financial Institutions asking for assistance with my situation with Chase. Perhaps they can recommend another agency that can assist me. 800-322-0622

7/1/10 Received a call from Theresa Scholz this morning. We have set up a conference call for Tuesday July 6th 9:00 a.m. PST to discuss the questions outlined in my letter of May 12, 2010.

7/1/10 Finally received my loan history which was requested on May 11, 2010 from Sharon L. Tillman, Customer Care Professional. The loan history is dated May 11, 2010 but the envelope is postmarked June 28, 2010 ? a month and a half after it was requested.

3:30 Contacted Customer Care Department (800) 548 7912 regarding my homeowners insurance status. In 2008 hazard insurance was forced placed in error, then corrected on April 12, 2009 (effective as of 12/20/2008); however on the same day we received a letter from Chase confirming that they would be force placing insurance ? per the Customer Care Representative I spoke with today, Chase is paying our homeowners insurance directly to our personal insurance company. Previously our escrow account was only for taxes, however now it has been changed (without notification to me) to include our homeowners insurance as well. This means that currently both Chase and I are paying the premiums.

The Customer Care Rep confirmed that there was a forced placed premium paid out on April 2, 2009 in the amount of $239.00 ? But wanted to transfer me to the Insurance Department to be sure. He provided me with the Insurance Department Number (877) 530-8951 then transferred me. When I reached the Insurance Center Insurance Line I received the following automated message:

?We?re sorry we cannot continue processing your call, please hang up.?

Called back and was connected to an Insurance representative, he was unable to see the disbursement of 239.00 made 4/2/10 but agreed to conference in a Customer Care Representative between them they discovered that a lender placed premium of $239.00 was paid on April 2, 2009 for the time periods of December 20, 2008 through January 25th, 2009. I have contacted my insurance company to obtain proof of coverage.

The ?interesting? part is that previously our impound account was only set up for taxes, not insurance. Last year our insurance policy was mortgagor paid and this year it was set up by Chase to be mortgagee paid. According to the Customer Care Department, our impound account was changed effective June 10th, 2009, just 2 days after Mr. North Confirmed that the modification work sheet is in line to be composed into a contract ? no written notification was sent to me advising me that my impound account had been changed to include homeowners insurance.

7/1/10 Received an email from the OCC advising of a new case number: 01217658
7/5/10 Received a response letter dated July 5, 2010 from the BBB serving Central Ohio providing a status:

Case ID No. 70077024
? 6/23/10 Reopened the complaint
? 6/23/10 Complaint validated by BBB Operator
? 6/23/10 Sent acknowledgment letter to consumer
? 6/23/10 Sent email to Chase
? 7/05/10 No response from Chase
? 7/05/10 Second Notice to Chase
7/6/10 Harriet Camron facilitated the scheduled conference call between Rich Naylor, Chase Escalation Department and us. The call lasted about 30 minutes and after circling around several of the key issues we landed here:

? The loan modification that was sent to us on May 10th is the only modification Chase is going to offer. If we don?t accept the terms of the modification, then we are not eligible for any other assistance, and our loan will still be due for September 2009 even though we have been making monthly payments as agreed according to Chase letter dated August 18, 2009.

? The modification dated May 10th is Chase?s best attempt to honor the terms promised in Andrew North?s letter of August 18, 2009. I pointed out that one of the terms was an effective date of December 1, 2009.

? Because it took Chase nearly a year to process / acknowledge the loan modification terms offered by Mr. North, my loan payments have been posted incorrectly (even though I have included a copy of Mr. North?s letter with each payment) and my credit has been negatively impacted to almost epic proportion.

? Mr. Naylor eventually agreed to research the credit / due date issues and scheduled a conference call with us for Friday 7/9/10 9:00am PST. I advised him that given Chase?s track record of not responding to correspondence, I wanted something in writing to confirm that these issues would be fixed.

He agreed to speak with Theresa Scholz regarding drafting the appropriate correspondence addressing the resolution of the credit issues.

? Mr. Naylor again stressed that time was of the essence as this modification is effective July 1, 2010 ? I agreed and reminded him that it?s why I notified Chase in writing both by fax and overnight mail waaay back on May 12, 2010.

? Rich Naylor direct line: 904-462-3248
7/6/10 Received an response email from Patrick Carroll of the Consumer Services Office of California Department of Financial Institutions
Advising me that unfortunately they could not assist me as the OCC is the regulator for Chase Home Finance. (whatever) Mr. Carroll suggested that I contact the Attorney General?s Office.

Been there. Done That.

7/9/10 Scheduled Conference Call July 9, 2010 9:00am PST

9:15am PST: Chase did not initiate conference call Contacted Rich Naylor. According to his voicemail message of Thursday July 8th, 2010 Mr. Naylor will be out of the office today and will not return until Monday July 12th. I left a message reminding him that he had scheduled a conference call with me today and reviewed the agenda items below:

Call Agenda:
? Outstanding QWR dated 11/24/2008. Letter dated May 10, 2010 from the Executive Resolution Group advised that they began working on it on May 7, 2010. Still no response.
? Payment Due Date Correction from 9/1/09 to 7/1/10
? Reversal of Late Charges from 8/1/2009 to present (total amount charged $1450.68 ? almost a mortgage payment!)
? Reversal of Negative Credit Reporting
? Confirm Terms of Modification including total payment amount ? Chase should honor original Agreement from Mr. North ? Chase changed escrow account to pay homeowners insurance (with no written notification to me) due to Mr. North?s pending modification. ? There was no other modification pending at that time.

Pressed ?0? on Mr. Naylor?s VM as instructed on VM message and received the following message:

?Due to a temporary service interruption your call cannot be completed at this time. Please try your call again later. We apologize for any inconvenience.?

Called Teresa Scholz @ 843-673-3700 X4463: Per VM message Teresa has been out of the office since July 6th and will not return until Monday July 12th. Left detailed message including the agenda items listed above.

Per Teresa Scholz VM called Diane Carlson @ 866-605-9253 ext3745 Tucson Finance Executive Office: Per receptionist Diane is in the office today bit away from her desk. I left a detailed message as above and also advised that I will be sending in my loan payment of $1640.93 as I have been paying for the past year. I had held on it to this month as I expected to have the modification completed with a payment due date of July 1, 2010 and had not yet received the new payment amount from Mr. Naylor.

10:15pst Received message from Harriet Cameron 843-673-3700 apologizing for missing the conference call. She was in meetings all morning and did not received notification that Mr. Naylor was out of the office until today. She promised to reschedule the conference call for a time that works for both Mr. Naylor and us. She advised that at that time we would have our questions answered and our issues resolved.

9:30 am PST Called Louisa A. Broudy 213-576-7609 at the Department of Corporations to follow up on their letter June 9th 2010 to Charisse L. Calloway, Chase Legal Department.

Louisa A. Broudy Department of Corporations will contact Chase and call me back with a status update.
7/9/20 Letter from OCC dated July 9th, 2010 indicating that in order to streamline complaints case no01217658 will be closed and merged with existing case 880530.
8:50am PST Received a call from Harriet Cameron asking if we could do the conference call with Rich Naylor now ? she asked me to hold while she located him and conferenced him in ? she advised that Mr. Naylor sent her an email last Friday pm indicating that he would be available this morning at 9:00. Per Harriet, she cannot locate Mr. Naylor at this time.


She will continue to try to locate him this morning and call me back. I advised that I would reschedule my morning to accommodate Mr. Naylor in an effort to bring these issues to resolution as quickly as possible.
7/12/11:50am PST Left message for Harriet Cameron advising that I could not wait any longer as I had to work.

Asked her to contact me as soon as she had spoken with Mr. Naylor regarding his schedule. I will do my best to accommodate whatever time is convenient for him.
7/13/10 2:00pm PST Returned message from Chase (Collections Department ? 866-371-3754 x19660) explained in detail my chase saga and provided him with all of the names and direct telephone numbers of the people in the Executive Resolution Group with whom I have been working. He has never heard of them, and has no idea what I am talking about. It took several minutes for him to let go of the idea that they were a third party company ? and that they were in fact JP Morgan Chase.

Then I was on hold for several jazzy songs?

Herrell returned and told me that when we sent in our Modification Agreement with a letter detailing our questions Chase updated the system to show that we had ?rejected? the offer. He went on to explain that if we had questions we should have called Loss Mitigation to have them explain them to us. I explained that I did contact the Loss Mitigation Department on May 11th, 2010 and that they could not locate any information on the loan modification, and that I forwarded the letter and modification to Corrina Perez at the instruction of the Loss Mitigation Department

He said that he would look into it and that I should call him tomorrow between 7 am ? 4pm PST. I promised that I would.

This sucked 30 minutes of my life.
2:28 PST Left a message for Teresa Scholz and updated her on my call with Herrell in Collections ? I told her that I don?t know who I should be working with ? Harriett Cameron, Andrew North or Rich Naylor. I let her know that the conference call has not happened and asked for her help. She seems to be the one who gets things moving.

2:45 PST Left a detailed message for Harriet Cameron ? also told her that if she had to call me early in order to resolve this issue it was OK.
Received a call from Carla Brantley 866-605-9253 ext. 3682 on behalf of Harriet Cameron asking if we could reschedule the call with Rich Naylor at 12:00 PST today. I confirmed that I would make myself available and looked forward to the call. According to Google her email address is [email protected]

12:00pm PST Conference Call with Rich Naylor (Supervisor of the Escalation Department)

? Apologized for missing our scheduled conference calls
? Updating Servicing System with notes advising that we are working with his department (According to Rich, his department is ?above their (the Servicing Division) protocol?. But he cannot stop the collection calls / foreclosure notices etc. He did say that I could provide them with his direct line as needed ? which is good since I did that yesterday ?
? Because the due date of July 1 has past, the modification has to be re-drafted to change the first payment due date. It does not need to be re-approved. Rich expects to have the terms on Monday. He will contact me when he receives them.
? Next Step: Loan Modification Package goes to ?High Level? management underwriter
? Next Step: Fulfillment Department
? Next Step: Rich has already ?reached out? to the Credit Department and once the modification has been completed they will go back and remove the late charges and negative credit reporting from the date of Mr. North?s original letter.
? Mr. Andrew North is still part of the Department, he is at the front end and then funnels files to Rich?s group.

I thanked both Rich and Carla for their time and effort in resolving this issue.
12:30pm PST Contact Collection Call Center 866-371-3754 ext. 19660 and asked for Herrell. He is in the office today but working with another mortgagor. I provided the rep with a detailed update of my call yesterday with Herrell and my call this morning with Rich Naylor. I asked that she update the system and tell Herrell that I kept my word and called him today.
7/15/10 Received response to my letter (as directed by the Federal Reserve Consumer Help Center) advising me that the OCC has opened a case (01224040) and that they will be contacting Chase. I should expect a response in 60 days.
7/16/10 Received letter from Chase in response to my QWR dated 11/24/2008! 2008!
Although it?s from the Home Lending Executive Office, the only department at Chase that is worth dealing with, the letter is long on inaccurate information ? and short on requested documentation. The bulletpoint, ?Some of the information requested under this section is either proprietary or unavailable and will not be provided? shows up in 3 of the 8 items addressed. And some of the information is just flat out wrong. The letter is signed KE ?

I would have thought a RESPA violation of this magnitude would have been taken more seriously, and that the written response provided almost 2 years later would have reflected that.

7/20/10 Received a letter dated 7/20/10 From the State of California Department of Justice ? Edmond G. Brown Jr., Attorney General regarding my recent letter.
The letter advises me to direct my complaint to the OCC as they are the institution responsible for regulating financial institutions.

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
Customer Assistance Group
1301 McKinney Street, Suite 3450
Houston, TX 77010-9050
Email: [email protected]

10:32 PST
Wednesday Called Harriet Cameron to check on status of modification terms. Left a message on Harriet?s VM advising that Rich Naylor was supposed to contact me on Monday. I have not heard from Rich or any other representative of his office, so I was calling for a status update. Because today is already the 21st, I will be making my August payment as usual.
7/21/10 Received letter from BBB Serving Central Ohio Case #70077024
Advising that even after several requests from them, Chase has not responded.
The letter advises me to contact the Ohio Attorney General?s Office if I want to pursue this matter further.

Ohio Attorney General?s Office
Consumer Protection Section
30 E. Broad Street., 25th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-3428
Phone: 877-244-6446
Fax: 614-466-8898

7/21/10 Received response letter from OCC Re: Case No 01224040 ? advising that they are filing my most recent correspondence with my existing case no. 880530
1:05 PST
Received a message from Teresa Scholz advising that she was calling to give me an update on our loan modification status.
12:31 PST
Friday Returned Theresa Scholz Left message @ 843-673-3700 X4463
8:24 am PST Received a VM from Teresa Scholz asking me to call at my earliest convenience
8:45am PST Returned Teresa?s call and she indicated that there was a modification packet en route via federal express. She said that the underwriter had to make a few changes (Due date 9/1/10) and raise the PB (one month) and provided a lower rate step that was ?beneficial to the borrower?. She told me to review it and that there was a phone number in the packet in case we had any questions. She said because it was already so late in the month we would have to ?hoof it? to get this back before month end. I told her I would work from Home today to be sure that I was here to receive fed-ex and that if the terms were as she described I would sent it back today.
She also confirmed that Rich Naylor had in fact reached out to high level management to address the credit issue, but that it may take 30 days. I will calendar the credit issue for 45 days.
7/26/10 RECEIVED MODIFICATION PACKET TODAY via federal express 7937 5386 3955!
Contacted Customer Care to verify that BOTH copies are to be signed, dated and returned. And that we are not to make an August payment as our modification will be effective with the September 1, 2010 payment.

Returned completed modification package via federal express 7937 5386 3819

7/27/10 Verified receipt of package at Chase (Fed-Ex website)
11:00 PST Called Chase 888-353-1842 to verify receipt of my loan modification package.
Disconnected ? redialed.
Verified with Cheryl that my the loan servicing system does indicate that my loan modification package has been received, however, according to Cheryl my loan still needs to be ?maintenanced? to reflect the correct payment amount of $1,684.33.
8/2/10 Received a letter from Chase Homeowner Assistant Department advising that my ?Chase mortgage modification is almost complete???Thank you for making payments during your trial mortgage modification period ? we would very much like to make your modification permanent ? but we are still missing your final signed Modification Agreement. Luckily, you have a chance to drop off the Agreement in person, because we?re holding a homeowner assistance event right in your area.? (in my area ? sort of?)

They offer to pay for parking and even provide a $10.00 gas card .
It?s a nice gesture, kind of – except I already have a modification, and proof that it was received on July 27th, 2010.

8/10/10 Received a letter dated August 10, 10 from the Chase Home Lending Executive Office in response to:
? My letter dated March 1, 2009 addressed to the Federal Reserve Consumer Help and forwarded to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
? My letter to Mr. Jamie Dimon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Dated April 1, 2010
? My letter to the BBB Serving Central Ohio dated June 9, 2010

The letter was copied to the OCC Re: Case No. 880530, Ms. Katherine Giere BBB Case No. 70077024 and reiterates that we have in fact received a loan modification and includes verification of the terms, the direct line for Teresa Scholz and line or two of apology for poor customer service.

8/10/10 Received letter dated August 10. 2010 advising that Chase has notified the OCC of our modification and that, as a result, the OCC is closing this case.
8/19/10 I received my new statement in the mail this afternoon – The modification has been fully processed!

Due Date = Correct
Payment amount = Correct
Escrow Account = Correct.
Principal Balance = Correct

What are the odds? I?m buying my first lotto ticket today.

142 thoughts on “My Story: Update Victory!

  1. I followed your advice ADMIN – contacted the OCC & BBB – received an email from both .

    I wrote a email to Jamie and David – Chase … I discovered my application was taken over the phone to WAMU in Calif from my home in COlorado – our WAMU inhouse rep changed our income from 11600 / mo to 35000 / mo. Several other items like 17K in escrow fees at closing and 5K in hazard insurance – we did not owe any money for insurance or taxes.

    Um – think the fraud word might be applicable here.

  2. I faxed all my information to BBB-Central Ohio, OCC, CHase Management and Fulfillment centers. Recieved a call yesterday from Chase asking me about my SHort Sale. I said I did not want a Short Sale – she replyed that Loan Mod’s prompt this call???

    I was turned down for a Loan Mod – this is entirely Respa – Sect 6 . I have not requested another loan mod package .

    Any input anyone. Thanks DJ

  3. They have no idea what they are doing. Forward all this information to the BBB and the O.C.C. Also keep contacting everybody in Government. All it takes is just one to do there job.

  4. Thank for the information I have been trying to get a loan mod with chase since 2/2009 I do not think i can do all of what you have done good job
    i wish some one could help me. Chase is Full of it

  5. Heard from Chase today – Home Lending Resolution and Refinance. Both of them said they could not help me.

    However, still have not received any answer regard the “Bank Fraud Statute” or the Respa letter. Did however, talk to a real person at “[email protected]” or call 6095880808 or file a complaint on their website .

    Also file with FTC 1 877 FTCHELP or look up website Federal Trade Commission.

    Good Luck.

      • Do you know of any attorney or class action in Indiana? My info from Chase also indicates Illinois, Michigan and Delware – if there are class actions there. My hardship began in 2007 through injury and reducation in income, had to file bankruptcy. Chase Home Finance LLC sent me a loan modification with a blank section – an illegial contract, collected trial period payments for a total of over $3300. which they do not reflect in any document since January 2010, they have “reamortize” all over the modification which means any time and any reason they can change the interest rate. I have requested county court to dismiss because of these, and send this to all Attorney Generals involved, but would like an attorney to clarify these actions.
        Thank you.

        • If you hear of a class action for Indiana let me know and I will do the same, I have been trying since Nov 2009. My story the same as every one else. I did see were the person that got a loan sending things to the Glendale Co. address which is were I have been sending information to melissa handler. I heard the all the underwriters are in San Deigo Ca. I was told my account went to the underwriters jan 2011 but I have receipted a new standard letter telling me to try for a home modification.

      • I just spoke with this law office yesterday, they are starting a class action law suit in many states! One regarding forced insurance and another regarding modifications here is the email to contact them regarding this.. [email protected]

  6. I too am self employed and have equity in my home, but due to my lack of income I cannot do a refinance, so I requested a mortgage modification. I just received a call from Chase today informing me that I was declined due to the fact that my Financial Hardship did not meet guidelines for approval. I asked them what guidelines must I posses to be approved and they stated that a divorce or death would show a reduction in income. How do you get approved when you have been denied due to the fact that your hardship is; you cannot afford your mortgage payments?



  9. Wow!!!!! I cannot believe what I just read,That was like a science fiction novel.I’m worn out and I just started do you have to be a lawyer or what to understand all of this,I absolutley have nothing to say,………Help!!!!!!!

  10. Check this out …. WE live in AMERICA!!!! WE HAVE FREDOM OF SPEECH!!!!



    Your Praying for Chase ( they are going to need it) customer!

  11. I to have been working on the modifications for over two years. One day, it is too much income to qualify, the next day not eneough. One day, we danced around the house after they told us that we had been approved for a dramatic reduction. Then a few days later we were told that was a mistake,and that the underwriter had not approved the modification. But alas, noone could ever figure out who the investor on the loan was, so that went away. Today we stay at it a few hours a week, and still keep that faint glimmer of hope out there that Christmas is still coming. Oh and for all those that say we dont deserve these modifications, I wonder how the banks would have liked it had we tied thier TARP assistance up for 2 years, like they have tied us all up.

  12. I’ve had a problem with Chase Home Finance as well. Earlier
    this year I received a phone call from a Chase executive asking me
    to stop in and discuss financial options. I was surprised to get the call as I had not requested any options, have lived in the same house since 1986, etc. Chase picked up my mortgage when Washington Mutual folded.

    It turned out that the Chase phone call came from a New York City branch of Chase. Someone within the company modified my information to be within his district.
    It turned out the mailing address for statements was modified to this new address.

    I’ve been paying the mortgage but have had to dig around for where to send it, etc. from old statements. When I finally learned what happened and told them to fix the address so I
    would receive statements, they said it would take two months to complete.

    Finally, yesterday, I received a letter from Larry Thode, Chase VP for Customer Care: I am writing to confirm that we have
    updated the mailing address for your loan. (!)

    Maybe someone else has had their “address” modified as well!
    Good luck to you all!!!

  13. I am a victim of a loan scam just as all these other people. Chase is either crooked or stupid Im betting on crooked. I plan on many calls to the State Attorney Generals office and suggest you all do the same

  14. I have been dealing with Chase since Dec 2008. It is the worst headake. I had to sent them copies of Power of Attorney from then until July 2010 almost every time I talked to them. My mother died in July and I have sent them a copy of death certificate every month since and I am still waiting for help. NACA took over this case in December 2008 and dropped me in October 2010 because mother was no longer alive and my name was not on the deed. I have a Last Will and Testament which I have sent monthly and also sent the money and application for the transfer of deed and I am still getting letter stating they need a copy of a Power of Attorney. I am tired, stressed and really don’t understand how every department of Chase do not talk with each other and how one department can have the paper work and another does not. The good Lord only knows when they matter is settled. I will try to start keep a log like you did maybe I too one day will shout Victory.

    • They did the same thing to me, but it’s been going on since SEPTEMBER 2009. They refuse to release a $500 trust account to me (a co-trustee) of my late mother’s, and I have spent hours and days at numerous branches bringing in the POA (when she was alive), the trust docs, the attorney appointment letter (after she passed), etc. and they still will not release the funds. And NOW, they started charging me a $10 per month ACCOUNT MAINTENANCE FEE. These people are idiots at best. The local branch manager is so stupid that she has to look at her name badge to remember her name. They probably pay these people minimum wage to be “managers.” Keep in mind they WANT their employees to be stupid.

  15. I am so scared. We requested to simply add our property taxes to our monthly electronic payment. Chase pulled (2) payments from our checking account in error causing one of the payments to bounce. OK, fine we understand simple errors occur. Not with Chase. We have Chase debt collectors insisting we are missing a payment. My husband has been on the phone with Customer Care and Chase Debt Collection EVERY DAY!! We receive apology after apoloy and empty promises the issue will be taken care of. Soooo not true. Our credit has now been RUINED because Chase, one of the world’s largest banks does not have the infrastructure or trained personell to correct a simple error on their part!!! Their Customer Care Dept and Debt Collections Dept for whatever handicapped reason do not communicate verbally or electrnically with each other!!! We have been so F***ING SCREWED by Chase and it seems like this is just the beginning!! We have NEVER missed a payment or been late, and our account is paid in full. Chase keeps taking out the money, so it is DISGUSTING that they are so ass-backwards in how they run their business. What rights do we have? We just want our credit restored and for Chase to take care of this issue. We can no longer talk to Customer Care. Please, please tell me who we can talk to. I have drafted a letter and want to send it, but don’t want it to fall on deaf ears. If someone can please reply with some helpful information, I’ll be your BEST FRIEND in the whole wide world!!!!

    • I found out from a friend to file a complaint with the Banking Commission. I tried that and found out the Chase is a National Bank and therefore you have to file a complaint with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. I RECOMEND EVERYONE FILE A COMPLAINT NO MATTER WHAT STATE YOU LIVE IN! Maybe we will see some results!! I am in the process of doing theis myself, as well as filing an ammendment to my Chapter 7. Now we have to file Chapter 13 to include our house. Chase really screwed us too! I feel your pain!!!

  16. tell me about its like a joke not only chase but bank of america plays the same game one hand does not know what the other is doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they make a maze and send you through it blindfolded and gagged bumps and crashes hope and distress and no one can help even lawyers are at a loss,Its the end of time for never has this disgrace been perpertrated on american citizens!! what aout service to customers and keeping the client happy! this is a war and we must arm ourself against this superpower and fight back, everyone should close accounts at these banks and not use any of their service BOYCOTT banks!

  17. To anyone facing foreclosure or eviction, you know it’s a tough battle. Many homeowners have also had difficult times just finding lawyers to help them in these situations. I am an attorney and I help author a foreclosure law blog,, that provides information on developments in foreclosure laws and legal activities involving the big banks. I have also represented homeowners fighting the big banks and am not afraid to sue lenders. If you need legal help, call me at (214) 523-9033 for a free consultation. You can also find me at, or you can email me at [email protected].

    Walker M. Duke
    Attorney at Law

  18. Thanks so much for this information. I am also feeling the wrath of Chase. I started my modification with EMC Mortgage, September 2008, Chase bought them out around the same time. I can’t begin to explain my story, its as long as yours. Very nerve breaking. I did everything Chase asked me to do, submitted all the documents requested, kept up all the payments on time. I even went in person to a location they opened just for modification. I provided them with updated information almost every month. They put up my house for foreclosure twice, they told me to get rid of my home if I can?t afford it and that I am living above my means. I started the process before I lose my job in November of 2008. My husband (a city worker), working 2 jobs to keep ends meet. I have a masters degree and 15 years of professional background. I can’t find work here in Georgia. I cried and pray everyday to keep up with Chase, they threaten me so many times. I signed up with NACA in Nov. 2010. Chase is not responding to NACA. They called me again requesting the same documents. I don’t know what to do or where to turn. I owned 2 houses prior to this one, I had excellent payment record with my mortgages. Please help me! I have a 1 yr old baby, my first child at 39 yrs old(after trying for yrs). This is my 3rd house, I would love to keep this one for my baby.

  19. i have a mortgage by chase home finance, and this july 1,2010 i was diagnosed with cervical cancer, not just any cancer but a lung cancer in my reproductive organs. I contacted chase home finance to give them this information and to let them know that i would have several surgeries and at least 5 rounds of chemotherapy due to this incurable disease. I spoke to several people many different times over a period of 5 and 1/2 months and each time i was told about a modification that i never received and i continued to become sick from the worry of them telling me everyday that they were going to foreclose on my property. I am a single mother of twin girls that are 10 years old and they were told as i was that i may not make it through all this ; so i continued to fax chase home finance reports and documents from my doctors and employer of my absence from work but still they called me everyday to tell me that i was behind on my mortgage. I ALREADY KNEW THIS. I wanted to put the months that i had been late on at the end of my loan but was told that was not an option. As i have been battling this horrific disease chase home still would not help me but continued to tell me by many reps. that my modification papers were in the mail. Through my employer i received only 171.71 per week for short term disability and during all the treatments that i had to endure, CHASE HOME FINANCE, did nothing but make me more ill from worry. My children would go to school while i had to travel 1 1/12 hours away to take my treatments every 2 weeks , 3 days in a row. I almost died from the third round of chemo, but all the prayers for me allowed me to live. Again, i still contacted CHASE HOME FINANCE, to let them know i had no more money and i needed to see or speak to someone in charge of the loan modification processs but noone would return my calls or give me to the correct dept. I have come through this journey and have made it but still i asked for help. My loan with CHASE HOME FINANCE began over 1 1/2 years ago, i had never missed or had been late on any payment until i was diagnosed with cancer. I was immediately taken out of work, sent to a specialist, had 2 surgeries back to back and then started a treatment program within six weeks . Never had i ever expected to have cancer in my entire life, but it happened. A CHASE REP. told me on 01/11/2011 that i was denied help because i couldn’t afford my mortgage anyway even if they gave me a new mortgage rate. I responded and said “i am back to work full time , and i have beaten this cancer, if i had some kind of help i could eventually catch up, but was told over and over i didn’t make enough to afford my mortgage. I responded if i couldn’t afford the mortgage, why did CHASE HOME FINANCE , give me a mortage, or for that matter loan me money. I AM TRUELY DISSATTISFIED by the non support of CHASE HOME FINANCE. We are now at a stand still, due to the fact that i cannot allow my self to become overwhelmed by this, and allow this cancer to return and take my life, and me away from my children and my family. Stress can kill. I will not allow it to take my life. CHASE HOME FINANCE, to be such a successful company, i am truely disappointed in knowing that greed is the center of your world. GOD does not like that . I hope they will realize the unjustice they are providing come to a common ground with us all. IF NOT, i will live, to watch my children grow up and become strong, independent women and protect what is theirs always. For me and CHASE HOME FINANCE, I hope they will find a way to help me and others in their own situations. Thank you for all this information, it truely has helped me see the light again. I hope to remain cancer free always, and i hope the best to all of you. WE ARE NOT ALONE.

    • Please join John Wright and all the rest of us at PiggyBank Blog we all have the same complaints against Chase and Bank of America.
      Please be strong and Remember:

      Melanie Breech
      [email protected]

      Also please join us in our free chat room

  20. My husband and I have been trying to finalize our modification of our loan for well over a year now… and we thought that was a long time. Our loan was originally a Bank of America loan, which was bought by WaMu, and then sold to Chase. We were in the process of refinancing/modifying the loan with BofA when they sold it, so of course we had to start over from the beginning. Making things even worse, Chase could not find any info on our loan when we would contact them, because it was a WaMu loan, so their ‘systems weren’t communicating properly’.

    We have been receiving the same run around now for 11 months and 3 underwriters….
    “This is a new program because of Obama and the lawyers have to draft the correct documents”. “It’s still stuck in legal.” Please!!! Polititians are lawyers and they are able to draft documents faster than this, I wasn’t born yesterday…

    Chase (probably all the mortgage companies) has no idea what is going on, their departments don’t communicate with each other, they have absolutely no concept of customer service (that I know of… there may be a few who do care about their jobs and their customers… I don’t know for sure, I just know that I haven’t come in contact with those employees yet!)

    I am very glad that my husband found this site. I will now be keeping a log of every single contact with Chase and everytime that I leave a message with our phone number (that has never once been returned yet!) And we will be filing complaints with appropriate agencies!

    Good Luck to all!

  21. So after 2 years of going through all of the BS with Chase they have finally approved me for a modification. The kicker- the monthly fees are my originally payments, which is $500 more than my trial payments. There is no way that I will be able to pay this monthly fee. I can barely pay the lower payment.

  22. I have been trying a loan modification since 2008 and it has been denied without even a reason about 5 times since then.
    During the first 2 loan modifications I was actually up to date on my loan but after not being listened to and hearing from other people that I should stop paying the mortage I did.
    It has now been 3 years, fighting with Chase and getting the run-around.
    SInce then my credit has gone to hell, my income is lower, my house is worth less than half what my loan is, and I’m in default over 30k.
    I feel completely tricked by Chase… and after seeing the Documentary “Inside Job” (won an oscar) it totally makes sense to me!
    The banks are pretty much betting against their own loans and making money from defaults.

    I’m about to cry after hearing one 5th time that my loan modification was denied because the application was incomplete. I too have kept a log of every conversation and every paperwork sent.

    I’d love to find a good lawyer that can represent me.

    My house is in Miami, FLorida.
    I’ve been told at this point I can try another loan modification or a payment plan with the bank but a payment plan would actually increase my monthly payment so that’s pointless.

    Do you have any suggestions? Anyone else in Florida?
    What should I do?

    • My husband and I are going through the same thing!! We filed Chapter 7 instead of 13 because we really didn’t think we would have a problem with the modification application process. BOY WERE WE WRONG!! Now not only do we have to file an ammendment, but we also have to pay our attorney another $1,000.00!!! Chase turned us down saying we didn’t meet elegibility requirements from our lender, but never really would tell us why. We were on the modification program before and they claim because we didn’t send in some documentation that was requested, we were taken off the program and had to reapply, which we did. What a bunch of BULL!!! THey gave us the run around for 6 months and still turned us down. When they say they are recording the conversation, make sure you tell them you are too because they don’t document anything in their computers!!! Chase Home Finance doesn’t want to help anyone but themselves and their lenders by taking our homes and our lives!!!! That’s exactly what they are doing!!!! If they ever tell you to stop making your payments, whether you are behind or not, DON”T LISTEN!!! ALWAYS SEND YOUR PAYMENTS!!!

      • When we told them we were recording them too, we were told we could not do so. When we asked why, they hung up on us. Also, we’ve repeatedly asked for all correspondence to be written since we’ve received so many contradictory phone calls. They still refuse to put anything on paper…wonder why!
        If you are like us, you will soon receive a letter inviting you to apply for a loan modification. We usually receive one the day after being notified that we do not qualify.




        • You are so right on every account. The only way to win against these criminals is to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy and the courts will not allow them to steal your home. They want me to wire by Western Union my back payments. My atty says don’t do it since it cannot be traced. He couldn’t even believe that this is a bank that does wires and transfers and they won’t take my money through the bank!!! Chase told me it is the only way to pay up my mortgage, and that the paperwork to support this program was being sent to me, well I never got any paperwork and we are already beyond the proposed first payment which means I cannot even pay to make my loan current!! How is that for criminal?

    • I say run don’t walk. I put myself through hell too and wasted alot of money trying to save a house way under water. In the end they got it back. Don’t make yourself crazy….go and restart you will be fine!!!

    • I would suggest maybe filing bankruptcy chapter 13. That may help, that is what we are having to do now. We went through chapter 7 and now have to file an ammendment to include our home because we were denied any and all modification programs that Chase offers. We were only a few payments behind when they told us to stop making payments while our loan modification was in underwriting so instead of being $4,000 behind we are now $10,000 behind and they want all the money now, I don’t see how legally Chase or any other mortgage company can keep getting away with telling people to stop making payments and then refuse them help and start proceedings to take your home!!!
      Does anyone know the answer to this?

  23. How can i get a hold of the vice president of chase Larry Thode i have a situaton were they did not send me any response for loan modification, house sold and never new about it,,they forclose in 3 months with a non judicial………

  24. Two months ago I recieved 4 certified letters from Chase that I was going through foreclosure. I have been with them for 7 years and never been late. Come to find out that they have been taking money out the account but never applied it to my mortgage. Took my a long time to fix my credit report and I am still working on getting this problem fixed. I am still getting late fees. I have called customer service many times and noone wants to take a responsibility… Closet branch is 6 hours away. What the hell am I going to do?? Thinking about getting a lower becuase I have been going through alot..

    • Nina,
      I would get a lawyer if i was you. I have one right now. My house burned down and the insurance paid them the pay off amount and they refuse to pay off my loan. They are threatening me with foreclosure everyday. I have tried to work with them for three months but i mentally couldn’t do it anymore. My lawyer is not making any headway either so i am thinking that i will have to get a big time lawyer and file a law suit soon if nothing gets done. I just don’t understand that how can they refuse to pay the loan off if they already have the money!!!

  25. In response to the article “My story: Update Victory! >>Chase Home Finance Sucks” I have to say I believe every word of this person’s experience. There are a lot of parallisms between his/her experience and my experience. I have been trying to get a modification for almost two years. I am still in the process of doing so. I stop keeping count of how many of modification packets I submitted to them and how difficult it is to get correct responses from the first line of defense in the Loss Mitigation Department. I am literally sick from this ordeal and was about to go to the media when I saw this article. CHF has proven that their process of handling the modification program is not working and needs to be revamped. In their correspondences to me the tone can be perceived that the Home Mod. Process is easy and problem free, but, instead it is far from that. It is a maze, a nightmare! There is no reason CHF had to take 1.5yrs to advise me that I was declined. I made it through trial period; hence I thought I was ok. I am an ex-employee of JPMC and I am absolutely ashamed of the way they have treated their customers. I sometimes doubt that was the same company I had a joint relationship with. I am very happy this person decided to share his/her experience with us. Now I know I am not alone and there is strength in numbers. Thank you also for providing such specific information (names and contact information). I know it has been quite a ride for you. Maybe your publication would make the process easier for others. Good luck and thanks again.

  26. I’ve come to the conclusion, after reading so many similar stories to my own, that Chase isn’t making loan modifications, because they know they don’t have the original note: If you research this, you will probably find that Chase repurchased your note on the open market for pennies, as a defaulted loan, before making you a loan mod offer. That process can take months or years.
    When you get behind in the payments, the loan is in default. That Notice you get, or Default/Acceleration letter is designed to scare you into coughing up hundreds maybe thousands of dollars to “Cure” the default. They treat your loan like a credit card.
    Here’s the thing: Chase securitized almost all of their loans, along with those they inherited from WaMu, and that means that the original note was destroyed when it was converted to a stock, and that stock is now owned by Fannie Mae. (a pool of investors) So: BE VERY CAREFUL BEFORE YOU SIGN ANY MODIFICATIONS! Ask them via a Qualified Written Request to produce the note showing the current owner in due course. They will send you a bunch of crap you didn’t ask for, along with an explanation that the information you requested is proprietary, and most likely a photocopy of the note when it originated at loan closing.
    It is not indicative of the current owner of the note in due course! See U.S. Bank National Association VS Antonio Albanez. They can’t foreclose if they don’t own the note, and show perfect chain of title.
    What they’re obviously doing is waiting to buy the defaulted loans on the secondary market for pennies, and then getting you to agree to paying them (AGAIN) by signing a mortgage modification, which legally reinstates the loan! Thats called Adhesion in legal terms, and Securities Fraud, since the law states that the note and stock can’t exist at the same time.
    Chase is only the servicer of your loan when you default, and as the servicer has no legal right to foreclose, and they know it. All a Servicer can do is collect money and send it down the pipeline to the investors, and because of the way mortgages were bundled and sold, 50 different investors might own a fraction of your loan! In order to have “standing” or the right to foreclose, they’d have to locate all 50 of those people and get them to collectively pursue foreclosure. That ain’t gonna’ happen!
    The original note, along with the original debt is forever discharged, and they can’t collect on it unless you resign, on new documents saying that you’ll pay. Because you don’t know the law, or your rights under it, they get away with it. Get yourself a Securitization Audit and beat these Chasetards in court. You can sue for up to three times the face value of the loan for wrongful foreclosure, including punitive damages and attorney’s fees, if they’ve already foreclosed on you. You can sue them after they fail to respond to your Qualified Written Request, but before you lost your home, too. Judges are beginning to rule in the homeowner’s favor! Get busy!

    • Thank you Nora, you are so knowledgeable to all this, its amazing, please email me with the book you mentioned and any info you can pass along, it will be so appreciated, Chase has been my worse nightmare also, my situation sounds exactly like what everyone else is going through, all I do is send this & send that for the last almost 2 yrs & i think it is hopeless especially after reading everyone elses story, I think they have no intention of giving me a loan modification, My Atty said they are stalling & shuffling their feet until they get their mess cleaned up. Thank You…[email protected]

  27. please and please for your own good and benefit,ignore any loaner from
    this sites..contacting you they can help you.they are evil and not
    real !!..they are all SCAMS !!!!! i have fall victim to many there due
    to my curiosity and anxiety to be debt free,I lost thousands of
    dollars to these persons.well thank God now,it is all a history !!..if
    I where you I would get my post deleted from that site
    immediately,because any chance and opportunity given to these
    guys,they would hold onto it,and suck off your hand earned
    story and experience would showcase a good reference and preference of
    a good source of legitimate and reliable help for you that would take
    you LESS THAN 48 hours,( irrespective of your credit score but MUST
    have a good income source as a proof of your swift payback),rather
    than exposing yourself to risk of these evil and heartless people
    here…email me right-away at ” [email protected]” if you are
    interested..PLEASE BE REAL !!.NO GIMMICKS !!.. thank you….JEANNE

  28. I am amazed at what I have read on this website tonight… I just happen to be looking for any stories regarding their modification process and came across all of this horrifying information on this wonderful website. I on the other hand am relieved in my own way that there are so many other people out there that are being treated the same way. I have been trying to modify my mortgage for 12 months… was 3 months behind now we are 15 months behind. I am just playing their game. I have sent in and started over 4 times to get a modification. Papers lost, more documents needed, and more after that. I after 12 months just got an answer for the 1st time… declined for a modification. I was then was told by the employee in the homeowners assistance department who had been assigned to me for 6 months to just apply again… so I did! Ha this company has NO idea what it is doing. You can call 2 times in the same hour and 2 different stories from 2 difference employees entirely. For now I will just save all my money and ride it out as long as I can and play the game, they have no intention of helping anyone other than their selves. Just out of curiosity… does anyone know if ANYONE has actually SUCCESSFULLY modified their home mortgage completely? It has become a running joke in my family lately about what a mess Chase Bank is. We had our mortgage for 7 years… had a job loss and soon after and currently are making a lot more than we were when we started this mortgage 7 years ago. How can they deny us? Someone needs to teach these investors and bankers a lesson. I have sympathy for all of you whom have spent countless hours and wasted time for these criminals to take advantage of their customers! I will save enough $ and pay cash for my next house by the time they figure out what is going on!

  29. I have been trying to ge a loan modification since 2009. I have completed the necessary paper work and each time Chase (after 90days) sends me a letter stating they needed more information, so I have to reapply. Then when I do reapply they deny my request for a loan modification.

    My morgage is now over 15 months behind. I was injured on my job and I am unabled to work. I can’t afford to make the original payments due to my income and because chase was my employer and lender, I feel that this is why they are refusing to allow me to modify my loan. I think that they stall and wait for the mortgages to get so far behind then they foreclose because they know that the customers will not be able to catch up on the payments or bring them current.

    I wonder what happened to the 25 million dollar bailout money chase received to help customers like us keep our homes by doing modifications.

  30. My husband and I have been going through the same headache. We finally went through the home loan audit and found that Chase had so many vilatons in our loan!! So we have sent that audit to them showing the vilation. Which by law they have to now work with us. The we worked with says with Chase they are known for bsing people, and going through the audit when all is said and done we will prob own our house free or at the least get our modification. Everyone send your loan in for a audit have it looked over. You wont believe the vilations you just might find!

  31. I am totally amazed by the amount of homeowners with the same problem. I was denided twice for the loan Mod. I wasn’t able to refiance because of a fidelty bond issue. Still haven’t been able to get my ex off of the loan(even though i sent 2letters an faxed the paperwork over to there headquarter in CA ) I just got off the phone w them because i received a letter stating im behind on my mortage. (Really). Just for fed-up of the bullshit they have put all of us threw. I wish i could go to another bank but my condo assoc. isn’t FHA approved. Im screwed!!! good luck to everyone out there. I honestly don’t know anyone that has been approved for a loan mod. Its just a bunch of BS.

  32. If I want to file a complaint regarding the lenth it took for me to get a modification and the fact that my credit is ruined, who and which state that Chase is in do file it? I need an assumption to remove my ex husband’s name and probably won’t get it from Chase because they ruined my creidit when they gave me the modifcation which took three years!

  33. Hi All,

    It is important to know that different states have different laws.

    I work for an attorney as a legal assistant and we stop forecloures and help people obtain loan modifications.

    Believe it or not it does happen.

    Some one above mentioned to send a QWR and ask for the Endorsed and properly assigned Note and Deed of Trust.

    It is important to know that some states will not stop a foreclosure if a home owener files a complaint only stating the lender is not the real party in interest.

    If we could, our law firm would be doig it.

    some Pro -Se home owners are filing complaints copletely incorret and asking to get thier home free and clear. this will not happen.

    The problem is the judge will not give a “windfall” to the homeowner. Some states are looking at standing but the complaint has to be drafted correctly.

    I believe attorneys and home owners have better luck i they correctly draft their complaint. I have read some that on the face o the complaint will not be listened to and the judge gets tired of these types of complaints. When an attorney goes in with a properly pled complaint the judge will almost put them in the same catagory as ahome owenr in default trying to get off the hoock of paymetns.

    Depending on the type of loan there may be violations. It is very important that this be done correctly so that every one gets justice.

    The lender has a duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealing.

    The lender does listen to an attorney differnetly than a homeowner. I am in the process my self of a loan mod. BecauseI now how to qualify for one and know the process I have gotten approved fort tria paymetns. But belive me when I say they do not treat me the same calling in as a homeowner as when I call in as a legal assistant.

    When you send a QWR make sure you send it certified mail to the correct address.

    if you send it in an it doesnt go to the correct address or you dont explain things correctly the lender does not have to respond and it is not counted as a qwr.

    It is extremely important to keep a log.

    It is also more important to know if you qualify for a loan mod before you submit an appliation.

    also ther may be more programs available to homeowners who are current.

    the issue is there are some people who want help who dont need it. Because their neighbor got a loan mod they want one to.

    Howver you need to qualify and meet the basic critera:

    1) you need to currently be paying more than 31% of your gross income to your first mortgage. PITI
    2) the loan needs to have been originated on or before 1/1/09
    3) you need to have enough income to pay your modified mortgage
    4) if your first paymetn is more than 31% of your gross, this is the catch for hamp you need to be able to reduce the existing mortgage paymetn by 6% and still be above 31%. ths stops people who are already paying 25% to 34% of their gross income. this is called the (de-minimus factor) which not too many people know about.

    your loan needs to be above $729,950 this is to qualify for hamp.

    typically most servicers have inhouse options.

    what I am seeing, just got a few approved is when the lender will reduce the amount they are underwater not figure paymetns on that amount, (it becomes a silent loan untill you sell). then they only amortize the amount of the loan that you home is worth this is very helpfull in reducing your paymetn.

    It is not a pemanent reduction in principal but typically people who want to remain in their home are concerned about the payment. If you live in the home foreever your value should come back.

    I advise before you start your loan mod make sure your first paymetn is more than 31% of your gross income.

    make sure you can reduce that paymetn by 6% and still be over 31% of your gross income.

    Lastly knowing your net present value is imperative to getting a loan mod done.

    you need to know the current market value.

    It truly is better to have an attorney do these types of transactions. We typically get a permanent mod in about 6 months. this includes paying your 3 month trial mod.

    dont expect a new paymetn below 31% of your gross income.

    if your loan balance is above $729,950 you may end up with a payment of 35% of your gross.

    best of luck

    JoAnna Jensen

  34. this site helped me. i got my mod. i won [email protected]#$k chase be strong be brave pray to god, thank you brady, do everything that this site offers, occ comptroller . we will prevail we will win , small battles and then the will go down , not for this for the silver issue.

    • This is the type of story that makes it worth working on this site everyday. I only wish we could help more. Good luck Derek I hope you can feel save in you home again.

  35. This story is amazing but not completely surprising given the state of affairs with these types of companies where the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing. I just refinanced my mortgage with Chase and have tried 4 times to get my mailing address changed. Sounds like an intro to a joke, “How many Chase Mortgage LLC customer service reps does it take to change a mailing addreess?” Ironically they had my new mailing address at the time of the closing and was even on some of the paperwork. My most recent correspondence was from Larry Thode, VP of Customer (No) Care who says they can’t change my addres because they don’t have a complete new address. I have given that address to 4 diffrerent customer (no) service reps. I guess I have to go to Columbus and enter the data myself to make sure this is done. I desired to speak to him directly but the nitwits in Ohio claim they don’t have a direct line for him. I know he works out of a Lousiana Office but that’s as far as I got. Imagine employees not being able to transfer calls to their VP or even knowing their VP’s number. What kins of company is this? They’re so out of control and dysfunctional they don’t even know how dysfunctional they are. And we offered to bail out this type of organization? What a disgrace.

  36. I also have been having problems with Chase. I have not done a modification, but we have filed debtor’s court and have been in it for 2 years now. We got a letter on the first of August stating we were behind a little over $2,000 and we had 20 days to pay. I contacted my lawyer and we figured out we were behind 1 payment. I sent that payment we were behind and my August payment to my lawyer who sent it to Chase’s lawyer. Now, 2 days ago I receive a letter stating “Accelerated Warning (Intent to Forclose). I sent this to my lawyer. Chase is saying we have not paid a payment in 16 months, but I have every check that has cleared my bank for the past 16 months. We are now down to them saying they have not received my July payment and the check the lawyer sent them. I have copies of the July payment where it cleared my bank and my lawyer sent me the copy of her check where it cleared her bank. Also, in this letter it states that someone will come to inspect the occupancy of my home. I was told by my lawyer if that happened to call the police and then call them so they can file a lawsuit for harrassment. I am worried about having to deal with this after we are out of debtor’s court. I keep copies of everything concerning them. To beat it all they return my payments while we are having to deal with this. I think these people are stupid. They would look so stupid if I took this to court. Any advice would be great. Is there a way to file a complaint to try and get them to stop this crap?

  37. Do not do a class action. The only benefit is to the attorneys. If you have good detail concerning your Attempts for modification contact an attorney to file your own lawsuit.

  38. We have been trying to refy since 2007 wh 2/3 equity & RTS of mort bal with no avail to this date. I estimate it is approx $112k or 15yrs of our mortgage that we have lost. And this doesn’t include Credit Score or FICO losses where as our other credit resources interest rates, etc. would have been lower and/or all of the Credit Card Companies abusive results where we ended up paying more money to the credit card companies. We were denied the Home Mod & other programs also. I can’t see how a home mod is a victory to me even if we were to be approved today. I do not want to pay for their failures & abusive behaviors. This doesn’t include ruining my american dream also!

  39. In December we worked with chase and did a re-payment plan, so we called on the date to make the payment, and they payment was never posted to our account. They have LOST our payment and are dragging their heels to find it. So meanwhile they have but is in foreclosure because THEY messed up. I have records of all their names/date and time that I speak with anyone there. They told us that we were denied for a short sale, we NEVER talked with then to have a short sale, but they insist that they spoke to my husband on 12/31 while he was at work and he said we would short sell. First of all My husband didn’t work on New Years Eve, and I am the one who does all the calling or they call my cell. Now they want us to do a modification while they TRY and find our money. I am so sick of these thieves. No one knows that they are doing and they all LIE! They will NOT get our house, I am not sitting down and letting them walk all over us. There is a website called change,org and there are petitions on there to help stop this crap, not sure it will help but it is worth a try.

  40. I was going to rant and rave about the treatment I have incured with Chase…. But since reading all the horrible stories I am just an newbe piker in the world of Chase ing around… I am sooo upset and its a good thing that all you get to do is hear a stupid voice and not sit accross a desk from the CLERK that chase has hired to say YES everything is in order…and I do not see any further issues in your application. My god at least the voices are English…I am waiting for the assistant from Bombay. Do not know what to do… except send send send….

  41. Keep a detailed log sheet! Build your case against them and then get a really good foreclosure attorney. Do not do a class action suit as the only one that will benefit is the attorneys.

  42. chase has continued to violate the rights of my children and I and despite numerous cases with the Office of the Comptroller of Currency and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Senators and congressional representative, chase has continued to deceptively respond with erroneous information. I am now going to a law school to have them begin civil litigation against this bank. The issue seems clear to me; Federal, State and local governments are being controlled and manipulated by this bank. Call your representation and instead of watching tv picket, attend Occupy protests and basically raise hell. You are within your right where you live to contact your municipal office and request a permit to picket on the public road or sidewalk in front of A Chase Branch bank. So do it. Also post on we are the 99% and contact media sources.

  43. My husband and I have been through all of the above. We did get a modification however it took over 2 years And thousands of dollars we did not have to spend. Chase threatened us and told us they could not help. HOPE is where we recieed the most help however once we were given the modification we were told that is the only chance we had to accept it and Chase had added almost 20000 dollars to the original price of the loan. What the H? Who are these people?