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  1. We live in Gaithersburg, MD. Does any one live in this area and either is in the process or know of a lawyer in this area who is competent on taking on Chase HOme Finance? Please email us.

  2. I have postponed (month-by-month) my foreclosure/sheriff’s sale from January 2010 by working with the Chase Executive Office:

    Chase Home Lending Executive Office
    2210 Enterprise Drive
    Florence, SC 29508-1109

    Phone (888)310-79995
    Text/TDD (800)582-0542
    Fax (866)221-1019

  3. We asked for a 1 month deferred payment due to a medical emergency. They would not even speak to me. They told me to let the loan go into default. Does anyone know an attorney in Tampa, FL to take them on ?

  4. I hae entered into a loan modification with Chase Home Finance. I signed the forebarance and followd the directions to the “T”. Yet they took $10,000 from me and had a sheriff sale without notifying me,( thank god chase still owns this home) and during this sheriff sale was still taking my payments and one day I got served with an eviction noticed! I got me a lawyer who specializes in this sort of thing, and I am on a heart transplant list, and the stress they have put me threw has cause my heart conditon to worsen. I am a widow with almost $4,000 a month coming in from my deceased husbands SSI. So making payments to them is not a problem, but when I went to log into chase to see my activity, :”puff” all my home info disappeared and I went into the branch for my info and they couldn’t help me. I called chase home finance, they could not give my any info on my home. While I waited for them to make the move, I have replaced my roof, waterproofed my basement, and added new gutters. THen When all the repairs where done, here comes chase to evict me. I go to to court on Dec. 5 of 2011 so wish me luck and I hope the judge in Sterling Heights see what they banks are doind to us homeowners, I want to join in on a class action lawsuit against Chase for wrongfully mis-representing their help for un-just reasons. THey have gone way to far and I am going to fight this to the very end!!! Wish me luck and if anyone has advice, it would be greatly appreciated!! Sincerly, Lori A. Kolar (586)360-0696