Jan 31

JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon Has Lunch with President Obama; Next Treasury Secretary?

Today we have learned that JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon is having lunch with President Obama. There has been much speculation as to who will be the next Treasury Secretary and the name Jamie Dimon continues to pop up. President Obama has strong connections with Jamie Dimon since Dimon was the CEO of Bank One in Chicago, Illinois. We all know the connections that the president has to the ?Windy City.?

Jamie Dimon was also one of the only CEO?s who avoided the huge risk involved in the Subprime Mortgage Crisis. While most other financial institutions were failing JP Morgan Chase was gobbling them up for pennies on the dollar. Many analysts and ?higher ups? on Wall Street feel that Jamie Dimon is the best banker on Wall Street and would do a great job as Treasury Secretary. Mr. Dimon and President Obama have had many talks lately; could this be a sign of things to come?

Most people realize that Timothy Geithner is on thin ice due to the AIG issues at hand. At any time we could hear that Jamie Dimon is named the successor of Mr. Geithner. Nothing is set in stone at the moment but with Mr. Dimon proving to be an amazing banker one can assume that he is the perfect fit to be the next Treasury Secretary.