Oct 13

NACA is holding workshops this Oct 16th – 20th in SF at the Cow Palace

NACA?s Save the Dream has been an incredible success with over 180,000 participants and many thousands having their mortgage restructured with interest rates permanently reduced to as low as 2%. NACA has legally binding agreements with all the major lenders/servicers to achieve this. All of NACA?s services are FREE.

San Francisco Oct 16th – 20th Cow Palace


NACAs Home Save Program is nationally recognized as the most effective solution for homeowners with an unaffordable mortgage providing such solutions nationwide as the largest such organization. The NACA solution is to restructure the existing mortgage by permanently reducing the interest rate to achieve an affordable mortgage payment. A mortgage restructure is not a refinance that requires eligibility for a new loan (i.e. high credit scores, high property values, etc). Since a restructure reduces either or both the interest rate and/or mortgage principal on the existing first mortgage, there are no mortgage criteria eligibility restrictions. If the homeowner is unemployed NACA provides a forbearance with a minimum payment until that have steady income to have their mortgage restructured. The only homeowners not eligible are investors who own other properties. The sole exception to this requirement is when a homeowner who lives in the home they want to restructure and the occupants of a second property are immediate relatives and they can document that they are such relatives and they live in the property.

NACA has legally binding agreements with all the major lenders/servicers covering over 90% of homeowners to achieve to a restructure or forbearance and is advocating against others. All of NACA?s services are Free. NACA also provides for free a forensic audit to determine any violations in obtaining your current mortgage. Click here to access this program (need Mortgage Documents (current mortgage) ? HUD1/Settlement Statement & Note (if not sure bring all documents from the closing)

NACA has developed a streamlined process to best assist you including working with a dedicated NACA counselor. You need to complete the Homeowner Submission, attend a NACA Workshop and meet with your Mortgage Consultant. If you have an auction date NACA will work to suspend it to provide an opportunity to assist you. . If you are beginning the process take the first step by attending a workshop now.